Nasco Healthcare

Based in Saugerties, NY, and Fort Atkinson, WI, Nasco Healthcare provides a wide range of innovative and affordable healthcare simulation products to healthcare professionals worldwide. The company was started in 1941 by Norman Eckley, an agricultural teacher who developed educational tools from his farm. Eighty years later, Nasco Healthcare now has the largest range of healthcare simulation solutions in the world with over 6,000 rugged, reliable, and realistic products. Their mission is to prepare frontline healthcare workers to Be READY.

Ready to answer the call.
Ready to make split-second decisions.
Ready to deliver when it counts.
Ready for any situation.
Ready to save lives.

The company works to meet the ever-changing needs of frontline healthcare workers by offering a comprehensive portfolio of simulation products that fulfill a broad range of low and high-fidelity requirements, including virtual patients and artificial intelligence (AI). The company’s top products include:

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Casualty Care Rescue Randy – a rugged, affordable full-body manikin for realistic training in treating the three most preventable causes of death: massive bleeding, tension pneumothorax, and airway obstruction.

ALEX – the first patient communication simulator that sees, listens, and responds using artificial intelligence.

AXEL – a patient simulator with manual real-time speech and built-in audio-visual recording capabilities.

TERi – a comprehensive elderly patient care trainer with a highly realistic look and feel that accurately represents the human anatomy.

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Guided by a deep heritage in education, Nasco Healthcare has made these products both affordable and accessible in order to prepare healthcare heroes worldwide for critical, in-the-moment decisions when lives are at stake.

Nasco Healthcare is passionate about developing training solutions that reflect diversity as racial and ethnic minorities tend to receive lower-quality access to healthcare. The company strongly believes that diversity in simulation helps ensure that healthcare workers are both knowledgeable and caring about the communities they will work in. This includes incorporating different skin tones into their products that reflect the unique populations that healthcare workers serve.

As an ISO 9001 certified organization, every Nasco Healthcare product is reliable, life-like, designed in the United States, compliant with healthcare regulations, and covered by up to a 5-year warranty. Plus, easily upgradeable and replaceable parts mean you can have a Nasco Healthcare product for life. Eighty years after Norman Eckley’s modest start, Nasco Healthcare continues to passionately serve the needs of healthcare professionals worldwide so they can Be READY.

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