IMSH 2025

IMSH 2025, aka the 2025 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare, is hosted every year by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) in a major city in the United States. Dedicated to healthcare simulation research and learning, the event provides an opportunity for “Simulation Champions” from around the world to come together to network with peers, learn from experts, and see the latest medical simulation innovations. IMSH 2025 will occur in Orlando, Florida, from January 10th to January 14, 2025. As updates become available, more conference information will be added to this page.

History of IMSH

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare, formerly the Society for Medical Simulation, was founded in 2004 and renamed in 2006 to attract non-physician healthcare providers using healthcare simulation. The first annual International Meeting on Medical Simulation (IMMS) was held in 1995. In 2007, the IMMS meeting was renamed the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH).

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Ultimately, when deciding which topics to discuss at each meeting, the IMSH Planning Committee dedicates their time and expertise to creating a leading-edge and memorable experience for attendees. In planning for the event, the committee seeks to ensure that some components differ from year to year. This means introducing new cutting-edge themes that set the framework for all content offerings, inviting dynamic keynote speakers, and ensuring that presentations contain innovative learning formats (such as immersive courses, rapid-fire sessions, roundtable discussions, debates, panel discussions, and in-depth and hands-on workshops).

IMSH offers hundreds of industry-leading presentations, cementing the event’s place as the world’s premier healthcare simulation education learning event. Those interested in attending do not have to be a member of IMSH to attend. Benefits of attending include session content, multi-disciplinary education, vendor contacts, and hands-on workshops. The event will feature groundbreaking research regarding guidelines in healthcare simulation as well.

25th Anniversary of The International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare

The enthusiasm and passion displayed by everyone who attended IMSH 2024 in San Diego was an inspiration, even with the flooding in San Diego. It was an event that broke records and was memorable in numerous ways. The SSH Staff and the co-chairs for IMSH 2025 are already deeply into planning for the outstanding 25th-anniversary meeting in Orlando. Themed “Looking Back, Reaching Forward,” this meeting is poised to be a historic event for our society. Please save the dates, January 10-14, and note that the meeting will occur a day earlier in the week than in previous years (Friday – Tuesday).

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The IMSH 2025 Planning Co-Chairs are Brandon Kyle Johnson, PhD, RN, CHSE, ANEF; Kati Maxkenzie, MSHS, CHSOS-A, CHSE; and Shannon DiMarco, MSHS, CHSOS. The IMSH 2025 Co-Chairs chose the theme: “Looking Back Reaching Forward. This theme embraces IMSH’s 25th Anniversary. Many excellent opportunities and exciting special events will be planned for this anniversary meeting. Make plans to attend!

Message from SSH President Dr. Barry Issenberg

Barry Issenberg, MD, FSSH, stated, “As we move into another month filled with opportunities and challenges, I want to take a moment to reconnect with the core of our Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH). It’s our shared journey, driven by our purpose and mission, that steers our actions and solidifies our dedication to the simulation community. Our Purpose is the cornerstone of our existence. We are here to serve a global community of practice enhancing the quality of healthcare. And we are here to foster the improvement and application of simulation-based modalities for the enhancement of healthcare education, clinical care, and patient safety. Through our diverse and dynamic community, we strive to create a space where innovation, collaboration, and education converge to lead the way in healthcare simulation.”

IMSH 2024 Coverage

More About IMSH

The IMSH meeting is aligned with the SSH’s mission to “provide hands-on learning in leading-edge medical simulation trends and technology, networking and collaboration.” Furthermore, the programs are all peer-reviewed and selected to serve the needs of novices and experts.

At IMSH meetings, key areas of discussion are often new ideas, leadership development, new processes and research findings, innovative approaches, design strategies, return on investment, and improved communication techniques. As a catalyst for advancement and evolution in healthcare simulation technology, the IMSH brings together and connects industry professionals to learn. The event is considered one of the top educational and networking events for the healthcare simulation world, especially for those interested in IPE. Learn more on the IMSH 2025 website.

More About the Society for Simulation in Healthcare

With over 4,000 members, SSH is the world’s largest organization dedicated to medical simulation. The nonprofit’s mission is to advance the application and promote the art, science, and practice of healthcare simulation through global engagement. SSiH seeks to reduce errors in patient care and improve clinical performance through simulation.

Based in the United States, SSiH hosts the annual healthcare simulation conference entitled “International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare” (IMSH) each year, bringing together around 3,000 Simulation Educators, Administrators, and Sim Techs for networking, educational courses, medical simulator exhibition opportunities, and more. Vendors always in attendance include CAE Healthcare, Laerdal, Gaumard, EMS SimulationIQ, B-Line Medical, SIMStation (Level 3 Healthcare), KBPort, 3D Systems, Pocket Nurse, and more.

The Society also provides the oldest research publication in the industry deemed the “Simulation in Healthcare Journal”, printed by Wolters Kluwer, which began in 2006. The peer-reviewed research journal is an interprofessional publication covering all domains within the clinical simulation. The group also provides accreditation of simulation centers and certification of specialized simulation educators and operations specialists. Membership includes access to the journal and other online resources.

International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare 2025 Latest News

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