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May 24, 2018

Innovative Trends: Introducing Pet Therapy Into Simulation

As people begin to rely on their pets and other animals as a means for coping strategies in the public we must ask ourselves how can healthcare workers be best prepared for these situations?  There is limited information on the use of pet therapy, service animals, and emotional support animals as part of simulation. However, [...]

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May 23, 2018

Save Time & Costs with Loaded Crash Carts for Simulation From DiaMedical USA and SimLabSolutions

As all healthcare professionals know, crash carts are some of the most crucial piece of equipment available when a life threatening situation arises. Students obviously need to be familiar with the supplies within a Crash Cart, as codes happen very quickly and life-saving interventions need to be in place, STAT! The Loaded Crash Cart™, which [...]

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May 11, 2018

University of Tennessee Opens New Health Science Building & Sim Center Just Before Hosting SimGHOSTS USA

The University of Tennessee has just officially opened the new $39.7 Million Health Science Center which is home to the new Center for Healthcare Improvement And Patient Simulation (CHIPS)! The 45,000-square-foot, world-class building at 26 South Dunlap is dedicated to education, research, and professional development of enhanced clinical skills using standardized patients (actors trained [...]

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May 7, 2018

Operative Experience Demos RealMom Birthing Simulator at IMSH 2018 – Video Interview

Operative Experience provided HealthySim a special look at the RealMom birthing simulator in action at the IMSH 2018 event, showcasing realistic skin delivery with little hardware changes between births required. We were surprised to see how quickly the newborn could be reloaded into RealMom, which took less than a minute to re setup after the [...]

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