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Elevate Healthcare, formerly known as CAE Healthcare, launched new branding on May 15th 2024 after the acquisition of the division from CAE by Madison Industries for $227M in October of 2023. Prior to the acquisition by Madison Industries and name change Elevate Healthcare in May 2024, CAE Healthcare had acquired several other leading technologies in the space including Medicor skills trainers and Blue Phantom Ultrasound trainers. The launch and rebrand to Elevate Healthcare demonstrates the company’s renewed vision and commitment to lead in innovation for healthcare simulation based education.

Elevate Healthcare is in collaboration with customers to empower practitioners and learners through an educational ecosystem which includes: healthcare simulation manikins, ultrasound clinical simulation, interventional clinical simulation, healthcare simulation center management, immersive/digital education and healthcare simulation-based curricula. Elevate Healthcare is backed with a global customer service team which ensures support and expertise for customers across the world. Elevate Healthcare will continue standards of excellence for customers which they have come to expect since the inception in 1996 under the original name METI (Acquired by CAE in 2012).

Elevate Healthcare has a worldwide presence and serves customers with regional offices in the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Hungary, United Kingdom and Brazil. The parent company for Elevate Healthcare is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, while the manufacturing operations are headquartered in Sarasota, Florida.Elevate Healthcare enables a continuim of education solutions and professional growth for healthcare professionals.

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Timeline of progression to Elevate Healthcare:

  • 2009 CAE launches CAE Healthcare
  • 2010 CAE Healthcare acquired ICCU and Vimedix to offer an ultrasound simulation based education solution. CAE Healthcare acquired Immersion medical simulation product lines and licenses TouchSense technology. CAE Healthcare partners with ORNGE to offer transport medicine based education solutions.
  • 2011 CAE Healthcare launches CAE Caesar, an innovative trauma patient simulator.
  • 2011 CAE Healthcare acquires METI, a worldwide leader in medical simulation technologies and educational software.
  • 2012 CAE Healthcare acquired Blue Phantom, which expanded the clinical simulation ultrasound image portfolios.
  • 2013 CAE Healthcare launched CAE Vimedix Women’s Health, the healthcare simulation industry’s first OB ultrasound simulator with a 3D, augmented reality view of fetal and maternal anatomy.
  • 2014 CAE Healthcare unveils a maternal-fetal simulator now known as CAE Lucina.
  • 2016 CAE Healthcare introduces CAE Athena, the most advanced female patient simulator. CAE Apollo replaces METIman, a new adult patient simulator who set a new standard in high fidelity healthcare simulation. CAE Healthcare unveils the neurosurgery simulator NeuroVR, a neurosurgery simulator.
  • 2017 CAE Healthcare introduces new clinical skills nursing manikin, CAE Juno. CAE Healthcare debuts the first mixed-reality ultrasound education solution named CAE VimedixAR, with Microsoft HoloLens. CAE Healthcare announced today that it now has secured the rights to distribute the Strategic Operations (STOPS) Surgical Cut Suit and other healthcare simulation products.
  • 2018 CAE Ares manikin debuts.
  • 2019 Infant simulator CAE Luna debuts. CAE Healthcare and ESPA-Montréal announced today that they have established an educational partnership to improve clinical education to improve quality and safety.
  • 2020 CAE Healthcare creates mixed-reality applications for emergency care, ultrasound and childbirth. CAE Healthcare announces the release of applications for Microsoft HoloLens 2, which will integrate holographic, modeled physiology into patient simulators.
  • 2021 CAE SimEquip launches. CAE Healthcare’s SimEquip, is a clinical simulation based education solution, that assists clinical learners to operate medical devices, monitor patients and interpret data in a safe environment. CAE Healthcare acquired Medicor-LAB to expand the patient simulation port. Medicor-LAB is a Montreal-based company known for realistic and durable task trainers.
  • 2022 Production begins for a new pediatric manikin, CAE Aria.
  • 2024 CAE Healthcare is acquired and rebranded to Elevate Healthcare.

Elevate Healthcare offers a number of products and services to enable and support in person and virtual simulation based products.

