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Simulation Australasia (SimAust), previously known as Simulation Australia and which overseas the Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare (ASSH), is a non-profit organization management body for simulation that provides a forum for those involved in simulation across Australasia. Founded in 1999, the forum was created to allow for the discussion and distribution of information, and to advance the research, development and use of simulation technologies.

Headquartered in Newcastle, New South Wales since 2018, Simulation Australia works to advance medical simulation practices in society, industry, academia and government. Simulation Australasia serves as a hub of collaboration, networking and professional development to forum members. The Simulation Australasia business plan is maintained in line with the company’s strategic direction, and operational planning is directed from the office in Newcastle.

The two to ten employees of Simulation Australasia additionally advocate for standards and recognition of core competencies across numerous specialties to enhance the forum’s credibility and to build trust with members of the simulation community. This is achieved through the support of the professionalization of simulation and modeling through the provision of standards for credentialing and accreditation of people, places and products. Simulation Australasia represents members’ interests by providing opportunities for participation in specialist communities, managing internal projects, knowledge sharing and hosting networking and other member events.

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With the understanding that simulation and modeling are essential tools in the modern world, SimAust continuously promotes research and development of modeling and simulation capabilities to foster innovative and safer communities. The forum envisions a future where modeling and simulation is embraced by all industries to create such a better, safer world. This is why the mission of Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare is to connect Australasia’s modeling and simulation network; empower cross‐industry research and collaboration, develop the profession through review and dissemination of standards of practice for accreditation and certification; and establish a provision of trusted sector information.

The company aims to provide members a platform across Australasia, to further advance the research, development and use of specialty simulation technologies. Specialties which Simulation Australasia focuses on include industries, health, defense, transport and logistics, emergency and cyber security, resources and infrastructure, human dimensions, modeling and simulation, professional development, serious games, technology and women in simulation.

For example, Serious Games are games that are about more than just entertainment – they impart knowledge while entertaining. Serious Games highlight issues, improve education, and help to explain or solve complex problems. Serious Games can make complex topics more easily understood and engaging. The challenge is a fantastic opportunity for national and international exposure among the simulation and IT communities and is open to serious gaming application of all technology is including: PC, Mobile, Console, VR, AR and Wearable tech.

In advocating to government entities, the Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare acts as a voice to politicians, senior government officials, media representatives, other national organisations and decision-makers relevant to simulation application and policy across Australasia. With a full range of capabilities and services are showcased – from sophisticated modelling of equipment and operations, training analysis and courseware production, simulation products, devices and systems, through to the construction, management and operation of training and support centres – ASSH’s capability extends across the many facets of simulation in healthcare.

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To support members of the forum, the Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare provides workforce planning and development options. Providing such opportunities to improve the skills of workforce members is achieved by offering a Professional Development and Certification Program, leading to recognition as a simulation professional. Events are created for the simulation community to establish a mechanism to form business relationships and to learn about how simulation is being used across all industries as well.

The company also elicits research papers so that members can share their experiences across a diverse audience and in turn make a significant contribution to the development of standards. These papers help capture the best practices and enhancement opportunities which exist within Australasian simulation community’s body of knowledge. Simulation Australasia then recognizes the important contributions to the simulation community in Australia through annual awards. Members may be featured on the ASSH website and in the company’s monthly newsletter, providing companies with a marketing and branding mechanism.

For instance, Simulation Australasia has congratulated the application company Sound Scouts on success, and shared that the ASSH pleased to see professional serious games attracting national funding. Sound Scouts won the 2014 Serious Games Showcase and Challenge competition at the combined SimTect and SimHealth conference in Adelaide, South Australia. The application’s recognition remains on the Sim Congress website.

Membership Benefits

Simulation Australia offers memberships at both the individual and corporate level. As a member of Simulation Australasia, simulation professionals gain access to a wealth of resources and medical simulation networks. Simulation Australia works with a range of organizations to represent simulation across the board.

Adding to the benefit of getting involved with ASSH, professional members gain exclusive access to member only forums, simulation resources relevant to a discipline, discounted registrations to a variety of conferences and events, exclusive previews and event invitations and a contribution in key government contributions. Corporate members gain increased access to all individual professional member benefits plus: branding and marketing opportunities (to promote a business); networking and directory listing; group discounts for staff members; and discounts on professional development, sponsorship and events.

Such events include the annual Simulation Innovation Workshop (SIW), Australasian Simulation Congress, Women in Simulation Symposium, SimGHOSTS Australia and more. To view upcoming SimAust events and conferences, visit their website linked below.

For those interested in becoming an Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare sponsor, Simulation Australasia offers two main advertising and sponsorship opportunities that will put companies front and centre of the simulation community of academics, industry leads, the government and other thought leaders. Their events usually demonstrate products from leading vendors such as Laerdal, CAE Healthcare, Gaumard, EMS, B-Line Medical, Simulab, 3D Systems and more!

The Universal Sponsorship encompasses everyday sponsorship and provides a company’s logo on the front page of the SimAust website, a mention in ASSH newsletter and recognition on social media. Alternatively, the Event Sponsorship Sponsoring a specific event provides email recognition to the database, social media recognition, a company’s logo on Simulation Australasia events web page and a stand at the larger events. Similar global organizations like SimAust include ASPiH, SESAM, S3, SimGHOSTS, SSH, IPSS and INACSL.

Visit the SimAust website to learn more!

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