DiaMedical USA

DiaMedical USA is a manufacturer and global distributor of healthcare products, supplies, mattresses and replacement parts headquartered in West Bloomfield, Mich. Along with the company’s subsidiaries, MedMattress.com and SimLabSolutions, the mission remains to offer full service healthcare education solutions at the lowest prices and without any sacrifice in quality.

The solutions offered by DiaMedical are designed to outfit healthcare simulation labs with products such as hospital beds, training headwalls, infusion pumps, simulated IV fluids, loaded crash carts and more. Founded in 2009, the company’s 11 to 50 employees work to simplify the purchasing process by allowing customers to work with one point of contact for products from over 300 manufacturers. Manufacturers include:

  • Abbott Medical
  • Alaris
  • American Diagnostic Corporation
  • Baxter
  • Canon USA (Medical Division)
  • Drager Medical
  • GE
  • Grainger
  • Hill-Rom
  • Kendall – Covidien
  • Laerdal Medical
  • Life Fitness
  • Medline
  • Medtronic
  • Nikon Instruments
  • Philips Healthcare
  • Siemens Industry Inc.
  • Welch Allyn Inc

And hundreds more!

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DiaMedical Products

DiaMedical offers numerous pieces of medical equipment, parts and services. Looking at the medical equipment, the company sells AEDs, AED trainers, defibrillators and arrhythmia simulators. Becoming familiar with these products and their functions can be crucial to expanding a learner’s overall training. They are easy to program and operate, and allow learners to practice how to react in different life-threatening, cardiac scenarios.

Various 3D and full-size anatomical models are also available for purchase. They are replicas of the human body and demonstrate bodily functions. Anatomical models are especially valuable to Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Healthcare Practitioners in the field of patient education. Examples of 3D anatomical models include bone and joint, brain and nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, head and neck and muscular system models.

Helping to effectively teach safe medication distribution, DiaMedical offers several solutions for medication management and safe medication dispensing. From dispensing cabinets to simulated medications, the company distributes comprehensive solutions for any healthcare simulation lab.

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In terms of bariatric care, DiaMedical offers a wide variety of right-sized, high-capacity bariatric medical equipment to meet the needs of even the largest patients. These bariatric products are constructed of sturdy materials and reinforced frames to accommodate high-weight-capacity needs and offer durability and stability. The company additionally distributes specialized bariatric hospital beds, bariatric mobility products (such as walkers and wheelchairs), bariatric mattresses and more.

DiaMedical has one of the largest selection of medical batteries. They carry every model of battery from numerous brands, such as Alaris, Arjo, Baxter, Draeger, Hill-Rom, Hoyer, Maquet, Sigma, Steris, and Stryker. The company has medical carts, hospital beds, mattresses and mattress covers, utility carts, linen carts, hampers, computer workstations, cots and stretchers available as well.

The distributor of healthcare products and supplies also carries manikins from the leading manufacturers, including Life/form, Laerdal, Simulaids, Gaumard, and VATA. These intricate, realistic manikins provide learners the opportunity to practice specific techniques and procedures before interacting with real, everyday patients.

Other categories of products distributed by DiaMedical are diagnostic equipment, EMS education and training, furnishings, infection control, infusion and dialysis, medical supplies, mobility, moulage, obstetrics and pediatrics, patient care, physical therapy, refrigerators and freezers, respiratory care, simulation IV fluids, supply kits, surgical supplies, ultrasound, veterinary equipment and veterinary training solutions.

One of DiaMedical’s products, the SimRig, is an ambulance trainer that is designed to be built in any classroom for the most comprehensive EMS training possible. Mimicking a real ambulance, the back door and bumper are built to the actual specifications of road-ready ambulances. At the forefront of simulation training, the SimRig allows learners to efficiently practice loading and unloading stretchers, and performing life-saving procedures in a limited space. Instructors who are determined to teach learners what a textbook is unable to will benefit from the SimRig’s features and thorough methods for training.

With customization options tailored to each facility, DiaMedial USA seeks to ensure that each SimRig is designed to meet both needs and expectations. The optional open design of the SimRig™ allows instructors and other learners to observe the advanced simulations being performed by their peers. This means that the entire class can be intellectually, emotionally and aesthetically engaged in solving problems and learning autonomously through the training of others.