Simulation Center Management

Elevate Healthcare has products to streamline healthcare simulation center management with solutions that are designed to fit individual organization needs. LearningSpace broadly offers solutions from basic debriefing support to a full-scale center management system. LearningSpace is a management platform which has three tiers on offer to be able to suit any clinical simulation centers management requirements. There are hardware and cloud-based options in LearningSpace to support a center ‘s daily processes. LearningSpace has scalability in one platform that can expand from a one room healthcare simulation center to a large-scale interconnected, multi-room clinical simulation center with audiovisual, schedule management and assessment features.

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Healthcare Simulation Patient Simulators

Elevate Healthcare products cover a range of ages from infant to adult. High-fidelity healthcare patient simulators use a range of sophisticated mathematical models to be able to reflect human physiology and influences on physiology such as medication, equipment and pathologies. The physiological models are able to adapt to any user interventions which are based on the patient’s age, weight and underlying conditions. Elevate Healthcare has several high fidelity manikins in their range such as: newborn, pediatric, adult and obstetric patient simulators. The patient simulators include: Ares, Apollo, Juno, Lucina, Aria and Luna.

View the LEARN CE/CME Platform Webinar How to Map Healthcare Simulation Objectives to Program Outcomes to learn more!

Clinical Simulation Scenarios

Elevate Healthcare offers high fidelity clinical simulation scenario solutions that are tools to support a healthcare simulation curriculum. SimCreate is an application to author and manage healthcare simulation content. Features are tailored to meet the diverse needs of healthcare organizations and educational institutions. Collaborative editing and customizable templates are offered to be able to centralize clinical simulation scenario libraries and version controls. SimCreate has compatibility with manikins from both Elevate Healthcare and other manufacturers and has an intuitive interface that simplifies the management of healthcare simulation resources.

Learning modules is an online simulated clinical experience (SCEs) that includes scenario synopsis, educational objectives, learner performance measures, facilitator′s notes, debriefing points and evidence-based references. Learning modules provide simple and complex cases for all learners to help practice and improve preparation and readiness. Available content includes: lab reports, x-rays and patient histories that are based on actual patient data.

Healthcare Simulation Enhancements

Elevate Healthcare’s range of clinical Simulation Enhancements increases realism of medical emergencies in clinical simulation. Medicorproducts are ideal for repetitive use and assists the learners practice and develop basic clinical skills such as: peripheral intravenous catheterization arm/hand, injectable abdomen, infant leg for intramuscular injection and sticky wound kits. SimEquip is simulated medical devices that mirror real medical equipment and provides learners with life-like experiences related to: resuscitation, ventilation and anesthesia. Elevate Strategic Operations (STOPS) products offer the ability to assess and address severe battlefield trauma. STOPS products have repairable skin/organs and can be used repeatedly to practice management of: excessive blood loss, airway complications and tension pneumothorax.

Medicor Skills Trainers

Elevate Healthcare has basic clinical skills trainers right through to ultrasound-guided procedure trainers. Realistic skill trainer models mimic the look and feel of the human body to prepare learners for an array of medical scenarios. Blue Phantom is an ultrasound skills trainer by Elevate Healthcare made with materials to match the feel of human tissue. Blue Phantom has over 50 skills trainer models designed to help learners understand and practice diagnosis and treatment for a wide variety of conditions.

Cloud-Based Simulation Scenario Management Software

Maestro Embody is a self-directed learning platform driven by Elevate Healthcare’s physiology engine. Maestro Embody enables learners to assess a patient and chart assessments with the assistance from a virtual coach. Maestro Embody features 20 simulated clinical experiences and is ideal to provide additional education opportunities. Maestro Evolve is an instructor-led virtual education system also available which is able to deliver realistic clinical education, regardless of learner location.

Surgical Simulators

Elevate Healthcare’s surgical simulation solutions explore challenges of traumatic injuries, mass casualty care and common to complex cardiology procedures. CathLabVR is the next generation of interventional cardiology education. CathLabVR assists learners to master foundational cardiac skills.

Ultrasound Simulation

Elevate Healthcare offers a number of solutions for ultrasound simulation solutions which includes online and in-person experiences. ICCU is a blended education solution for ultrasonography of the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities. ICCU has over 25 hours of didactic e-learning and over 15,000 multimedia questions on ultrasound assessment of heart, lungs, central and peripheral vessels. Vimedix is a combination of both in-person and remote practice for ultrasound simulation. Learners can use their computer mouse to practice basic ultrasound techniques with web-based workshops prior to hands-on education.

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