3D4Medical Complete Anatomy – Leading Platform for Clinical Students, Educators & Professionals

3D4Medical’s Complete Anatomy is an award-winning 3D Anatomy App available across all Apple / Android / PC devices, which provides a robust anatomical learning and teaching platform for students, educators, institutions and professionals. Providing some of the highest resolution images and 3D animations possible, 3D4Medical’s Complete Anatomy Platform is used by over 250 top medical universities around the world with learning tools covering over 13,000 anatomical structures. Highly recognized and awarded by Apple, Complete Anatomy is HealthySim’s primary recommendation for healthcare students, educators, and institutions looking to provide the highest quality 3D anatomy training.

3D4Medical’s revolutionary cloud-based education platform Complete Anatomy allows users to investigate the minute detail of the human anatomy in incredible 3D. Validated by an academic advisory board and in-house anatomical experts, this is one of the most accurate and complex 3D anatomical atlas platforms available today! Unlike other anatomy apps, 3D4Medical allows you to use modeling tools with 2D & 3D pens to cut, fracture, grow, spur or otherwise demonstrate pain in specific body parts, all while adding images, labels to saved 3d screens with full model interactivity. Educators looking to hit the ground running can gain access to 100 full courses already developed by some of the World’s leading Subject Matter Experts! Any side by side comparison will demonstrate a higher level of model realism, from veins and arteries to system organ connectives, joints, layers and structures.

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Complete Anatomy: The Leading Anatomy App for Clinical Educators

Create, edit and share your specific Anatomy learning content for your curriculum with the Educator License across any of your devices. Instantly gain access to an already robust library of learning content with more than 100 individual high quality lessons created by world renowned experts. Quickly drag and drop to create entire lesson plans and corresponding quizzes in just moments. Track student engagement, progress and learning results utilizing the cloud-based curriculum manager dashboard. Of course, educators can share and collaborate with other license holders to improve efficiency and reduce workloads.

Also included in the Educator License of Complete Anatomy are the all new video packs covering cardiology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, fitness and dentistry. These useful videos describe in-depth pathologies and intricacies of surgeries to students.

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Experience the World’s Best Anatomy Application with These 3D4Medical Features

  • The most accurate and complete human anatomy models, with over 13,000 interactive structures.
  • Now includes a living, beating, dissect-able 3D human heart.
  • Over 1000 clinical video animations on Cardiology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Dentistry and Fitness.
  • Real time Muscle Movement, Insertion & Origin Mapping, Bony Surface & Landmark Mapping, 12 layered Systems, Nerve Tracer, Blood Supply Tracer, and NEW Micro- Anatomy Models.
  • Creative tools including AR mode, virtual dissection, 3D pen, fracture, pain and growth simulation.
  • Model customization with custom labels, pen tool and image import.
  • Complete Courses, delivered by leading experts in Human Anatomy, Point of Care Ultrasound, Cadaveric Imagery, Clinical Correlates and more.
  • Educator tools with Drag & Drop Curriculum lecture recording & student dashboard.
  • All on a single, app-based platform.

3D4Medical for Healthcare Educational & Training Institutions

Utilized by the University of Cambridge, UCLA, Stanford, Penn State, UCSD, NYU, Duke and many more, 3D4Medical’s Complete Anatomy is a leading brand for Anatomy education in the modern day era. With rich visuals, accurate anatomical structures, robust learning curriculum, cloud-based performance tracking and cross-platform access, 3D4Medical has our highest recommendation for healthcare educational institutions (simulation or otherwise) looking to teach, train, and educate about Anatomy.

I can now create a specific image to suit my needs either in class, simulating dissection, or answering questions… Lisa Ann Garcia, Wichita State University

Why Complete Anatomy is for Great for Students

With the Students+ license, learners can unlock the Anatomy content across any device, gaining access to along with any customized curriculum content created by their clinical faculty educators.

Transform your anatomical learning with Complete Anatomy. Explore the most detailed 3D anatomy model ever created, with incredible levels of anatomical accuracy and high fidelity textures. Discover a rich Library of reference content created by subject matter experts. Share your work and collaborate with your classmates and teachers.

Download the 3D4Medical Complete Anatomy App Today and register for a FREE 3-day trial of our premium license features:

  • Over 13,000 interactive structures including:
  • 12 body systems: Skeletal, Connective Tissue, Muscular, Arterial, Venous, Lymphatic, Nervous, Respiratory, Digestive, Endocrine, Urogenital, and Integumentary;
  • A suite of advanced tools to enhance your clinical practice, including Cut, Bone Spurs, Pen, Labels, Textbox and more (iPad, Mac and Windows versions)
  • Over 100 hours of expert content to help you learn more effectively
  • A wide range of interactive resources to transform your teaching practice.

About 3D4Medical

3D4Medical creates applications to help people understand anatomy through intuitive interactivity and stunning visualizations. They specialize in the development of medical, educational, health & fitness apps for professional reference as well as student and patient education.

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