Virtual Medical Coaching

Virtual Medical Coaching is a healthcare simulation company that uses VR simulations to teach medical learners and professionals in a safer and more effective way. The company was formed because leadership understood that learners were struggling to find the tools they needed to be successful in their medical professional journey. Virtual Medical Coaching’s mission became to find a better solution to train medical professionals through the use of innovative technology. This involved a combination of learning experiences with the visualization of complex data to make meaningful changes in learners’ and educators’ lives. Today, Virtual Medical Coaching provides tertiary institutions and hospitals with a complete end-to-end training program.

Virtual Medical Coaching treats learning as an accountable, results-orientated tool, and has developed a state-of-the-art immersive simulation for medical and allied health learners. This enables safe, accurate training, especially when intertwined with individual adaptive digital learning to prepare the learners for the experiences.

Using Virtual Medical Coaching solutions, feedback is provided immediately using easy-to-view dashboards. According to the company, this lowers costs and improves training far beyond what physical sim or just VR sim can offer. The company’s End-to-End digital learning and self-assessment modules complete with VR or Desktop simulation provide a learner with a seamless experience, whether at home or on-site.

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Through this convenient delivery and education platforms and other medical technology companies, Virtual Medical Coaching’s training simulations have reached global markets. To date, the company has partnered up with Siemens Healthineers to provide VR Dosimetry and VR-enabled X-ray training simulations around the world, and Skilitics to provide new teaching and learning tools in all simulations (available in both Virtual Reality and Desktop Editions). The company has also partnered with Cleanbox, a premium, eco-friendly, smart tech hygiene solution for decontaminating head-mounted displays.

“As a student, it can be hard to get hands-on experience and the practical labs may not always be available. I feel having something like [Virtual Medical Coaching] would be very useful in learning the general positioning, and for preparing for OSCEs,” said Student Daniel Bowman.


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Virtual Medical Coaching Solutions

Projection Radiography: Virtual Medical Coaching offers the only immersive VR simulation that shows the correct and incorrect images exactly as the learner has positioned the patient and x-ray tube. The Virtual Reality (VR) radiography simulations guide a user through the full end-to-end process of learning anatomy, radiographic positioning, and pathology about each area of the body before referring a patient. Rather than pressing buttons on a screen or even pressing them in VR to move the patient or machinery – learners can reach out and touch the patient and x-ray tube to position them.

This healthcare simulation solution provides 60 different radiography rooms where the learner can move one of 60 different patients by walking over to them, palpating the bones, moving the body parts, and finally adjusting the cassette/bucky/tube positions. Once the patient has been referred, the user can enter the VR environment and complete the examination/procedure just as they do in the real world. Following this, the user will be asked AI-generated questions based on their experience in the VR environment which will be unique to them.

Radiation Safety and Dosimetry: Virtual Medical Coaching’s Virtual Reality operating theatre radiation safety/dosimetry simulation allows operating theater workers to experience and learn how to keep themselves and others safe from ionizing radiation. The Virtual Reality operating theatre simulation allows an Anesthetist/Anesthesiologist, Interventional Radiologist, Scrub Nurse, Circulating Nurse, Anesthetic Technician, or Radiographer to log in as a position with a role in a busy theatre and depending on their profession, experience tasks they would be required to do in real life.

According to Virtual Medical Coaching, this module provides a measurable return on investment, compared to the current system, of regulating ionizing radiation in medicine by providing a data-driven solution to radiation awareness by training the staff who work with ionizing radiation. This module also offers the user feedback on their current behavior and how that affects their radiation risk along with the radiation risk of their team allowing radiation safety training to be benchmarked for the first time.

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Childbirth: Virtual Medical Coaching’s Virtual Reality (VR) childbirth simulations allow learners to practice the skills and teamwork approach necessary to care for women and their partners during labor and birth. Faculty can observe and critique learners during the VR simulations or the learner can work independently to improve their clinical practice. The opportunity to receive direct instantaneous and objective feedback is always welcomed by the learners and faculty.

Ultimately, Virtual Medical Coaching explains that the use of VR simulation in conjunction with adaptive learning and big data analytics in skills training for midwifery and nursing learners increases learners’ performance in effectively managing maternal and neonatal care in labs.

To continue the company’s path toward new, innovative solutions, Virtual Medical Coaching is currently working on modules that cover MRI, CT, and mammography as well as other healthcare simulations outside of the imaging spheres. Here are examples of clinical simulation solutions to come:

  • Current development schedule Midwifery (Currently in Beta)
  • Computed Tomography (CT) (Release date TBC)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (Release date TBC)
  • Mammography (Release date TBC)

Virtual Medical Coaching Founder

James Hayes is the Founder of Virtual Medical Coaching, and he is reinventing the way healthcare learners hone their skills. Hayes is a New Zealand 2021 Innovator of the Year semi-finalist and winner of the 2020 Microsoft Supreme Prize for developing and implementing innovative, world-first, Virtual Reality training.

During his time as a lecturer, Hayes could see a more immersive way for learners to retain knowledge. His teaching experience, combined with his prior clinical roles led him to create the world’s first Edtech company which specializes in Virtual Reality simulation software, Big Data, artificial intelligence, and adaptive learning.

The technology combines VR, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to allow learners to understand complex or dangerous tasks in a safe, immersive and realistic environment. Hayes is proud to be bringing together New Zealand’s highest level of developers to pioneer this world-class, student-centric healthcare education platform. Learn more about Virtual Medical Coaching on the company’s website or by reading the articles below.

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