January 25, 2024By Teresa Gore

IMSH 2024 Wraps with More Medical Simulation Insights

IMSH 2024 has wrapped! IMSH 2024 had over 4300 participants, the highest number and largest vendor exhibit hall, very engaging plenary speakers, and over 200 registrants for the SimRun. The theme IDEA: Innovate, Disseminate, Educate, and Advocate was integrated throughout. Here, IMSH 2024 co-organizer and HealthySimulation.com Content Manager Dr. Teresa Gore shares the final wrap up from Wednesday in San Diego. Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s article on the first of many IMSH 2024 vendor demos to see the latest clinical simulation technologies.

SimVentors Showcase Awards:

Best Approach: Towards Precision Medical Education: Developing a Neuroimaging System to Study Expertise Development in Performance of Medical Procedures by the Cognicap Team
Best Innovation: Massive Upper GI Variceal Bleeding Trainer by Michael Franklin
Best Impact: A whole Procedural Simulator for Central Venous Catheterization by Scarlett Miller, Jason Moore, and collaborators
People Choice Award: Novel Academic Tabletop 2022 by Adam Heilman

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Duncan Wardle was the Michael S. Gordon Center Lecture on Medical Education. Duncan brought his unique perspective on unleashing your inner innovation. As a previous Disney Head of Innoation and Creativity, Duncan had drawn a characterization of his entire speech. He explained that we are all creative and innovative. However, life and work has taught us to lose our outside the lines thinking and conform. Through interactive exercises, the audience engaged in how to promote ideas and creativity or crush them. Duncan challenged to find our specific time that we solve our problems whether on awakening, in the shower, listening to music, etc. The goal is to open the door from our conscious thinking (13%) to the unconscious thinking (87%). Our issue is the “River of Thinking”. If we know the answer immediately then we are in the river. However, if we can get outside the river, our decisions can open our unconscious thinking. There are more neurons in our gut than our brains. That is why the saying is. “Go with your gut instinct.” Duncan’s presentation was very engaging and challenged us to get in touch with our inner child and be creative.

The Hands On Workshop by Kim Leighton, PhD, CHSE-A, CHOS, ANEF, FSSH, FAAN, and Nikki Blodgett, PhD, RN, CHSE presented on “What Evaluation Tool Should I Use?! Considerations for Choosing Evaluation Tools for Simulation-Based Education. This presentation was full with nearly 100 participants. Kim and Nikki provided over view of the tools available and explained that the tool must be evaluating what the tool was designed to measure and in a population with the psychometric testing. This is the same for the validity and reliability testing. Validity is the right tool to measure the right way. Reliability is the same results over and over again. See the Evaluating Healthcare Simulation Tools for more details on validity and reliability along with the information for each of the evaluation tools. Participants were given scenarios and asked to identify the right tool to evaluate. Participants were allowed to collaborate and discuss their seletion.

The SSH Fellows Main Stage Presentation by Suzie Kardong Edgren, PhD, RN, ANEF, CHSE, FSSH, FAAN, was delivered on Dissemination in the 21st Century: Opportunities and Pitfalls. Suzie provided resources and real-life application of successful strategies and pitfalls to avoid. She discussed and provided visual guidance on how to identify predatory journals and conferences. Suzie discussed the importance of using infographics with a journal abstract to show the readers and draw them in to read the article. Social media posts and strategies were discussed to increase the author’s reach. Alt-metrics and PlumX were discussed as tools that can help measure the author’s reach and impact. Suzie reminded the audience, “It is not who you know, but who knows you.” The importance to keep your personal and professional life posts separate. The audience response showed that LinkedIn was their preferred posting for professional work.

On Wednesday, IMSH Day 4, Barry Issenberg, MD, FSSH, transitioned into the next SSH President. In Dr. Issenberg’s address he noted the evolution of healthcare simulation and his path in healthcare simulation. His goal is to continue to work on and develop ways to meet the Strategic Plan of SSH. The SSH Presents Closing Plenary speaker was Kim Becking, who was selected to give IMSH 2024 participants IDEAs about Disseminate. Kim has a framework for reframing, resilience, and Unstoppable Momentum to overcome resistance and change. She will show you how to disseminate that does not mean you must publish.

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Introduction of IMSH 2025 Co-Chairs and the IMSH 2025 Theme

IMSH 2025 will be a special event next year as the 25th anniversary of IMSH. The IMSH 2025 Co-Chairs are Kyle Johnson, PhD, RN, CHSE; Katie MaxKenzie, MSHS, CHSE, CHSOS-A; and Shannon DiMarco, MSHS, CHSOS, PhD(c) . The theme is “Looking Back, Reaching Forward!”

The SSH Presents: Healthcare Simulation Dictionary Panel presentation discussed the Healthcare Simulation Dictionary 3.0 and new terms to be evaluated and defined. A conversation on spelling the word manikin versus mannequin. The word manikin originated in Dutch meaning: a little man: DWARF, PYGMY. However, human patient simulation manufactures chose manikin over mannequin, because many think of mannequin as a stationary model for clothes. More conversations will be ongoing for this topic.

New words being considered are de-rolling, formal education/training in simulation, Benevolent Deception, Incognito Standardized Patients, Simulated Participant, and Simulation Specialist. Alot of conversation related to ExtendedReality (XR), Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Metaverse and AI. working Groups within the Healthcare Simulation Dictionary Group will continue to work on these terms for the 3.0 edition.

Psychological Safety in Distance Sim: Is That Your Boss Behind You? presentation by Sharouk Khanjar, Dawn Wawersik, Dan Raemer, Susan Eller, Hani Lababidi. Psychological Safety definition is a “shared belief that the consequence of taking interpersonal risks in particular context is safe. This creates as sense of confidence that the trainer will not embarrass, reject, or punish the trainee or others (Edmondson, 1999, 2019). Distance Simulation is defined as an umbrella term referring to different modalities or their combinations where one of the simulation participants is at a distance from the educator, facilitator, or other learners. The panel acted out scenarios when psychological safety was not used and used. Strategies were explored.

IMSH 2024 Quick Plenary Sessions Recap

Michael Bonner spoke on the Educate theme. He discussed intentional strategic collaborations to grow. Michael talked about Black Swan Events that bring about forced change. He emphasized to the audience to expect resistance with growth and change. Kindra Hall spoke on the Advocate theme. Kindra taught us how to tell your story to co-create a shared story with those in the audience to increase the buy-in. The storyteller is responsible to bring the energy into the room. Duncan Wardle spoke on the Innovate theme. Duncan challenged us to find our inner creative child. His drawings represented his talks. He stated to identify a problem, make a list of the rules, then play the ‘what if’ game to create potential solutions. He also stressed the need to get outside of our ‘River of Thinking” and come up with new thoughts – take time to let your brain reset and come up with possibilities. Kim Becking spoke on the Disseminate theme. Kim talked with the audience about how they have worked harder with less. The community is past resilience. Kim stated, “There is no new normal. There is only what is now and what is next!” This requires a mindset shift to: Stop. Shift. Reframe. However, self-care is required. Participants we taught “You are Allowed” to feel how you feel. Unstoppable Momentum empowers one to be ready to conquer change, become more resilient, accelerate success and achieve more in their business, life and relationships no matter what life throws at them.

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