Symgery is an education service provider focused on facilitating, empowering, and engaging surgeons to realize safer surgical experiences and achieve better patient outcomes. The company provides surgical simulators and planning tools that enable surgeons to learn and deliberately practice surgical procedures without risk to their patients. Founded in 2020, Symgery is headquartered in Montréal, Quebec, and specializes in orthopedic surgery simulation, virtual training simulator, software development for medical simulation, the education, and training of medical learners, spine simulation, trauma simulation, total joint simulation, high fidelity simulation, haptic feedback, orthopaedic residency, spine residency, neurosurgical resident, neurosurgery, hip and knee simulation, and VR simulation.

With Symgery solutions, learners can discover immersive and progressive learning experiences using high-fidelity simulation that mirrors real-life clinical scenarios. To achieve these outcomes, the Symgery team imagines, creates, and crafts learning experiences that go beyond traditional teaching, with a unique blend of technologies, practical techniques, and proven methodologies.

The company also designs immersive educational experiences that push learners further in their cognitive and psychomotor skills. This allows them to refine their ability to perform a range of surgical techniques and procedures efficiently, reproducibly, and safely. According to Symgery, the company’s goal is to help healthcare simulation educators to amplify their existing curriculum.

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Symgery Learning

Using Symgery solutions, learners can experience the reality of healthcare simulated training, available on-demand, providing the ultimate flexibility to replicate open surgery in a fail-safe environment. The company’s personalized learning strategy is focused on proficiency, and the Symgery Learning Experience Design team dedicates its time to working toward implementing this strategy and creating meaningful experiences using emerging technologies that enhance learning.

Symgery teams work hand-in-hand with leading surgeons to design opportunities to bridge learning gaps by focusing on the competencies required to gain proficiency at each critical step of a procedure. To achieve efficient and effective learning outcomes, each clinical simulation activity is specially designed for the individual learner. This ensures that time spent on any simulator actively helps them to achieve their personalized goals.

Through a connected learning portfolio Symgery has created a user-centric cloud system. This means that user data is collected so both the learner and their mentor can track their progression. Plus. Haptic and non-haptic simulators allow learners to practice OR skills as many times as they want and provide greater confidence and competence for practice in the OR.

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With Symgery, all users will benefit from a customized learning pathway with content curated for your specific needs and objectives. They also benefit from a variety of learning opportunities through the most up-to-date haptic, VR, and online learning tools. Regular assessment and feedback help to reinforce positive behaviors and turn mistakes into learning experiences as well.

“Designing the learning experience around a competency and problem-based approach will help surgeons to build their competencies and confidence to perform more reliable and safer surgery sooner,” shared Ivan Cheng MD, Prof. Orthopedic Surgery at Stanford University Medical Center.


Symetri captures Symgery’s approach to simulated training and represents the company’s drive to push learning beyond mere recollection into more in-depth understanding. Symetri is ultimately the company’s philosophy and the starting point for any exercise the Symgery team approaches. This mentality is used to develop, think, engineer, and make a difference for all Symgery learning experiences that mirror the world. According to the company, Symetri is a philosophy that learners will find woven into the very fabric of both the business and the team.

According to Symgery, Symetri is born from the literal meaning, of symmetry. In everyday language, the term refers to a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance that match each other. Symetri is how Symgery reflects the real world across the company’s learning experiences.

As Symgery takes inspiration from the natural world where beautiful symmetry exists, Symmetry is a fundamental part of geometry, nature, and shapes. This mentality creates patterns that help the company organize its world conceptually. Symgery creates a learning experience that mirrors the human body in such a way as to be indistinguishable from reality.

Symgery Syms

Symgery simulators provide standardized patient cases and unique pathologies in a controlled environment, ensuring practice opportunities not typically offered. The simulators also provide the ability to assess learners’ proficiency better than with other methods. The company’s learning activities are specially designed for each learner, so that time spent on the simulator is actively helping to achieve a personalized goal. Ultimately, user data is collected so both the learner and their mentor can track their progression.

TSym: Built on the legacy of Sim-Ortho, Symgery’s high-fidelity, high-haptic, non-immersive VR simulator is a surgical training platform focusing on spine and trauma. Learners can practice surgical procedures and techniques while tracking their progress over time. TSym is Symgery’s flagship simulator. With the product’s best-in-class high-fidelity haptic, the TSym encourages learners to perform the deliberate practice of defined procedures and techniques in a virtual and safe environment. While the product’s metrics help the learner and tutor to capture, measure and track performance

BSym: The BSym is our biomimetic simulator. With the product’s real-life look and feel the spine, the BSym allows surgeons to practice using real surgical instruments, providing an environment for simulation anywhere that also mirrors real-life clinical scenarios.

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Symgery superchargers each learning experience. Each practice opportunity the company creates is a learning task. Symgery believes this enables the learner to overcome problems and achieve best practice outcomes ensuring the learner gains competence and confidence in surgical techniques and procedures. Integrating a detailed assessment process into the company’s learning experiences further ensures that progress is being made in the right way and goals are being achieved.

The company states that performance is optimized when skills are practiced in an environment that matches the real world. This is why Symgery curates the correct content for each specific learner to cut through the noise and ensure they get the right information at the right time.

Symgery understands that people learn at different paces and in different places. For this reason, the company has developed a diverse portfolio of simulation products that all run Symgery’s proprietary software. No matter where a learner is located physically or pedagogically, there is a Symgery product that will meet their needs. Learn more about Symgery on the company website or by reading the articles below.

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