INACSL – Nursing Simulation Resource Organization

INACSL’s mission is to advance the science of nursing simulation by providing worldwide professional development, networking resources and leadership in defining healthcare simulation standards of best practice. Formally naming itself INACSL or the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning in 2002, the organization has grown from an all-volunteer organization based in Texas to a worldwide resource with over 2500 members.

Simulation Standards

INACSL’s major priority and contribution to medical simulation is the carefully developed standards for simulation practice. INACSL’s Standards of Best Practice: Simulation are published in the Clinical Simulation in Nursing.

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The standards, which are free to everyone, provide an excellent foundation for all simulation programs ranging from one room simulation laboratories to multimillion dollar facilities housed in large medication centers and universities. If you are new to simulation, this is the place to start. Do not be overwhelmed by the number of standards, but instead focus on a few at first and gradually add in more standards.

Many educational accrediting bodies are requiring proof that simulation programs are using best practice. Adequate documentation that a simulation program is following the INACSL standards will go a long way to satisfy these accrediting bodies that the simulation activities are based on sound educational principles. Some simulation programs seek a separate national accreditation specifically for their labs from groups like ASPiH or SESAM, or certification for their staff from organizations like SSiH. is dedicated to providing the latest INACSL news and #MedSim resources from around the world. To follow along, sign up for our free medical simulation email newsletter, follow @HealthySim on Twitter and @HealthySim on Facebook, or join our HealthySim LinkedIn Group!

Again, the INACSL standards provide an excellent basis for any institution seeking this additional accreditation. The standards are updated frequently with the latest edition being published in December 2016.

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Educational Activities

INACSL holds an annual four-day conference every June in various centers around the US and Canada. The conference provides education sessions, research results, networking opportunities and vendor exhibits for leading companies such as Laerdal, CAE Healthcare, SimulationIQ, Gaumard, B-Line Medical, KBPort, Pocket Nurse, 3D Systems, and more.

In addition, INACSL provides webinars, leadership book clubs and journal roundtables in a virtual format. A 15-month research fellowship designed to develop future leaders in simulation research is offered as well as regional workshops. INACSL is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.


In addition to the standards, INACSL offers other online resources including homegrown solutions links, a bibliography of simulation articles and resources for researchers. INACSL publishes the journal Clinical Simulation in Nursing with Dr. Nicole Harder as the current Editor-in-Chief.

INACSL educational materials and resources can be used for anyone. The conference focus is mostly geared towards Nursing Education at the undergraduate and graduate level.  Hospital education departments could can also benefit from conference attendance. The INACSL standards however, provide an excellent guide to all aspects of simulation and are applicable to everyone involved in any level of medical education.

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