September 13, 2017By Lance Baily

New Featured Job: Simulation Curriculum Specialist at Wright Patterson AFB Ohio

Check out the latest featured job posting on our medical simulation jobs listings from Engenium Staffing, who are supporting Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio find a Simulation Curriculum Specialist! (Air Force photo by Kimberly Gaither)

Job Description

The Medical Simulation & Training program mission is to develop and use advanced learning technologies and methodologies to improve medical education and training for healthcare teams and patients, for the purpose of improving healthcare outcomes. The Curriculum Specialist shall be responsible for providing analysis, and development activities for the program, to include developing and conducting analyses on simulation training effectiveness, training cost effectiveness, training impact on medical outcomes and patient safety metrics related to the implementation of medical modeling and simulation. The Curriculum Specialist shall organize and direct education and training efforts related to the development and execution of training scenarios and curriculum in support of the program.

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Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide guidance for simulation courseware creation and/or modification in support of the sustainment of designated courses.
  • Identify learning needs based on Risk Management Data, Patient Safety Data, NOTAMS, and other applicable DoD regulatory and/or readiness requirements, and develop simulation-based courseware and scenarios based upon these findings.
  • Serve as a medical and simulation content subject matter expert (SME) for developing curriculum related to simulation technology.
  • Utilize blended learning concepts to maximize the utility of developed educational tools and encompass optimal learning domains, commensurate with student level of practice. If the curriculum is not within the medical area of expertise of the Curriculum Specialist, the Curriculum Specialist will validate curriculum content through SG Consultants, Functional Managers, Specialty Leaders, or other identified SMEs to support end-user and Service Leadership objectives and requirements.
  • Ensure that developed curriculum tools are posted for use on the applicable portal as directed.
  • Provide and update content related to functional activities in support of applicable web-based technologies, and in support of any stipulated electronic records file plan.
  • Ensure in developing curriculum content simulation education program key elements and terminal learning objectives are taken into account, and shall ensure that simulation training outcomes measures meet educational and skill sustainment requirements.
  • Remain abreast of current medical management practices and use that knowledge to adapt curriculum products.
  • Evaluate simulation technologies and adjuncts to meet training gaps, and shall assist with planning for deployment of such technologies and adjuncts to appropriate simulation sites.

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Provide advice to those developing policies, in areas related to curriculum use and development.
  • Ensure reasonable timeliness of response, from time of customer request for operational/corporate support/assistance – response within 3 business days and resolution of issues within 30 calendar days.
  • Coordinate with simulation sites to compile data in support of the simulation program.
  • Work with outside sources, such as Industry, Academia and DoD Research Agencies, to identify future technology for program advancement. These findings will be communicated to program management.
  • Attend/brief at designated conferences, workshops, and educational facilities to promote and advance medical modeling and simulation, as directed by the government.
  • Review and provide assessments on for program management, and shall serve as liaison for requirements and processes pertinent to medical modernization activities.


  • Bachelor’s Degree (Nursing, Medical, Education), Degree field must provide academic preparation that directly relates to human performance, training program evaluation, data collection, organization, analysis and reporting. Degree field industrial and organizational psychology, school or educational psychology.
  • Three to five years of related experience in education and the medical industry.
  • Experience with tools including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen


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  • Eight years of experience developing blended curricula for simulation-based medical training. Master’s degree
  • Competence in blended learning environments that span the full spectrum of human patient simulators, online courseware, virtual patients, computer-based and mobile-based serious medical games, standardized patients, virtual environments and task trainers in support of a blended training environment
  • Involvement in professional organizations related to medical simulation and skills lab application in curricula.
  • Training or certification in learning theory and curriculum development.
  • Training in varying methods of courseware/curriculum development projects and feedback collection methodologies.

Location: Wright Patterson AFB

Security: CAC/Government Access Card Required

Learn more about this position by emailing Jason Irving.

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