Coronavirus COVID-19 Medical Simulation Resources List

This page has been created to list all of the latest resources created by or in support of medical simulation programs providing education and training against the spread of COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus. It is absolutely crucial that every healthcare educational and training program in the world immediately review these clinical simulation tools to combat against the spread of the virus. From sim scenarios to research from the front lines in China, to sim lab policy ideas to online learning courses — here are the latest simulation in healthcare tools to fight COVID-19.

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Healthcare Simulation Organization Dedicated Pages to COVID-19

Medical Simulation Company Dedicated Resource Pages for COVID-19

Global Community Medical Simulation & Education Resource Tools

Company Content Updates & Online Tools Relevant to Those in Medical Education

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Latest News Relevant to Clinical Simulation Champions & Coronavirus

Research Articles & Updates

Special Editor’s Note Regarding Supplies and Medical Equipment: Several Simulation Centers that are currently on hiatus due to COVID-19, especially those in colleges and universities, have donated their available medical supplies to local and regional hospitals dealing with critical shortages. Do you have medical supplies that could be helpful to those on the frontlines? As well, some simulation programs have old ventilators or other medical devices which may be helpful to reinstate back into clinical practice during this challenging time. PLEASE carefully consider your program’s ability to support local emergency care workers with your sim lab supplies and equipment. Of course, if your department is an important part of education and training at a practicing healthcare facility, some materials SHOULD stay in your sim center and be properly disinfected, alongside your manikins, after each simulation scenario experience.

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