HealthStream is an information technology and services company that is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through the development of healthcare organizations’​ greatest asset: their people. The company’s unified suite of solutions is contracted by, collectively, approximately 4.8 million healthcare employees in the U.S. for workforce development, training and learning management, talent management, credentialing, privileging, provider enrollment, performance assessment and managing healthcare simulation-based education programs.

These solutions help develop and empower people to deliver the highest quality of care. The company understands clients’ need to maximize resources in an increasingly complex healthcare environment. HealthStream has worked side-by-side with 4,000+ healthcare organizations for over 30 years to cultivate a more competent and engaged workforce. Founded in 1990, the company is based in Nashville, Tennessee. HealthStream has additional offices in Brentwood, Tennessee; Jericho, New York; Boulder, Colorado; San Diego, California; and Chicago, Illinois.

Since its foundation, HealthStream has received 15 Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards for 2020. These honors demonstrate HealthStream’s ongoing commitment to technological innovation in healthcare workforce development, as well as the ultimate goal of improving healthcare outcomes. The Smithsonian also presented HealthStream with the Computerworld Smithsonian Medallion in recognition of its achievement in its innovative use of technology to empower and advance society.

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HealthStream Solutions

HealthStream works with organizations at every stage to establish a road map that fulfills requirements and ensures successful outcomes. The company’s solutions are broken down into seven categories: learning and performance, quality and compliance, reimbursement, resuscitation, clinical development, credentialing, and scheduling and capacity management. Through use of these solutions, professionals can cultivate a culture geared toward consistent and engaged learning through exclusive content from healthcare’s most respected leaders.

Learning management solutions are designed to help ​​improve outcomes and quality of care through enhanced learning and education. With a highly-trained staff, you’ll be confident that you’re meeting compliance requirements and elevating your reputation for providing superior care to patients. Solutions include the LMS, which is a modern, customizable workforce learning platform that allows organizations to strategically manage and continuously develop staff toward better patient care.

HealthStream’s Content Authoring and Video Tools help users to create engaging, professional-level healthcare learning courses quickly and simply. The company’s class management solution provides users the ability to quickly ensure reliable classroom attendance records with virtual classroom management and scanning capabilities.

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Quality and compliance solutions also help ensure successful outcomes — and that a facility’s strategy effectively and efficiently meets regulatory requirements, fully addresses diversity and inclusion issues, and ensures the privacy and security of all patients. HealthStream’s regulatory and compliance solution helps fulfill requirements with a variety of programs and courseware designed to address critical regulatory requirements, as well as educate staff to recognize and mitigate risks.

Unconscious bias and socially-conscious education are the cornerstones of HealthStream’s diversity, equity, and inclusion-focused products. By increasing a healthcare staff’s focus on quality and safety, HealthStream’s products can help to reduce medical errors and readmission rates. Specifically, KnowledgeQ by HealthStream offers an adaptive approach to learning, allowing personalized paths to be tailored for an individual based on existing knowledge. Included in HealthStream’s product offerings is a complete quality management system that allows users to be confident in the quality of care their facility is providing. Using the conflicts of interest products, users can address and prevent organizational risks to strengthen and maintain their brand’s reputation.

Furthermore, HealthStream’s standardized, effective training elevates staff reimbursement competence, increasing your margins and optimizing reimbursement. From a patient’s first interaction through their payment for care, the company’s cost-effective training solution helps their staff develop the competence and confidence to perform their roles in the reimbursement process. The results are fewer errors, better patient outcomes and satisfaction, and optimized reimbursement.

To improve resuscitation competency and staff readiness, HealthStream offers the latest, most cost-effective advancements in educational technology and innovation. Resuscitation solutions are designed to help nurture the skills of nurses and medical staff, enabling them to become effective leaders with development training. For example, the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite provides a smarter, more flexible choice for resuscitation, while their adaptive solution focuses on high-performance CPR. The company offers specialized programs for recognizing deterioration and improving outcomes as well.

Whether adapting to new technologies and regulations, evolving workforce dynamics, or increasingly complex patient needs, HealthStream’s Clinical Development solutions provide users with the peace of mind to make informed decisions, ensure competent care delivery and empower their clinicians at or under budget. The company’s suite of healthcare onboarding solutions aids in nurse retention and improved patient outcomes.

HealthStream’s comprehensive suite of competency management tools empower the healthcare workforce to deliver the best patient care. For example, Jane is a digital mentor that leverages artificial intelligence to identify gaps and personalize competency plans at scale. With the largest network and library in the world, HealthStream can help organizations achieve goals with innovative, targeted clinical solutions priced to fit their needs.

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In terms of credentialing, HealthStream offers CredentialStream to deliver everything users need to request, gather and validate information about a provider to create a single source of truth for downstream processes. This product helps empower providers with a mobile app that puts credentialing tasks at their fingertips. With CredentialStream, users can experience standardized and centralized credentialing, privileging, and enrollment that is smarter and faster than ever before.

HealthStream’s nurse and clinician development training program helps give a healthcare workforce the confidence to handle any situation. HealthStream also takes the stress out of scheduling with real-time technology that engages nurses and healthcare workers. With the company’s operational intelligence and machine-learning products, users are provided with an easier way to view healthcare staff capacity insights while seeing a patient’s journey.

For example, HealthStream’s Workforce Engagement apps support the nursing experience by addressing obstacles in well-being. Facilities can lower costs by combining HealthStream’s Operational Intelligence solution with their Workforce Scheduling products to reduce inefficiency leaks, O.T., and agency reliance. According to the company, tomorrow’s better outcomes, retention and wellness begin with today’s conversation about HealthStream Scheduling and Capacity Management solutions. Learn more on the HealthStream website or read these articles below.

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