June 11, 2012By Lance Baily

SimView A/V Capturing from Laerdal & HealthStream

laerdal simview

SimView was released by SimVentures, a joint HealthStream & Laerdal project*, earlier this year at IMSH 2012, alongside the new SimPad, which continues their line of “SimCenter” based products and services.  Replacing the very-much-out-of-date Debrief Viewer “AVS” desktop, the new SimView release brings Laerdal back into the market for medical simulation debriefing systems. I had a chance to talk on camera with Jeff from Laerdal and learn more about the new SimView audiovisual capture and management hardware & software packages. (*Edit: 1/15/13 – SimView is co-developed & co-owned by both Laerdal & HealthStream.)

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What immediately caught my attention about SimView was the Hi-Definition (HD) capability of this new a/v system.  At this time, only a handful of other products on the market support HD capture and playback.  HD has about 5x the resolution of standard definition digital recording platforms and so you really are getting a lot higher quality images with an HD based system. While the bandwidth necessary to operate a system will need to be much larger (and thus cost more for higher network and storage capabilities) the reality is that very soon standard definition will no longer exist as a visual medium, and so moving towards an HD-based system now will save your simulation program a lot of headache in the decade to come.  So again for quality and longevity and if you can afford it, I highly recommend looking into HD based a/v systems for your current and future medical simulation labs. The SimVentures Simview control system…
The HealthStream & Laerdal SimView control system seemed very intuitive at the booth and presented a clean “working space” for healthcare simulation technology specialists and simulation educators to watch multiple camera angles in simultaneous live HD feeds.  Cameras can be bought in addition to the recording system or you can utilize your HD, SD usb or analog signals. While the recording system does require additional hardware to operate and maintain Jeff also explained that the system could allow for offsite users to connect and rewatch videos from other locations through SimManager.  Important to consider is that while SimView can work hand and hand with Laerdal and HealthStream’s other SimCenter based products (like SimManager and SimDeveloper), the system could still be considered “stand-alone” or independent enough that it could be used to record simulation scenarios occurring with other manikin brands.  And from what it looks like on the Laerdal’s website, the hardware necessary is not out of this world in terms of real-estate space or budget.
One question I was unable to ask at IMSH was if there is a delay between recording and playback so as to know if SimView could be utilized for capturing simulations without direct line of site.  To explain further, with some simulation capture systems there is a noticeable delay in playback (sometimes as many as 8 seconds) which prevents for real-time engagement with  your learners without a direct LOS.  So if you have purchased a SimView system I would love to hear from you to learn more! Drop me a line at [email protected] or leave a comment below!


SimView Features

SimView Features

The SimView system is designed to integrate with several camera types and microphones. The PC includes ample storage capacity with the capability for user-defined external storage locations.

Some SimView specifications include the following:

  • Four HD camera inputs simultaneously
  • Digital IP, analog, and USB cameras
  • Software driven pan-tilt-zoom camera control
  • One digital audio input

Consult your account representative for a more detailed list of SimView specifications, equipment and installation options available.

SimView PC Specifications:

Manufacturer Assembled for Laerdal Medical
Type Desktop Color Black
Unit dimensions:
– 17” (H) x 8.1” (W) x 18.5” (D)
– 42.18cm (H) x 20.57cm (W) x 47cm (D)
Processor Intel 3.4 GHZ
HDD 1 Internal 256 GB
HDD 2 1 Terabyte
RAM Up to 8 GB DDR3
Graphic GeForce GTX 560
Screen LCD Display – TFT – 22” – widescreen – black optional wall mount
Mouse Mouse – wired – USB – black
Keyboard Keyboard – wired – USB – black
OS Windows 2008 Server
Video/Audio Compresson MPEG-4 real-time video compression, Up to real-time 4CIF recording, 4 video input channels, 1 audio input channel,Video bit rate 32Kbps ~ 2Mbps
Power Supply Power supply (internal) – AC 115/230 V
Audio Microphone input
Headphone output
USB Ports 6 or more USB 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 ports
LAN Gigabit Ethernet
Card Reader Universal Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Reader/Writer Card reader – all-in-1 – 3.5”
Warranty Laerdal 1 year Limited Warranty
Be sure to check out the Laerdal SimView product website to learn more!

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