Oxford Medical Simulation

Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS) is a virtual reality platform that delivers quality, evidence-based and highly realistic simulation. The platform, headquartered in Boston, Mass., assists in efficiently and effectively training healthcare professionals in world-class patient management practices to improve patient care, and without the possibility of risking real human lives. Those interested in VR Nursing, VR IPE, or Distance training opportunities should learn more!

Simulated learning has become central to training, allowing healthcare professionals to practice in a safe environment without compromising patient safety. Despite being highly effective, simulation in healthcare is expensive to implement. Additionally, the use of simulation has a low throughput and is not yet widely accessible, leading to difficulties for many facilities and institutions to deliver optimal training in patient care.

While physicians and nurses were previously accustomed to learning primarily through in-person and on-site training, an increased focus on patient safety outcomes across the field of healthcare has led educators to seek alternative training methods. As a result, Oxford Medical Simulation developed a platform which uses manikins and actors to train clinicians during simulated emergencies.

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In establishing this platform, Oxford Medical Simulation removed the barriers of cost, low throughput and limited accessibility by offering all training scenarios virtually. This has created a completely immersive, engaging, evidence-based learning environment for all healthcare professionals. The fast-paced, repeatable, real-life scenarios can therefore deliver consistently excellent, standardized clinical training to physicians, nurses and all other healthcare professionals, according to Oxford Medical Simulation.

With this standard of delivery in mind, Oxford Medical Simulation focuses on clinical decision-making under pressure, crisis resource management, team interaction and patient engagement. The platform also includes independent clinical trials demonstrating the company’s desire to impact performance through virtual training opportunities.

In the United Kingdom, Oxford University has partnered with OMS to enable students to practice treating patients using VR headsets, and receive feedback on the actions taken to improve their performance.

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Oxford Medical Simulation Platform Overview

Using the latest virtual reality headsets, (Oculus Rift VR) learners who engage with Oxford Medical Simulation are immersed in virtual scenarios with fully interactive, acutely unwell patients. They must manage the patient as in real life: assessing, instigating treatment and interacting with their interdisciplinary team against the clock. The environment, patient and other team members are fully interactive, with artificial intelligence-driven patient behavior, adaptive conversation and dynamic physiology.

Detailed metrics and intuitive dashboards allow learners to monitor and optimize performance as well. Educators and managers can easily view all aspects of engagement and performance, identifying training needs and ensuring all learners reach the top of their license efficiently and effectively.

With a clinically-led design, OMS additionally offers libraries of scenarios inspired by true clinical situations and validated simulation resources. These scenarios put learners under pressure in key clinical situations, allowing them to make mistakes in a safe environment. Learners can then reflect, review feedback and repeat to ensure they get it right the first time in clinical practice.

Adding to the overall learning process, Oxford Medical Simulation’s advanced learner management system gives educators total control of training delivery, providing clinical experiences on demand to integrate seamlessly with curriculum requirements. Though such immersive and advanced scenarios, OMS extends the opportunity for learners to practice their skills just as they would in real life scenarios. Fully-immersive scenarios, artificial intelligence-driven patient behavior, adaptive communication, dynamic physiology and unique unwellness systems combine to deliver these clinical experiences and make them feel real.

All learning is customizable to ensure institutions meet specific requirements. To ensure validity and optimal transfer to clinical practice all scenarios are built by a team of clinicians, sim professionals and educational designers. Learning resources and institution-specific guidelines are integrated into scenarios.

After utilizing these features, learners are able to receive personal feedback, performance metrics and a guided self-reflective debrief to ensure knowledge transfers to practice. The comprehensive feedback on technical and non-technical performance includes assessment of a learner’s communication, teamwork and prioritization – without the need for faculty members to be present.

VR Learning Products From Oxford Medical Simulation

OMS Nursing is a realistic VR nursing simulation solution from Oxford Medical Simulation. OMS Nursing delivers quality, standardized simulation scenarios, feedback and blended learning on one intuitive platform. With libraries of scenarios for nursing students, Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, OMS Nursing supports all groups of learners at any stage of their career.

OMS Medical can also be used with or without faculty, supporting group or individual learning to improve confidence and competence. The standalone system is simple to set up, intuitive to use and makes minimal demands on a facility or organization’s simulation resources. Complete portability facilitates use across multiple sites to ensure learners can do simulation whenever they need with the service.

Then, the OMS data and analytics dashboards allow faculty to ensure learner engagement, assess skill improvement and identify specific learning needs. With this learner management system and customizable blended learning, educators can facilitate curriculum integration across medical specialties.

OMS Interprofessional is the multiplayer VR simulation platform from Oxford Medical Simulation. OMS Interprofessional allows multiple learners to be in the same virtual reality scenario at one time – whether they are in the same room or different countries. The focus in OMS Interprofessional is on teamwork, communication, critical thinking and clinical reasoning – providing clinical experiences where learners apply their knowledge as a team, just like in real life, to improve patient care.

OMS Distance is the online and distance-learning solution from Oxford Medical Simulation. Learners can access flexible, immersive, engaging simulation scenarios wherever they are in the world – either in VR or on screen – to achieve first rate educational outcomes remotely.

OMS Assess is the healthcare examination and assessment solution from Oxford Medical Simulation. Candidate actions are logged and automatically matched against scoring matrices to provide an immediate, transparent, clinically-weighted score and breakdown of clinical performance in different areas. OMS Assess provides a scalable, cost-efficient method of conducting OSCEs and standardized assessment in medical or nursing specialties.

OMS Recruit is the medical and nursing recruitment solution from Oxford Medical Simulation. Candidate actions are logged and automatically matched against scoring matrices to provide an immediate, transparent, clinically-weighted score and breakdown of clinical performance in different areas. This provides a scalable, cost-efficient, faculty-saving method of assessing clinical competence in medical or nursing recruitment.

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