TacMed Medical Solutions

From point of injury throughout the continuum of clinical care; warfighters, first responders, and citizens alike, all rely on extensive tactical field experience and product knowledge to supply intuitive solutions. TacMed Medical Solutions develops and manufactures customized emergency response technology, advanced healthcare simulation and training aids, and personal protective gear to effectively manage a spectrum of hostile environments and injuries. The company’s passion is to serve and to protect the health of communities, both at home and abroad. TacMed’s commitment to this life-saving mission is only matched by the integrity of the company’s team, the durability of products, and renowned customer support services.

The company’s products reflect on experience and situations TacMed professionals have faced and friends that have been lost. The goal is to prevent others from experiencing similar losses by offering equipment that allows them to operate more efficiently and effectively. The company believes that minimizing preventable death in a combat or tactical environment is a realistic and attainable goal.

All TacMed employees are former tactical medical professionals or have a close relationship with them. Staff maintains close ties with some of the most elite and experienced medics in the world, and all TacMed products must pass their evaluation before the company name is placed on them. TacMed understands the principles of human performance as they relate to combat stress and seeks to design products to complement that performance not complicate them. This approach to product development and evaluation leads to products that truly work in combat.

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The company explains that products are not designed to pass a structured laboratory test in a controlled environment or barely meet a requirement as a substitute. Rather, they are designed to function when there is no structure when users have minimal supplies and very little time. This also applies to situations when there is no one else there to help, and users may have more than one casualty – while they are trying to save lives and while someone is trying to take theirs. That is the environment of the tactical healthcare provider and that is where TacMed products excel.

TacMed Task Trainer Simulation Products

Tourniquet Task Trainer Arm: The Tourniquet Task Trainer Arm is a rugged, hyper-realistic hemorrhage control training solution designed for teaching proper tourniquet application both in the classroom and in-field scenarios. Its unmatched lifelike design looks identical to human tissue, and the arm is durable with self-healing properties to withstand repeated use. The Tourniquet Task Trainer Arm replicates a full-length human arm with a gunshot entry wound. It can function as a dry or wet stand-alone skill station for trainees to develop muscle memory to make critical, life-saving interventions with a tourniquet. Blood simulant is included, and it can be used through the integrated vessel system to make the wound site bleed for increased realism. After each use, the arm can be easily cleaned and air dry before storing inside the included protective carrying case for easy transport to the next training event.

Wound Tube: The Wound Tube by Phokus Research Group is an upper arm wound simulator with one realistic gunshot wound designed into a semi-transparent silicone tube. The hyper-realistic bleeding system makes this training device ideal for mastering basic level bleeding control and tourniquet application. Included in the upper arm is a realistic brachial artery and an anatomically correct humerus bone.

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Hemorrhage Control Trainer Kit: The QuikClot Hemorrhage Control Trainer Kit is an ideal platform for both the instructional and hands-on aspects of hemorrhage control and wound packing training. The HCT Kit is an all-in-one wound packing simulator that comes with a training wound model and 10 Combat Gauze Trainers, allowing trainees the hands-on skill development and required muscle memory needed to quickly and effectively pack a wound.

Chest Trainer: The TacMed Simulation Chest Trainer is a ruggedized partial upper torso medical simulator that helps trainees during the crawl phase of training to treat patients requiring needle decompression and intraosseous (I/O) infusion. The torso includes a simulated partial rib cage and sternum. Students learn to locate realistic anatomic landmarks to execute critical patient treatment without relying on marked indicators. The unit functions as a stand-alone skills station with multiple training sites that allow for multiple uses with cost-effective replacement components.

Hemorrhage Control Skills Trainer – Classroom (HCST-C): The TacMed Simulation Hemorrhage Control Skills Trainer – Classroom (HCST-C) is a medical intervention simulator designed to teach fundamental skills for tourniquet application and hemostatic wound packing. Anatomical fidelity and lifelike skin provide a powerful haptic training experience to develop familiarity and muscle memory for different interventions. The HCST-C is ideal for teaching learners how to make critical decisions such as the type of treatment to apply, then use anatomical landmarks such as the greater trochanter to perform proper interventions.

Examples of TacMed Human Simulator Products

Whole Body MATT – Pulses/Breathing (WBS-MATT-PB): The Whole-Body Simulator (WBS) MATT-PB is a rugged, realistic full-body trainer to treat severe trauma. Purpose-built for field exercises and use in any weather or environment, the WBS MATT-PB offers realistic leg movement and lifelike arterial bleeding that deliver ultra-high-fidelity training for a truly immersive learning experience. It also incorporates pulses, breathing, and real-time feedback through a long-range remote control.

Whole Body EMITT – Tactical Medical (WBS-EMITT-TM): The EMITT Tactical Medical offers advanced features and training capabilities such as breathing, intubation, tension pneumothorax, a bubbling chest wound, IV, amputation, packable wound, and more. Constructed with a strong urethane core and realistic, durable synthetic skin, the WBS EMITT-TM is an extremely effective multipurpose training tool allowing learners to perform critical life-saving tasks while training in nearly any environment or weather condition.

Whole Body HEMO – Pulses/Breathing (WBS-HEMO-PB): The Whole-Body Simulator HEMO-PB (WBS HEMO-PB) is a rugged, realistic full-body trainer to treat severe trauma. Purpose-built for field exercises and use in any weather or environment, the WBS HEMO-PB offers realistic leg movement and lifelike arterial bleeding that deliver ultra-high-fidelity training for a truly immersive learning experience. It also incorporates a deep wound at the inguinal crease for hemostatic training.

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TacMed K9 Simulation Products

K9 Hero: The TacMed Simulation Canine Medical Trainer (K9 HERO) is a full-body medical trainer for Operational Canine First Responders, Military Working Dog (WMD) handlers, Veterinarians, and veterinary technicians. Designed in partnership with the Department of Defense (DoD), K9 HERO is a state-of-the-art skills trainer for novices and experienced alike. All training sites are realistic to replicate the look, feel, and function of actual medical procedures. The exterior of the simulator has been hand-sculpted to mimic a Belgian Malinois and is covered in durable, non-staining synthetic fur. K9 HERO allows learners to perform critical life-saving tasks such as maintaining an airway, needle decompression/thoracocentesis, hemostasis, IV insertion, Intraosseous (I/O) infusion, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), tracheostomy, and bandaging.

K9 Diesel: The Advanced Canine Medical Trainer (K9 Diesel) is a full-body simulator for Operational Canine First Responders, Military Working Dog (MWD) handlers, Veterinarians, and Veterinary Technicians. Designed in partnership with the Department of Defense (DoD), K9 Diesel is a state-of-the-art skills trainer that simulates active breathing, audio queues, and over 28 different features and medical intervention sites. Each training site is designed to replicate the look, feel, and function of actual medical procedures. Interchangeable limbs and injuries provide greater flexibility to vary wound patterns. K9 Diesel allows learners to perform a wide range of critical life-saving tasks with an incredibly realistic experience.

Overall, TacMed has remained dedicated to quality equipment that will perform when users need it since 2003. From there, the brand portfolio has grown to include best-in-class products that support the company’s goal of increasing survivability and bringing solutions to new markets. Learn more on the TacMed website or read the articles below.

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