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CAE Healthcare, now known as Elevate Healthcare as of May 15th, 2024, is owned and operated by Madison Industries, who acquired the company from CAE in October of 2023. Previously known as CAE Healthcare, Elevate Healthcare is among world leaders in developing cutting-edge healthcare simulation learning tools for today’s professional healthcare providers. The company strives to deliver educational tools that best help healthcare professionals provide safe high quality patient care. CAE Healthcare has an extraordinarily vast area of simulated products ranging from manikins, interventional and imaging systems, and AV recording debriefing / Learning Management Systems. is dedicated to providing the latest Elevate Healthcare news and Healthcare Simulation resources from around the world. To follow along, sign up for our free medical simulation email newsletter, follow @HealthySim on Twitter and @HealthySim on Facebook, or join our HealthySim LinkedIn Group!

Previously in 2011, CAE had acquired METI (Medical Education Technologies Inc.) to bolster the CAE Healthcare brand. The company is now part of a team of over 7,500 employees in over 25 countries around the world supporting more than 6,000 of their patient simulators. Besides serving the primary care and EMS fields in the United States and numerous other countries, such as CAE Healthcare Japan, the corporation also supports military training units around the world.

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Other major patient simulator manufacturers include Laerdal and Gaumard, and other AV Learning Space platform providers include EMS SimulationIQ, B-Line Medical (now SimCapture for Laerdal Medical), SIMStation, KBPort, and others.

Key Articles Regarding CAE Healthcare (Latest Articles Shared Further Below):

When under the brand name of CAE Healthcare, the company provided has a unique range of manikins for simulation medical training including the iStan, METIman, Human Patient Simulator (HPS), Emergency Care Simulator (ECS), PediaSIM and BabySim.  Most of these high-fidelity medical simulation manikins had run on CAE Healthcare’s patented Müse software. As one of the original innovators of medical simulation technology, CAE Healthcare had continued to innovate new learning products and solutions that support the world’s healthcare industry. For example, while iStan may be the “flag-ship” manikin for CAE, they also provide a range of other medical simulation educational solutions such as eDose or LearningSpace, their learning management system.  They also provided a full range of surgical simulators including the CAE Laparoscopy VR, CAE EndoscopyVR and CathLabVR, as well as the Viamedix ultrasound simulator.

While under the brand name of CAE Healthcare, the company had also expanded to include Learning Modules, or simulation scenario based learning curriculum, to help train your healthcare students or working professionals.  Their healthcare simulation based scenarios range from pediatric and adult nursing to ACLS and disaster medical readiness just to name a few. CAE Healthcare helps debrief your simulation training of clinical skills with METIVision, a comprehensive recording and digital playback learning solution.

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This Sarasota-based company  supports medical simulation through regional, national and international HPSN meetings, sponsoring new simulation-based conferences, online tutorials, mentors, videos and forums boards. As well, the company formerly known as CAE Healthcare also has a full range of trauma-based and moulage products to directly support first responder and military para-rescue programs sold under the name METI FX.

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