The TraumaSim Group is a healthcare simulation company that specializes in medically accurate trauma training and moulage solutions. Located in both Australia and the United States, the company’s solutions have proven effective in training across emergency services, military, mining, process and manufacturing, clinical simulation, education and corporate industries. The TraumaSim company also recently acquired

TraumaSim has been providing moulage services designed to simulate traumatic injury, disease and medical conditions for the training and assessment of medics and healthcare professionals since 2008. Based in Bassendean, Western Australia, the company has become the leading supplier of more than 20,000 casualty simulations in support of defense and emergency services training scenarios.

The company’s mission is to support learners, military members and healthcare staff for medical emergencies by providing realistic injuries to live role players or healthcare simulation manikins. TraumaSim’s simulation support for emergency and medical training falls under several categories including moulage services, part task trainer aids, silicone wounds, moulage supplies, body parts and props, and moulage workshops.

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The use of special effects to portray trauma or medical conditions accurately adds impact and realism to any training program. Realistic scenarios help achieve higher levels of competence in trainees and create an unforgettable training experience. For example, such high-fidelity simulation experiences can help enable first responders and health teams to practice their skills in a safe environment prior to first-hand interaction, thereby improving patient safety. Security personnel, police and everyday first aiders are now training in emergency medical skills that were once the realm of military medics.

Realistic and detailed scenarios and moulage evoke a sense of urgency and impact that is unsurpassed. To achieve optimal outcomes, the TraumaSim Group performs research into actual clinical injuries and works alongside experts in the field to recreate these circumstances and simulations based on the types of injuries that could be seen on various industry-specific worksites. A team of moulage technicians and role players add realism by providing each team with medically accurate injuries to enhance their training.

All simulated moulage is created with professional, special effects grade products with low risk of sensitivities, and all simulated bloods can be used easily and will wash out of most fabrics. Some prosthetic pieces are created in the TraumaSim workshop prior to a simulated scenario, but the bulk of the injuries can be created directly on the roleplayers immediately prior to the simulation.

As part of TraumaSim’s mission, the company aims at hiring professionals who are dedicated to assisting clients in the emergency and healthcare arenas. While the company’s objectives include utilizing special effects resources and techniques to produce valuable simulation training tools, the staff comes from a mixture of healthcare and theatrical special effects backgrounds. This diversity combines creation with healthcare knowledge to ensure that TraumaSim can successfully work with medical and emergency clients to meet their needs.

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To enhance the severity of the situation, TraumaSim offers educators and learners the ability to work with volunteer role players or TraumaSim-provided actors. The company can also provide amputee actors with realistic prosthetic amputation wounds—and even a remote controlled arterial blood pump. This level of trauma while communicating with a seriously injured casualty helps to bring compassion to a moment of crisis.

TraumaSim stresses that all products are designed to be clinically accurate, rather than “horror movie” shocking. The company’s specialty offerings further include the use of such special effects, life-casting, and creation to be used in film, television, photography, artistic works and conceptual developments.

Based in Fairfax, Virginia, TraumaSim’s Military Moulage Combat Injury Simulation (MMCIS) was the company’s flagship product. The medical simulation has established a standard for the professional end of military moulage training and products.

To showcase TraumaSim’s high quality simulations and moulage, the company has presented products at a variety of medical simulation conferences, exhibitions and shows, such as those hosted by SimGHOSTS, INACSL, ASPiH, SESAM, and the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH).

TraumaSim Group Healthcare Simulation Moulage Products

TraumaSim Group products can be broken down into five major categories: moulage, all wounds, TraumaWear, task trainers and simulation. The moulage categories comprise blood, cream and alcohol-based paints, hygiene, moulage workshops, moulage kits, powders, silicone, wax, adhesives, tools, accessories and more.

The moulage starter kit contains basics to apply your silicone wounds and add to the realism with bruising and burns. Other features include Spirit gum, stage blood, sponges, effects wheel burns and blisters, set powder, a retractable brush and syringe.

All wounds include abrasions, burns, eviscerations, gunshot wounds, lacerations, military wounds, open fractures, pressure injuries, rashes, skin tears, surgical wounds, ulcerations and silicone wound kits. Silicone wound kits are designed for either nursing in simulation, trauma in simulation or military in simulation.

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Alternatively, TraumaWear specifically encompasses bruises, burns, gunshot wounds, lacerations and open fractures. Product examples are the open fracture forearm with bleeding capacity, closed fracture bruised forearm, gunshot entry / exit wound forearm with bleeding capacity, open femur fracture upper leg, open tibial fracture lower leg and more.The three task trainers offered by TraumaSim Group are emergency task trainers, the hemorrhage control simulator, and hemostatic trainers. Emergency task trainers include arm, leg tourniquet trainers, and the haemorrhage control simulator can be used to train learners on the most critical and difficult of external hemorrhages—junctional wounds.

The hemorrhage training aid comes with three separate wounds—groin wound (junctional), outer thigh wound and mid-thigh amputation—allowing learners to use a junctional tourniquet, a standard limb tourniquet, and hemostatic dressings all in the one unit.

Hemostatic trainers include a basic, square gunshot wound and a thigh. Both hemostatic clotting trainers have a range that allows learners to pack realistic bleeding wounds to practice the vital skill of hemostatic dressing application. The units have the ability to simulate blood flowing from the wound using a syringe or pump via tubing.

TraumaSim simulation includes hire units, medical moulage services, refurbished units, role players and the manniskin. The manniskin allows educators to completely change their training delivery by updating their CPR training manikin’s appearance. To use, educators can simply place this highly realistic skin onto their Little Anne manikin.

Depending on an educator or a learner’s needs, TraumaSim can provide casualty cards or stickers with vital signs. The company provides lifelike pediatric simulation babies with built-in remote controlled crying systems. Realistic deceased bodies to be incorporated into the scenario where relevant are available as well. Learn more on the TraumaSim website or read these articles below.

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