Vosaic is a cloud-based healthcare audio video recording system simulation company that provides easy-to-use video recording and analysis software for professional development, skills-based training. The company’s goal is to relay relevant A/V recording system performance discovery information to K-12, higher education, healthcare and private sector institutions.

In every classroom, training scenario, clinical simulation or professional evaluation, important learning moments go unnoticed. Video from a practice allows educators and instructors to find and share key learning moments with other audiences in other settings. These moments are important for practice improvement, professional development and long-term learning. Vosaic’s medical simulation video analysis software helps instructors record, identify and share those moments.

Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Vosaic provides visual recording system and markup tools to help educators, learners and researchers discover indicators valuable to performance improvement and research outcomes. Operating as a new standard for video coaching, observation and analysis, the company enables users to record using any camera or mobile device. Users then securely share videos with individuals or groups.

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With Vosaic Forms, they can then mark important moments for feedback, grading, critique, coaching, analysis or video observation. This is especially useful because expressing the points made by an educator or instructor accurately after the observation is complete is challenging, and it only becomes more challenging with the passage of time. Accurate video-powered feedback can improve assessment and learner skills.

The Vosaic mission is to put A/V in simulation at the center of improving education, research and professional development. The healthcare simulation video observation solution platform intends on “inciting the curious to know how well they did today, and why.”

Vosaic’s passion for video analysis has led the company to becoming fully invested in a number of fields. Education, healthcare and research, in particular, have found Vosaic to be an invaluable tool that encourages new insights and drives growth and performance. For example, Vosaic helps K-12 schools use video more efficiently and consistently to observe, coach and help educators improve their practice.

Another use—Vosaic’s mobile, flexible and hardware-independent video platform—enables nursing simulations, and lets hospitals record and collect data from simulations for debriefing and research. The company’s video platform helps these professionals sharpen their skills to better engage others, negotiate, persuade, read body language and more.

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Across healthcare institutions, users easily can record in situ or traditional simulations and also bookmark important moments on videos for more effective debriefings. Participants also can view and collect data from events that they could not attend in person. As for business, the simulation recording system enables sales and business coaching organizations to stand out from the competition by capturing every detail of clients’ mock interviews, presentations and sales exercises.

To demonstrate Vosaic’s simulation training capabilities, the company’s high-fidelity video-based feedback solution has been presented at a variety of conferences, exhibitions and shows, such as those hosted by SimGHOSTS, INACSL, ASPiH, SESAM and the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH).

Vosaic Education Methodology

How the Vosaic medical simulation software works is that learners or educators record or upload videos from anywhere using their favorite devices. Then educators and/or peers mark important moments on a video timeline, and leave comments during the observation. They also can choose to leave comments after the video has been recorded.

Lastly, the learners will react to the feedback they are given. This includes making adjustments to their practice, and possibly repeating the process if necessary. This element of the process is referred to as “performance discovery.”

Performance discovery involves identifying specific learning opportunities that go unnoticed, referred to as “performance indicators.” Missed performance indicators equal missed learning opportunities, lower engagement, increased cost of learning and research, and fewer objective data points that lead to insight.

Vosaic’s A/V simulation software is designed to help record and gather all performance indicators visually and in real time. This empowers educators, learners, trainers, professionals and researchers to continuously reengage with their subjects and their work. This allows them to see the unseen, gain insight, review performance with objectivity, and react and reflect to each individual performance.

With Vosaic, there’s no need to buy new equipment or download and install new software. Educators simply can register using a modern browser, such as Chrome, and start recording and uploading videos. If they have a mobile device, they can alternatively download the Vosaic app to make video recording and markup more efficient and effective.

Core Features of Vosaic’s Video Software

The Vosaic video software provides flexible feedback forms that make the platform attractive to educators, researchers and coaches worldwide. These professionals easily can customize observation forms to fit their specific feedback, self reflection or research needs.

Another powerful feature of the Vosaic video solution is timelines. Located directly under the video, the timeline provides instructors an easy way to replay important moments in their entirety. In addition, they can select specific moments and export them to create video highlight reels. Together, these features help promote patient safety across the healthcare industry.

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Collaborative by default, Vosaic makes relaying feedback to learners easy. The solution further allows educators to invite others to watch and provide comments on areas that learners may need to improve. This is critical for those who understand how valuable receiving (or providing) objective feedback can be.

Another important feature of the Vosaic’s simulation recording systems is that the technology is both private and secure. The company understands the sensitivity of information gathered, and the importance of keeping this information private and secure. To keep data safe, Vosaic adheres to several best privacy and security practices. These include data encryption and ownership, identity verification, strong passwords, modern infrastructure and access roles and groups.

Vosaic’s number-one goal is to provide training and support that is as world class as the clients the company serves. Whether online, by phone, or in person, Vosaic will help users stay focused on their work and goals.

Note: As Vosaic video solutions are based on Studiocode technology, they share many features and work similarly. Due to the growing numbers of our Studiocode users switching to Vosaic’s cloud-based software, the company stopped development and sale of Studiocode at the end of 2017. Today, Vosaic continues development of the Vosaic brand as a Studiocode replacement, and has seen more and more Studiocode users transitioning to Vosaic. Learn more on the Vosaic website or read these articles below.

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