Moulage Concepts

Moulage Concepts helps bridge the gap in healthcare simulation by training leaders to optimize performance by increasing the realism of scenario development through the use of medical moulage makeup. Founded by Bobbie Merica, CEO, the company highlights the need to create interactive training solutions in patient presentation that meets clinical simulation needs including competency, patient safety, and emergency preparedness.

Moulage Concepts was established in 2009 after Merica discovered there was a true absence of moulage-specific learning solutions across clinical facilities and hospital settings. In response, she developed the first of a series of 3D moulage wounds and training workshops specific to training outcomes. These outcomes were designed to span numerous industries, including the medical, military, veteran, police, fire, industrial, veterinary, epidemic / pandemic (including COVID-19) and pre-hospital medical simulation communities.

Today, the company has become a leading producer of medical moulage for educational environments and curriculums, such as for simulation in nursing education. With extensive knowledge of moulage wound development, scenario staging and adaptive response, Moulage Concepts provides a unique combination of simulation training solutions.

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More than just a moulage company, Moulage Concepts specializes in performance proficiency, industry customization, and hazard identification. The company offers insightful guidance to incorporating the non-verbal story; that which must be seen, felt, heard, and even smelled.

According to the company, “The secret of success in any field is to be thoroughly trained and properly prepared for your time—when it arrives.”

To achieve this goal, Moulage Concepts provides a unique combination of simulation expertise to strengthen training performance, situational awareness, participant retention, and risk reduction. Working with both simulators and standardized patients, the company provides measurable training options to meet all industry requirements.

With extensive knowledge of moulage wound development and scenario staging, Moulage Concepts creates realistic training opportunities that are paramount to successful outcomes. Each interactive training scenario is designed and customized to a user’s needs.

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An example of a facility’s needs could include utilizing life-like, three-dimensional wounds that can be triaged, sutured, debrided, drained, and even ruptured. Another moulage usage includes the Moulage Concepts Active Shooter / Mass Casualty (AS / MCI) Moulage and Training Kit that was developed to assist learners in preparing for an active shooter incident response.

Tailoring moulage to specific user needs is extremely important to the Moulage Concepts foundation This is why the company continues to work to meet the diverse needs of individual agencies and population demographics. Every product, workshop and support service is designed to assist a learner with enhancing symptom assessment, injury recognition, stress inoculation and supportive decision making.

In addition to customization, Moulage Concepts offers a quick, cost effective and most importantly, convincing solution. The company is set out to meet the challenges of working under time and budgetary constraints. All scenarios, workshops, and products maximize outcomes while utilizing time and cost optimization solutions.

Moulage Concepts Healthcare Simulation Products

Specifically designed for nursing in simulation, Moulage Concepts’ Deluxe Nursing Kit is designed to help educators build medical moulage injuries in their respective simulation suites. The kit comes with the essentials needed to create basic, intermediate and advanced (medical, trauma, obstetrics, and triage) moulage designs.

Features include diabetic foot ulcers, surgical incisions, infiltrated IV’s, rashes, cyanosis, blisters and more. A SIM-Safe Series of vomitus, coffee ground emesis, pus, secretions, feces and bile also come with the kit. All of the professional make-up products and tools arrive packed in a sturdy carrying case for use in the simulation suite and training site. The SIM-Safe Mixes may be customized to individual training outcomes.

Alternatively, trauma in simulation education products, in addition to the Active Shooter Moulage and Training Kit are the EMS / MCI Medical Trauma Kit, EMS Training Kit and EMS Sim-Safe Kit. Intended to work in conjunction with an EMS simulator, the EMS / MCI Medical Trauma Kit contains the necessary moulage make-up, supplies and accessories to create three dimensional, interactive wounds that can be sutured, triaged, decontaminated and debrided, including the basics such as bruises, cuts, bloody contusions, rupture-able blisters, broken bones, cyanosis and all manner of nursing, trauma, field and medical related simulation effects.

This All Hazards/MCI Moulage Kit includes theatrical training supplies for over 250 types of wounds, a sturdy toolbox filled to the brim with moulage make-up, accessories, trauma make-up training DVD and training book. Similarly, the EMS Trauma Kit contains the necessary moulage make-up supplies to create all accident-related theatrical training effects on standardized patients.

The EMS Sim-Safe Kit was developed for the pre-hospital / trauma simulation scenario. The SIM-Safe Add-On kit features realistic, non-staining secretions, bodily fluids, burns, abrasions, boil, bruises and make-up that can be customized to create authentic training scenarios. With focus to detail, all SIM-Safe products visually and tactically replicate natural bodily processes to meet moulage training needs.

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In meeting other needs of healthcare simulation facilities and simulation centres, Moulage Concepts has created a MasterCast series. In this series, the company offers a tourniquet trainer lef, bullet wound, gunshot wound, ulcer, small laceration, open laceration, chemical burn, evisceration, bite wound and trauma sleeve kit. Moulage accessories include Sim-Safe Blood, Sim-Safe Color Stix (medical color spectrum and trauma color spectrum), Sim-Safe Glass, Adhesive, Moulage Gels, Silifix, Suture Skin, Nursing Sim-Safe Oder Set, tattoos, exposed muscure, a perforated bowel and more.

Moulage in Simulation Education

To further educate learners through high-fidelity moulage usage, Merica helped author the book “Medical Moulage: How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive” in 2009. This comprehensive book for medical-trauma training moulage was published to help users make their simulations come alive.

The text comes with a large, hard-bound cover and over 300 special effects recipes and scenarios for field and clinical simulations. The “simple recipes” are designed for the beginner through advanced users, and include 1,200 vibrant, full-color illustrations. Other features within this text are step-by-step directions, ingredient customization, pre-make, storage and “Set the Stage,” a quick guide to staging realistic training in both pre-hospital, field and clinical environments.

The moulage manual comes with staged wounds, cyanosis, mottling, blisters that rupture, burns, epidemic / pandemic, sutured wounds, odors and just about everything in-between as well. This information will help simulation centers and simulation educators to heighten the realism across their training simulations.

Categories of moulage discussed in this book range from clinical to neonatal, pediatric, obstetric, geriatric, trauma, wound care, odors and more. Learn more on the Moulage Concepts website or read these articles below.

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