PeriopSim is an iPad and virtual reality experience-based simulation training solution for clinical educators in the operating room. The solution was created by Conquer Mobile, and is now owned and operated by Conquer Experience, a healthcare simulation computer software company that specializes in training OR teams when experience is in short supply.

The concept for PeriopSim draws from many years experience in surgery simulation research and product development. The solution was developed in close collaboration with surgeons, nurses, healthcare simulation educators and neuroscientists to ensure accuracy and realistic learning outcomes. The PeriopSim team possesses expertise in VR, simulation, augmented reality, 3D scanning, real-time collaboration and user experience.

Initially, PeriopSim was part of an 18-month pilot program with the Association of Perioperative Nurses (AORN). During this time, the solution provided paid customers with over 4000 experience hours for trainees across the United States and Canada. Customers included CHI Nebraska — Bergan Mercy, Johns Hopkins Sibley, UH of Cleveland and Providence St. Joseph Health Everett.

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Through this collaborative effort and pilot period, PeriopSim has become an evidence-based solution that is six times faster than a standard one-hour procedure; the medical simulation takes 10 minutes to complete.

Since its inception, PeriopSim has been selected for several landmark academic research studies to measure the effectiveness of simulations for nursing education. The solution is the first product in a range of simulation learning solutions for specific clinical roles.

Helping to spread the PeriopSim solution across clinical learning environments, the tool has been presented at a variety of medical simulation conferences, exhibitions, and shows, such as those hosted by SimGHOSTS, INACSL, ASPiH, SESAM, and the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH).

Key members of the PeriopSim medical advisory board include David E. Clarke, Ph.D.; Ryan C.N. D’Arcy, BSc, MSc, Ph.D., EngL; and Denise Lalanne. All were involved in the development of NeuroTouch™, a neuro surgery simulator developed by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). Together, Clarke and D’Arcy performed the world’s first virtual-reality brain surgery using NeuroTouch in Halifax, Virginia in 2009. CAE Healthcare recently licensed and gained exclusive rights to the simulator from NRC, and has relaunched it under the brand name NeuroVR™.

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About Conquer Experience Inc. Healthcare Simulation Tools

Headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, Conquer Experience Inc. believes that education and experience have the ability to change healthcare. Founded in 2018, the company’s platform enables surgical staff to practice procedures safely before performing surgery. This helps learners achieve and maintain competence more quickly while increasing patient safety measures.

Co-founded by Angela Robert and Dave Foster, this platform is important because, according to Conquer Experience, Inc., surgeons today are concerned and dissatisfied with their teams’ confidence and competence during key surgeries. Further, the company explains that educators are currently faced with providing a lower quality of patient safety than they believe is proper.

PeriopSim Clinical Simulation Solutions

The PeriopSim iPad healthcare simulation solution is designed to bridge the gap between class and the operating room. This is achieved by helping learners practice procedures, and anticipate the surgeon and instrumentation, before heading into the operating room themselves.

Using video of real surgeries and voice narration, learners are guided through procedures step by step and prompted for instruments. By practicing with PeriopSim’s iPad solution, they can reduce stress and quickly become a more confident, effective member of any surgical team. Competencies assessed through the PeriopSim platform include anticipating the surgeon, steps of a procedure and instrument recognition.

PeriopSim can be downloaded from the iPad App store. Users can then simply create a free account and immediately begin a tutorial to experience some of the sample simulation experiences.

The PeriopSim Educational Portal is another solution which allows the user to create, manage and track their cohorts of learners. Alternatively, instructors can assign simulation work and check that their learners’ work has been completed.

Using the PeriopSim Education Portal, users can create friendly competitions, and are presented with the opportunity to help a learner who is struggling and needs a bit more time to master a concept or procedure. Some learners opt to use time setups and counting exercises before and after using PeriopSim. They can validate their perceptions with real data and analytics for competency reports. The Educator Portal further allows for the simulation debriefing of learner competency by experience modules across all of the learning portals, including iPad and VR simulation.

With PeriopSim VR, learners can then feel what entering the operating room is like before they enter one in real life. This tool can be used by itself or with PeriopSim for iPad, and leverages all the educator portal functionality. In a simulated, life-size operating room, learners can practice and be assessed on steps of a procedure, anticipating the surgeon and sterile field, sharps safety, sterile technique, passing techniques and instrumentation.

PeriopSim for VR can be downloaded if a learner has an existing and supported VR simulation system. Once downloaded, they will be presented with a tutorial and some sample modules.

PeriopSim’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, PreiopSim has tried to help patients and professionals by identifying ways to train learners on coronavirus simulation without depleting resources. In doing so, the company has initiated conversations with clinical educators, directors and instructors at surgical technology programs across the United States. PeriopSim has also consulted with perioperative programs and electives at nursing schools across Canada and the United States.

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From these conversations and based on clinical feedback, PeriopSim identified two areas in which resources should be diverted to allow PeriopSim to take the place of in-house learning. First, instructors should be asked to delay clinical placements to keep learners out of hospitals for an indeterminate amount of time. Second, instructors should instead utilize online learning tools via medical simulations, such as PeriopSim, to continue training exercises and retention of clinical skills.

Given this scenario and training needs across academic healthcare environments, PeriopSim has made their solution available to all surgical technology schools and educational institutions for their cohorts and learners. The tool’s expanded tablet can now be accessed on iPads, PCs, Macs, and Android tablets, and will include all current content plus all new Conquer Experience simulation experiences. Learn more on the PeriopSim website or read these articles below.

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