Nasco Healthcare

Nasco Healthcare (also known as eNasco) is a subsidiary of the healthcare technology company, Nasco, that develops digital solutions focused on community-driven innovation in the classroom and for clinical simulation programs. The company wants to help bring learning to life in educational settings such as healthcare simulation labs and beyond through the use of these solutions and the experiences they create.

Nasco Company History and Integration

Since Nasco’s founding in 1941, the company has supplied hundreds of agricultural-related education products and learning aids, all with agricultural sciences and vocational agriculture educators in mind. The creation of such products stemmed from a need for more advanced instructional materials. As a result, vocational agricultural teacher, Noram Eckley, set out to develop several teaching aids of his own.

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Later, in 1963, first responder Kevin Sweeney began making imitation wounds in his basement in Woodstock. He received a military contract to produce moulage kits and the company Simulaids was born. From there, he quickly expanded the company’s portfolio to include CPR manikins and the flagship product, Rescue Randy. (Rescue Randy was created for lifelike adult or juvenile victim handling, transportation, and extrication training exercises. These manikins can be used safely in situations too uncomfortable or hazardous for human volunteers.)

Then, in 1969, the Life/form brand emerged with their plastic molding abilities. This enabled technology companies, such as Nasco, to provide further training solutions like the CPR trainers aimed at better preparing first responders to be ready in times of crisis.

Nasco purchased both Simulaids and Life/form companies in 1999. After this purchase and integration, Nasco Healthcare was born. Growing from a simple operation in a two-car garage, Nasco Healthcare has become an enterprise publishing over 35 different catalogs, with an annual circulation exceeding 5 million. These publications provide insight to customers in education, agriculture, healthcare training and lab sampling worldwide. The information featured in these materials is available for a wide array of educational, training, and production needs.

More than 75 years after Eckley published his first catalog, the Nasco family of brands continues to passionately serve the needs of professionals worldwide, while now making medical simulation possible and accessible to all. The company also attends several medical simulation conferences each year, such as the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH), INACSL, SimGHOSTS, the National Forum on Simulation for Quality & Safety,the  Association for Medical Education in Europe meeting and Canada’s SIM Expo.

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Nasco Healthcare Product Examples

Life/form offers training manikins, accessories and other training products. For example eNasco offers advanced, complete or basic versions of the Life/form Lucy SimVS OB Delivery Simulation System products, which are birthing simulators that create a new level of physical realism that allows for near-human connection and immersive training. The Life/form Advanced KERi manikin is another one of the company’s patient simulators. With a non-age-specific appearance, the healthcare simulation manikin comes complete with lifelike range of motion, realistic patient positioning and non-pinching joints.

Life/form Airway Larry is a manikin that simulates a non-anesthetized adult patient for practicing intubation, ventilation, suction and CPR techniques. Representing an elderly patient, Life/form GERi is a complete nursing simulation skills manikin (or nursing mannequin) that is ideal for Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) training. Also distributed by eNasco, the Life/form Deluxe Plus CRiSis manikin is a complete resuscitation system. Nasco Healthcare also distributes body fat, muscle and defects replicas.

Nasco Healthcare additionally distributes Simulaids manikins, trainers and simulators. For example, the Simulaids ALEX Pro is a human patient simulator with speech recognition ability, responds to clinical interview questions with answers related to the scenario. Portraying a 3-year-old child, Simulaids Kyle CPR manikin is a foam-filled patient simulator with no internal parts to break. This pediatric simulator features an airway cutoff, individual mouth and nose pieces and a completely disposable airway system with a nonrebreathing valve.

The Simulaids Choking Manikin functions on the principle of teaching learners how to clear a blocked airway with forced air generated with the proper procedure – abdominal thrusts or back blows. Simulaids also produces a number of basic casualty simulation kits, trauma moulage kits, prepartum assessment trainers and replacement parts.

About Nasco Clinical Education Products

Aided through the extension of eNasco solutions, Nasco’s mission to provide innovative solutions to meet classroom needs drives company efforts. Included in these efforts, Nasco works to lead the medical training marketplace in five distinctive categories: educational kits, STEM/STEAM, dissection, agriculture, lab sampling and healthcare education.

In terms of educational kids, Nasco says, “If you can dream it, we can build it.” In an attempt to inspire others to “dream more, learn more and do more,” the company develops customized solutions that engage learners, enhance achievement and expand innovator for educators. Working to create these solutions, Nasco strives to answer the call of educators everywhere by delivering custom-made, educational kits designed specifically for the unique requirements of the classroom and beyond.

As for STEM and STEAM solutions for the classroom, Nasco creates proprietary products and custom built solutions to enhance programs and curriculums. The Quest assortment of proprietary products provide an ideal gateway into a wide assortment of Next Generation Science Standards-compliant science products. The addition of a unique selection of math and art across these products further provides a comprehensive, one-stop STEAM experience.

To offer superior patient safety classroom dissection experiences, Nasco established NascoGuard premium products. These clinical simulation products are designed to create a safer and low-odor dissection classroom environment. According to the company, a better process results in a better product.

Equipping educators for success within the agriculture industry, Nasco has expanded the company’s selection to offer one of the widest ranges of high-quality equipment available from any single source. The expanded selection encompasses all of agriculture, horticulture, agronomy and a wide selection of farm supplies.

To help create lab sampling results that educators can trust, Nasco developed Whirl-Pak sterile laboratory sampling bags. These are ideal for surface, forensics, genetics, biomedical and pharmaceutical research sampling, and are well suited for the food, dairy, water, sewage, medical, veterinary, environmental, soil and industrial markets. By providing best-in-class solutions for the critical requirements of our customers, Whirl-Pak products demonstrate Nasco’s commitment to making the world a safer place by providing better products that produce better integrity in the results.

As an ISO 9001-certified organization, Nasco’s healthcare education solutions are helping to lead to way across advanced training by meeting the needs of educators. Through the production of innovative and affordable manikin and simulator solutions, Nasco hopes to inspire better training, better learning. and a higher level of satisfaction. The company offers a broad selection of respected and recognized brands, including Life/form and Simulaids, and a full assortment of nationally known products and servicing. Products range from anatomically correct replicas to fully interactive manikin simulators.

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