Laerdal is one of the world’s premiere medical simulation and clinical education equipment vendors. Laerdal Medical was established in 1940 and began their mission to “Help Save Lives” in 1960 with the invention of the CPR training manikin called Resusci Anne. For over sixty years, Laerdal has provided the global healthcare simulation community with clinical task training and high fidelity manikin products ranging from the Laerdal pocket mask to the Laerdal SimMan 3G to MamaAnne. The company boasts more than 2000 employees in over 26 countries with as many as 50 international distributors. The Latest Laerdal related articles from are listed below. Other major patient simulator manufacturers include CAE Healthcare and Gaumard. Laerdal Medical acquired B-Line Medical in 2019 and announced a partnership to distribute SimX virtual reality systems in 2023. is dedicated to providing the latest Laerdal Medical news and medical simulation resources from around the world. To follow along, sign up for our free medical simulation email newsletter, follow @HealthySim on Twitter and @HealthySim on Facebook, or join our LinkedIn Company Page!

Laerdal has partnered with key medical and public healthcare societies, such as the American Heart Association and the National League for Nursing, to provide educational curriculum for healthcare students and professionals. Laerdal Medical supports healthcare education training in a range of fields including EMS, military, hospital, nursing, and voluntary organizations just to name a few.

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The company is also partnered with the Johns Hopkins University Jhpiego program, the Global Resuscitation Alliance (GRA), the British Heart Foundation, the American Academy of Pediatrics, HealthStream, Philips, and the Stavanger Acute Medicine Foundation for Education and Research (SAFER).

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Laerdal Global Health is their not-for-profit arm dedicated to helping save lives of mothers and newborns. Since 2010, Laerdal Global Health has worked in close collaboration with partners to develop high impact, low cost solutions aimed at helping save lives. These solutions, implemented by Laerdal partners throughout the world, ensure that health workers are better trained, equipped and supported to provide quality care and save mothers and babies at birth.

Additionally, through the Laerdal Foundation the company has supported research of best practices and practical implementations in acute medicine. To date, the foundation has supported almost 2,000 international research projects with more than 40 million dollars in supported funding.

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Healthcare Simulation conferences such as IMSH, SimGHOSTS, SESAM, INACSL, NLN, Simulation Australasia, ASPiH, and more are great places to see Laerdal Medical products in person!

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Key Clinical Simulation Products from Laerdal Medical

This Norwegian-based company continues to be a pioneer in the industry of medical simulation.  Almost every year Laerdal Medical Corporation unveils a new technology that will forever change the face of healthcare simulation. Some of Laerdal’s most recent innovative products have been the SimMan 3G, SimMan ALS, SimBaby, Nursing Anne Simulator, SimPad and Resusci Anne QCPR. Laerdal ensures their product interfaces are intuitive and user-friendly all while providing the maximum in durability and quality.

Simulation and Training solutions include Resuscitation Training, Emergency Care & Trauma, Nursing & Patient Care, Obstetrics & Pediatrics, the ability to manage, assess & debrief the simulation, and virtual simulation. Laerdal’s service team of educators and technicians helps maintain simulation equipment and guide simulation programs to optimize performance and learning outcomes.

Laerdal Medical offers products to improve skill proficiency and medical devices. Some of the skills trainers available are airway management, defibrillation & cardiology, neonatal skills trainers, venous & arterial access, and ultrasound. The CPR feedback devices allows learners to see real-time feedback to optimize CPR performance during the training to improve future performance. Data is collected that can be reviewed in the post-event debrief.

In 2023, Laerdal New nurse onboarding programs have been shown to be critical to a successful transition to practice: How Simulation Can Help Prep New Nurse Graduates for Practice: A Guide for Residency Programs. Incorporating simulation in an onboarding program has been shown to help new nurse graduates “see the big picture” of patient care, reduce their anxiety, and increase their ability to think critically instead of becoming scared and flustered in high-stakes situations. And, using simulation as part of a new nurse onboarding program has been shown to reap benefits in ROI, turnover, and even patient outcomes.

In 2024, Laerdal introduced SimMan Critical Care and MamaAnne. These two manikins help further the vision and mission of Laerdal Medical’s One Million Lives campaign by providing advanced clinical simulators to train healthcare providers in maternal health and critical care. SimMan Critical Care and MamaAnne offer learners the opportunity to prepare for medical emergencies to improve the mortality and morbidity rates for these populations.

Laerdal Medical acquired B-Line Medicalin the Summer of 2019. On July 17, 2019, B-Line Medical and Laerdal Medical announced they would merge their companies into one. A company spokesperson shared, “By joining forces, we’ll reshape the future of healthcare simulation together. We’ll continue to offer our quality solutions and services, only better.” The goal is to build the premier debriefing, assessment, and training management platform. provides several resources for the global medical simulation community, including regional and national SUN meetings, support for the world’s leading healthcare simulation-based organizations, on-site training opportunities, and online forum boards. With a vision that “No one should die or be disabled unnecessarily during birth or from sudden illness, trauma or medical errors,” Laerdal Medical’s current goal is to “Help save One million more lives per year by 2030.

You can see Laerdal products at IMSH, INACSL, SESAM, SimGHOSTS, IPSS, ASPiH events, and more!

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