SSiH – Society for Simulation in Healthcare

With over 4,000 members SSiH, aka The Society for Simulation in Healthcare, is the world’s largest organization dedicated to medical simulation. The nonprofit’s mission is to advance the application and promote the art, science and practice of healthcare simulation through global engagement. SSiH seeks to reduce errors in patient care and improve clinical performance through the use of simulation. is dedicated to providing the latest SSiH news each month. To follow along, sign up for our free simulation email newsletter, follow @HealthySim on Twitter and @HealthySim on Facebook, or join our HealthySim LinkedIn Group!

Based in the United States, SSiH hosts the annual healthcare simulation conference entitled “International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare” (IMSH) each year bringing together around 3,000 Simulation Educators, Administrators and Sim Techs for networking, educational courses, medical simulator exhibition opportunities and more. Vendors always in attendance include CAE Healthcare, Laerdal, Gaumard, EMS SimulationIQ, B-Line Medical, SIMStation (Level 3 Healthcare), KBPort, 3D Systems, Pocket Nurse and more!

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The Society also provides the oldest research publication in the industry deemed the “Simulation in Healthcare Journal“, printed by Wolters Kluwer, which began in 2006. The peer-reviewed research journal is an interprofessional publication covering all domains within clinical simulation. The group also provides accreditation of simulation centers and certification of specialized simulation educators and operations specialists. Membership includes access to the journal and other online resources.

Other organizations dedicated to Healthcare Simulation include INACSL (dedicated to Nursing Simulation), SimGHOSTS (dedicated to Sim Techs), ASPiH United Kingdom, SESAM Europe, ASPE (Standardized Patients), and Simulation Australia, among other smaller regional organizations around the world.

Stemming from the 1998 Society for Technology in Anesthesia, in 2001 the inaugural International Meeting for Medical Simulation was held. The Society was officially founded in 2004 by clinical professionals advancing the use of simulation for education and training in healthcare. Eventually the organization changed its name in 2007 to include “healthcare” instead of “medicine” to better represent members in a variety of backgrounds including medicine, nursing, allied health, emergency medical services, researchers, and armed services.

SSiH hopes to foster the expansion of simulation based technologies in modalities like manikins, virtual reality in medicine, audio video debriefing, augmented reality, standardized patients, specialized task training and more. The Society promotes these technologies and corresponding methodologies with the goal of improving patient safety and provider performance while reducing costs and medical errors.

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Society for Simulation in Healthcare Latest News

Healthcare Simulation Week 2021

Healthcare Simulation Week 2021 Promotes Community Globally

Each year, Healthcare Simulation Week provides an opportunity for the global simulation community to come together to share information and insights from across the industry. This year’s Healthcare Simulation Week ...
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SimOps 2021

SSH’s SimOps 2021 Simulation Operations Conference Opens at CAMLS Tampa

Yesterday in Tampa Florida, the 2021 SimOps event opened at the University of South Florida’s Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS) with over 100 in-person attendees and more ...
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NTSA Presentation Discusses Leveraging Simulation to Improve Patient Safety

The National Training and Simulation Association hosted an informative public webinar on Wednesday, April 28 titled, “A Call to Action: Leveraging Simulation to Improve Patient Safety in our Post-COVID World.” ...
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simulation research

How Clinical Simulation Research Helps Advance Healthcare Practice

During the 2021 International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) virtual simulation conference weekly lecture series, “Bringing Simulation Research To Life,” the presentation “How Research is Advancing Healthcare Practice” was ...
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Clinical Simulation Programs: A Breakdown of Leadership Titles, Positions & Roles

Running a healthcare simulation program is a complex endeavor that requires an array of knowledge, skills and abilities. While some medical simulation programs rely on random opportunity to fill open ...
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Simterviews: Dr. KT Waxman | Associate Professor at the Associate Professor at the University of San Francisco School of Nursing and Health Professions

Dr. KT Waxman, DNP, MBA, RN, CNL, CENP, CHSE, FSSH, FAONL, FAAN, is a national nurse leader and executive with extensive experience in healthcare simulation and corporate settings. She is ...
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Chad Epps

Global Healthcare Simulation Community Mourns Loss of Champion Chad Epps

With a heavy heart, is sad to report that medical simulation expert Dr. Chad Epps, died suddenly on Friday, December 18, 2020. His unmatched service to clinical simulation through ...
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Janice Palaganas Simterview

Simterviews: Dr. Janice Palaganas | Associate Director of PhD Program, MGH Institute

This week,’s new healthcare simulation expert interview series “Simterviews” speaks with Dr. Janice Palaganas, PhD, RN, NP, ANEF, FNAP, FAAN, FSSH. She is the Associate Director of Health Professions ...
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Haru Okuda Simterview

Simterviews: Dr. Haru Okuda | Executive Director, CAMLS

Dr. Haru Okuda, MD, FACEP, FSSH, is the executive director of University of South Florida Health’s Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS). In this role, he has oversight ...
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Paul Phrampus Interview

Simterviews: Medical Simulation Expert Interviews | UPMC Director for Patient Safety, Dr. Paul Phrampus – Part 2’s new healthcare simulation expert interview series “Simterviews” kicked off its first conversation with Dr. Paul Phrampus, MD, Director of the Peter M. Winter Institute for Simulation, Education and Research ...
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Paul Phrampus Interview

*NEW* Simterviews: Healthcare Simulation Interviews | UPMC WISER Center Director, Dr. Paul Phrampus – Part 1’s new healthcare simulation expert interview series “Simterviews” kicks off its first conversation today with Dr. Paul Phrampus, MD, Director of the Peter M. Winter Institute for Simulation, Education and ...
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Healthcare Simulation Week

World Patient Safety Day During Healthcare Simulation Week 2020

September 17th is World Patient Safety Day which is right in the middle of this years Healthcare Simulation Week! The World Patient Safety Day was created by the World Health ...
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