May 15, 2024By Lance Baily

CAE Healthcare Soars Higher with New Name as Elevate Healthcare

CAE Healthcare has announced the launch of the healthcare simulation company’s new name as Elevate Healthcare! After the successful acquisition by Madison Industries in February, CAE Healthcare has announced today that the healthcare simulation company has rebranded to Elevate Healthcare, effective immediately. The launch of Elevate Healthcare reflects the clinical simulation company’s renewed vision and commitment to driving innovation in healthcare education and medical simulation. All healthcare simulation champions are encouraged to share the important name change press release announced below.

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“Our rebranding to Elevate Healthcare marks an exciting new chapter in our journey,” said Jeff Evans, President and CEO, Elevate Healthcare. Jeff continued that “While our name may have changed, our commitment to exceptional products and services remains unwavering. With this rebranding, we are reinforcing our dedication to addressing the most impactful needs in healthcare education and tackling staff shortages head-on. This includes prioritizing customer needs, enhancing patient outcomes and actively contributing to the development of a skilled healthcare workforce.”

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Elevate Healthcare will continue to uphold the same standards of excellence that customers have come to expect since the company’s inception in 1996. The rebranding signifies a fresh focus on leveraging cutting-edge technology and educational resources to address the evolving challenges in healthcare.

“Elevate Healthcare’s mission is to empower healthcare professionals with the tools and training they need to deliver the highest quality of care,” added Evans. “At Elevate Healthcare, we are committed to driving positive change in the industry and making a lasting impact on patient outcomes.”

In the healthcare simulation field, Elevate Healthcare stands out among the leaders by offering cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance patient safety and improve clinical outcomes. With a comprehensive educational ecosystem tailored to the dynamic needs of healthcare providers and educators, the company enables continuous learning and professional growth for today’s healthcare professionals.

By offering specialized learning journeys and adaptable digital-to-physical simulation capabilities, Elevate Healthcare delivers accessible and flexible learning offerings that prepare nurses and clinicians to deliver patient-focused care and the best possible clinical outcomes.

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More About Elevate Healthcare

Elevate Healthcare has established itself as a global leader in healthcare simulation, providing innovative solutions to enhance patient safety and clinical performance. With a comprehensive suite of offerings – including patient simulation, digital platforms, and the cutting-edge simulation center debriefing platform LearningSpace – Elevate Healthcare empowers current and future healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes and make healthcare safer. Through training, education, and consulting services, custom industry partnerships, and strategic simulation planning and execution, tailored solutions are delivered to meet the diverse needs of healthcare organizations. Backed by a dedicated global customer service team, Elevate Healthcare ensures unparalleled support and expertise for customers worldwide.

Formerly CAE Healthcare, which acquired METI (Medical Education Technologies Inc.) in 2011, Elevate Healthcare renews commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare education. Elevate Healthcare will continue to lead the way in enhancing patient safety and improving clinical outcomes with an ecosystem of solutions and services.

Elevate Healthcare has a unique range of manikins for simulation medical training including simulation center management systems like LearningSpace, Patient Simulators such as the Ares, Apollo, Juno, Lucina, Aria and Luna, as well as skills trainers like the Medicor line, ventilator SimEquip line, and Ultrasound Blue Phantom product lines. Showcased at IMSH 2024, Elevate Healthcare (formerly CAE Healthcare) shared the latest digitization of their product portfolio through tools such as the Maestro Mebody, Maestro Evolve, SimCreate and SimPort platforms. The company provides tools which support Anesthesia, Cardiology, Emergency & Trauma, Nursing, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Surgical, and Respiratory Therapy clinical disciplines.Watch’s exclusive video interview with Elevate Healthcare’s CEO Jeff Evans at IMSH 2024, where he showcased the future of the company:

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