Nordic Simulators

Nordic Simulators is an education company that develops and manufactures technological solutions for learning environments in various fields including healthcare simulation. Headquartered in Lahti, Southern Finland, the company’s services cover space and action plans made on the basis of needs assessments, technical implementations and pedagogical aspects. Nordic Simulators’ product range includes A/V recording solutions with virtual reality facilities. They also include sound and special effects for fixed clinical simulation training rooms and easy-to-use recording solutions for mobile training.

Learners and educators can enter the realm of clinical simulation training by leveraging Nordic Simulators’ international expertise and experience in designing and implementing functional learning environments. The company’s maintenance services operate flexibly and reliably, ensuring a smooth and productive customer training experience.

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Nordic Simulators’ Company History

Founded in 2007, Nordic Simulators was formed to meet the healthcare simulation needs of the clinical education and medical training community. The journey from concept to innovation materialized when founders Jani Wallenius and Jorma Jokela began learning how to implement healthcare simulation trends within educational parameters. Wallenius’ extensive experience as a media entrepreneur combined with Jokela’s as an educational professional provided a solid foundation for the developmental work that began in Wallenius’ garage.

As the customer base grew and the garage became cramped, Wallenius and Jokela moved their workplace to the Lahti Science and Business Park, which provided excellent premises and ancillary services for the company’s development and growth. Then, in 2009, the company acquired exclusive rights to the American wireless patient simulators by Gaumard Scientific in Finland and the Baltic countries, which brought Nordic Simulators to a new level as a supplier of full-service simulation technology.

One year later in 2010, the company developed a methodical plan to create an international distribution and partner network. Since then, the learning environments developed by Nordic Simulators have been used in Colombia, the United Arab Emirates, England, Germany, France, Sweden and Estonia. Additionally, the number of new products imported by Nordic Simulators has also increased to include the American simulation-recording software from Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) and the Swedish Surgical Science laparoscopy simulators, both of which strengthen the company’s comprehensive product line.

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Most recently, in 2019, the company again moved to a larger and more up-to-date facility to consolidate both personnel and operations under one roof. Here, the company remains dedicated to developing and manufacturing the technology needed for healthcare simulation learning in accordance with current trends and in cooperation with knowledgeable customers.

Nordic Simulators’ Products

The Nordic Recorder is controlled by easy-to-use recording and debriefing software and has been developed in collaboration with professionals from across the clinical simulation world, resulting in a high-quality, user-friendly and versatile system. This product uses high-quality HD digital cameras, some with built-in microphones. The cameras have infrared lights, so the system records in clinical simulation training mode even without lighting. Additionally, night videography can be used when practicing for special conditions under power outages or military field medicine. The system operates on a closed network that ensures a high level of data security.

A powerful simulation software system for online recording and playback, the Nordic VALT application is designed to ensure the secure making and viewing of recordings from a wide range of perspectives. It allows an unlimited number of cameras to be connected to the system. The Nordic VALT application can be used to build multiple separate learning environments on a single server, which users can connect to from anywhere. User permissions allow learners, teachers and administrators to have a unique login ID that provides customizable security settings for viewing, recording and playback. The clinical simulation recording software works within a browser to diversify the viewing and management of camera angles.

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The Nordic BEAM by IVS allows users to take advantage of iPads and iPhones as mobile video interfaces. They can easily record video content from a connected iPad or iPhone with BEAM technology. BEAM’s customizability makes the product suitable for a variety of different needs. The mobile recording app is easy to set up and use. Video management and sharing can be fully automated using our VALT application, and users can stream audio and video from named iOS devices in real time. In streaming mode, the IOS device is fully controlled via VALT software.

Featuring wireless HD digital cameras with built-in microphones, the Nordic RecMobile is a portable recording system that comes in a handy, wheeled protective bag for recording simulation exercises anywhere. Three separate cameras with magnetic fastening are included. The Nordic Simulators’ product has been developed in collaboration with professionals in the healthcare simulation world, resulting in another high-quality, easy-to-use and adaptable system which can be set up for use in 10 minutes.

A total of three HD cameras with microphones, together with a wireless computer screen capture feature, makes SimplyRec a cost-effective package. The compact portable simulation recording and debriefing system for various training needs is a simple, intuitive simulation recording system that can be packed in a backpack. With this small-scale, high-value equipment, situations can be recorded simultaneously from several different angles, if necessary.

A complete simulation recording and debriefing system on wheels, Nordic Move is the perfect solution for any situation where high-quality picture and sound are needed without the burden of heavy, fixed installations. The Nordic Move furniture runs on wheels from room to room, and is an excellent sound and video system with speakers. The product also has a projector integrated and built into its stylish furniture. Therefore, Move eliminates the need for permanently installed AV systems and is always ready for use at the touch of a button.

Nordic Simulators also offers three imaging and sound effect accessories for virtual reality facilities. This includes the Nordic Environment, which is a video wall that effortlessly creates versatile image and video environments to enhance the realism of educational exercises. The Nordic SoundBoard is a mobile sound system designed to create background sounds to support simulation exercises. Lastly, the Nordic SmartWindow is a virtual window that allows a control room view to be created in a location where an actual window cannot be built. Learn more on the Nordic Simulators website or read these articles below.

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