Nursing Lab/Simulation Assistant
at Colorado State University Pueblo

Colorado State University Pueblo
April 12, 2024
2200 Bonforte Blvd Pueblo, CO 81001 United States
Technology Specialist
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This 12 month in-person Nursing lab/ Simulation Assistant is responsible for preparing all on campus skills labs, working with work study students and faculty to maintain inventory, maintenance, tracking, and record keeping methods for costs and storage of all equipment and supplies. Assists with uploading and monitoring faculty and student records. Assists with simulation and other simulation center activities. (Some weekends required with appropriate hours release during the week. Some off-site assistance may occur).

Primary Duties
Communicates with course instructors, maintains inventory, and sets up/clean-up and assists faculty as needed for lab courses.
Maintains knowledge and skills to operate equipment and provides technical support during simulation-based course experiences. (Some weekends required)
Sets up equipment and supplies maintaining inventory for scheduled labs, simulations, practice, and check offs.
Reports issues and collaborates with other simulation staff to complete maintenance, cleaning, repair of all lab and simulation equipment in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.
Maintains lab and simulation rooms for day-to-day simulation equipment and supplies. Sets up and takes down lab equipment as needed.
Collaborate with the Simulation Coordinator to negotiate prices for supplies and equipment updates and inventory.
Collaborate with faculty and Simulation Coordinator to schedule and provide supplies for, and distribute supplies for open practice labs.
Manage Equipment check out system for students and faculty.
Develop a student work-study schedule with activities each semester collaborating with Simulation Coordinator and Technician.
Assists with uploading, monitoring, and reporting faculty and student records for clinical compliance requirements including clinical facility attestations and certificate renewals in Blackboard and Castle Branch.
Collaborate with the Simulation Coordinator and Environmental Health and Safety Officer to update/ develop policies to maintain a safe simulation/ lab environment.
Assist with student and faculty orientation and participate in simulation public activities and tours.
Schedule and Conduct CPR training sessions, as needed.

Ancillary Duties
Assists with ancillary department functions as directed by the Director of the School of Nursing

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