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July 18, 2024

Mental Health Simulation Requires Well-Trained Standardized Patients

Student nurses in a mental health course often approach the experience with trepidation. Psychiatric/psychological diagnoses address maladaptive behaviors and unregulated emotions. Therefore, mental health clinical rotations frequently lead to high anxiety, fear, negative attitudes, and difficulty with patient communication. This article by Kathy Sokol, will explore the use and training of standardized patients in mental [...]

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March 10, 2023

Latest Clinical Simulation News From Around the World | March 2023

Helping healthcare simulation educators, administrators, and learners to stay up-to-date on industry topics, finds and shares relevant news and information from around the world. This news includes new partnerships, upcoming events, research, books, and more. Together, these industry updates help paint a picture of where the healthcare simulation industry is presently, and where the [...]

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January 6, 2023

How Healthcare Simulation Can Help Mitigate Workplace Violence

Healthcare simulation allows learners to build upon their education and actively work to solve problems by navigating through clinical simulation scenarios. Ultimately, healthcare simulation benefits learners by better preparing them for what they may someday encounter in the field. One such encounter that clinical simulation can help prepare learners for is workplace violence. This [...]

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December 28, 2022

How to Run a Postpartum Hemorrhage Nursing Simulation Scenario

When a high-fidelity obstetric simulator is available, the simulated postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) can be rather dramatic and provides nursing staff members with a chance to experience the reality of massive fluid loss in a safe environment. However, birthing simulators can cost upwards of $100,000, and sometimes educators just need to put together a quick in-situ [...]

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