Intelligent Video Solutions

Headquartered in Sussex, Wisconsin, Intelligent Videos Solutions is an innovative video and audio software solutions provider. Founded in 2009, IVS helps organizations enhance skill development and engagement in simulation and learning environments through video.

With over 15 years of experience, the team at Intelligent Video Solutions is dedicated to focusing on simple, secure video solutions so its customers can focus on better outcomes. Comprised of a group of video technology professionals who are passionate about helping clients use video to advance their organizations’ purpose, Intelligent Video Solutions is unified by the goal of providing outrageous customer service.

Designing, implementing, and supporting any size video observation and recording deployment, Intelligent Video Solutions tools are built from the ground up to support critical end-user objectives. Every project is provided with dedicated IVS employees for project management, implementation, installation, training and support for a full service and a turnkey video capture solution.

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VALT Solution

The Video Audio Learning Tool (VALT) solution created by Intelligent Video Solutions is an innovative software solution that can scale to support any number of cameras, users, and departments. As clinical skills training is an essential part of many clinical education programs, integrating audio-video capture and observation technology can optimize staff resources and accelerate the ability of training clinicians to provide care while increasing patient satisfaction.

To meet these needs, the intuitive browser-based interface provides each user with a unique and secure experience. Basic observation and recording tasks are often picked up intuitively without the need for extensive training or technical support. Yet, with the VALT interface, complexity and points of failure are minimized so that a recording system is always there when the user needs the tool for critical educational tasks.

VALT can be deployed in any organization looking to improve training, education and research with video observation and debriefing capabilities. The tool is simple enough for a one room system and powerful enough to scale cameras in multiple rooms and buildings on an entire campus.

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More specifically, the VALT solution features an intuitive, user friendly browser interface to observe HD video and initiate recording sessions from any authorized device. The tool offers powerful custom data fields, annotations and debriefing tools that empower users to create review and manage their own video database without extensive support. Robust security features, extensive permission and authentication options, data encryption and audit trails work to meet or exceed compliance standards as well.

With these features, VALT integrates seamlessly into simulation labs and suites. The solution can further scale to any number of cameras and users. This is all while incurring no per client, confusing “pay per feature” license structures or budget-crushing annual maintenance contracts. VALT costs up to 50% less than other A/V clinical simulation solutions and ongoing maintenance costs are typically 90% less than other systems.

Note: VALT employs stringent encryption, user permissions and rights management, and user authentication to fully secure all lecture capture video. Only people with the necessary permissions and authentication may access classroom lecture recordings.

VALT Cloud is now brings accessible and affordable video capture anywhere, anytime. No need for expensive on-prem network equipment, large video archive storage data or extensive IT department, VALT Cloud can be utilized from any mobile device and can capture, stream, and sync video content from both on-site and off-site. A powerful video capture solution to stream observe, record and collaborate for training, research, and learning is now more seamless than ever.


Intelligent Video Solutions has developed a line of custom-built accessories for the VALT platform.

BEAM: (mobile capture and streaming) is an iOS application that can be installed on any iOS device (iPad, iPad mini, iPhone). When paired with the flagship VALT application, BEAM can turn any iOS device into either a floating camera or a complete audio video capture platform. This gives customers the ability to perform mobile onsite or offsite recording while being able to maintain the security and asset management the company’s solutions provide.

ROAM: Observation and recording solutions designed to adapt to different environments and layouts.

  • ROAM Camera Cart, a mobile cart with a PTZ camera for live VALT observation and recording.
  • ROAM Tablet Cart, a mobile cart with a tablet mount for flexible recording throught the BEAM app.
  • ROAM portable come with two adjustable camera mounts for live video recording and observation in a compact backpack.

Intelligent Video Solutions offers a full line of appliances to fit any budget, camera count or storage archive. Every system is rigorously tested and configured to clients specifications.

The Intelligent Video Solutions team also released the Intelligent Stream Recorder (ISR) in 2008 to record audio video events for a wide variety of applications utilizing off the shelf industry standard IP cameras and audio equipment. This was the company’s “second generation” product successor to the Intelligent Video Recorder (IVR), which was an analog based system that the team launched and sold in 2001. Then, in January of 2015 IVS discontinued the ISR and replaced the solution with the VALT application.

IVS branded appliances include a three-year component warranty. The currently documented failure rate across any appliance model or component is less than 0.4%. All products and services are backed by the Intelligent Video Solutions service and support team, dedicated to providing excellent customer service.


This easy-to-use software allows nursing simulation educators to instead launch recordings with a click of a button and quickly find videos from any case.
Additionally, research organizations are deploying VALT to create powerful, agile and customizable video recording systems for medical/behavioral research facilities, focus groups, product testing, user experience development and usability testing.

Within higher education settings, the VALT video system can be used to record lectures or other events off-site with no need to move bulky servers and other equipment. The IP cameras and microphones are portable, and off-site lecture recording is captured with an iPad or iPhone running the dedicated BEAM application. After the user returns to the main server, the video automatically syncs with the system and the video sessions are immediately available for viewing.

Healthcare Simulation Conferences like SimGHOSTS and the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare are great places to see IVS products in person!

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