Another feature of the SimRig is the enclosed design helping learners to experience ways which they can overcome environmental distractions. The accurate design also simulates the hardships of working within the confined space of a real ambulance before their first day treating live patients. Studies have shown that this type of hands-on simulation training can help enhance performance and reduce errors in real life scenarios. The SimRig can therefore help improve learning efficiency and accuracy so that users are better prepared for their time in the field.

DiaMedical USA Offers Unique Solutions for Each Healthcare Field

DiaMedical has a number of sub-departments, including: hospitals, mattresses, healthcare education, SimLab solutions, emergency and rescue, long term care, physical therapy and veterinary. Hospitals includes products such as AEDs, defibrillators and CPR management tools. Under the category of hospitals, learners and instructors can choose from anatomical models, diagnostic equipment, medical supplies, simulated medications, screens/curtains and more.

Since 2008, MedMattresses provides mattresses, stretcher pads, mattress covers and accessories. More specifically, the sub-department provides operating room table pads, camp mattresses, dormitory mattresses, wound care mattresses, hospital beds and replacement parts. MedMattresses essentially offers mattresses to fit any bed.

Healthcare Education is utilized by medical schools, nursing schools, technical schools and simulation centers to simulate a number of skills and procedures. From skills trainers that are designed as a cost-effective solution for practicing needle injections, to simulated IV fluids and medications allowing instructors to teach IV administration and blood transfusions, DiaMedical’s Healthcare Education is a realistic way for instructors to facilitate medical management training.

Another division of DiaMedical, SimLabSolutions, focuses on improving training simulations for learners and instructors by outfitting simulation labs by manufacturing and globally distributing healthcare products, supplies, mattresses and replacement parts. For example, SimLabSolutions new Simulated Hospital Alarm System offers a way to add urgency to any simulation scenario by encouraging multi-tasking and prioritization. Another SimLabSolutions product, the Loaded Crash Cart is a solution which extends learners the opportunity to train in Code Simulation Scenarios. The Loaded Crash Cart contains all the supplies and simulated medications to make them a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Emergency and rescue offers EMS equipment and supplies to benefit public safety, EMS simulation, law enforcement, trauma care and fire trainees. Products such as the SimRig provide a new level of realism and precision to EMS education. This sub-department specializes in the sale and information regarding tools such as emergency bags, head immobilizers, loaded emergency bags, airway and respiratory tools and wound care and fire aid training products.

Long term care is designed with retirement homes, communities and assisted living facilities in mind. This sub-department offers products including showers and baths, refrigerators and freezers, medical supplies, incontinence and bariatric care products to provide learners with the means to practice measures of care. These measures can include body positioning, installing appropriate furnishings and completing patient transfers.

Similarly, the sub-department of physical therapy, including daily living and occupational therapy, offers a variety of wheel chairs, tables, wagons and organizers to improve training in patient mobility, exercise, daily living and pain relief/first aid. Other physical therapy-related products include exercise aids, cushions and positioners, recovery aids and hot and cold therapy tools.

Lastly, veterinary healthcare products produced by DiaMedical are designed for veterinary schools, clinics and hospitals. Examples of these products include nose and throat exam tools, auscultatory exam tools, thermometry tools, eye exam tools and lighting appliances. Ultimately, animal simulators improve on clinical and surgical skills without the need to endanger or cause harm to live animals.

Into the Future of Healthcare Education

In November 2019, DiaMedical USA acquired SimScreen by Applelton Inc. This acquisition was completed to strengthen DiaMedical USA and subsidiary, SimLabSolutions, as leaders within the healthcare education industry. DiaMedical USA will acquire SimScreen’s manufacturing operations, assets and contacts while developing SimScreen’s product line and marketing efforts.

SimScreen was founded in 2011, and provides an innovative solution to separate healthcare educators from the student during simulation. The SimScreen’s design utilizes Mirrorpane technology commonly known as a “two-way mirror” to create a portable observation space, which has become increasingly popular with healthcare educators, according to President of DiaMedical Gillian Peralta.

“As an industry leader, we are always looking for products that fall in line with our company’s mission: Improve the quality of healthcare by providing innovative tools to educate the next generation of medical professionals. We believe the SimScreen is a product that can surely do so,” Jeff Ambrose, founder and CEO of DiaMedical USA, said.

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