December 16, 2021By Lance Baily

TraumaSim Creates Realistic Emergency Simulation Training Experiences with Trauma Moulage

Realism within healthcare simulation and training significantly improve learner retention, improving mental resilience and the response to major trauma events and enabling the first responder to act quickly and save lives. This is why the products and services offered by TraumaSim are vital to increasing patient safety and professional training across the healthcare, nursing, and first aid training industries. To provide the best materials, tools, and techniques, TraumaSim is constantly implementing company updates and innovations. This article shares the latest clinical simulation news from TraumaSim and useful examples of how realism is changing.

But first, are you interested in learning how to produce basic moulage techniques to improve your clinical simulation training experiences? Join TraumaSIM’s founder Nola Pearce BNg, GradDipNg(CritCareNurse), in the launch of her first CE LEARN platform online 3 CE courseIntroduction to Moulage Course with Moulage Kit!” Launching this January 12th, participants will be able to watch Nola apply moulage makeup via high-quality HD video while working directly with the same moulage Nola is training with!

This mix of online instruction and in-person hands-on materials will show you how to safely apply bruises, shock & cyanosis, burns, open fractures and lacerations safely to your Standardized (Simulated) patients and/or manikins. Nola has successfully delivered over 20,000 casualty simulations for training scenarios around the world, so certainly she has the experience and the qualifications necessary to ensure you are successful with moulage!

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Supporting Surf Life Saving Australia

TraumaSim Group has been supporting Surf Life Saving Clubs around Australia with bleeding control training solutions. The company’s Trainer’s Packs allow clubs and organizations to quickly and efficiently teach effective responses to massive hemorrhage via tourniquet application and wound packing. Trainer’s Packs take the hard work out of choosing the right task trainer to deliver Advanced First Aid training courses.

Offering choices that focus on either wound packing and hemostatic dressing, tourniquet application, or both, TraumsSim has something for every Trainer and all classroom sizes. Tourniquet application and wound packing are both critical skills to stop the bleed and save a life.

Risk Prevention or Incident Response?

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As Australian businesses appear to be on a trend path of moving from a singular focus on risk mitigation to incident response, discussions with some major organizations and companies involved in this trend indicate that there is a genuine concern at the Board level about the ability of organizations to effectively respond in the event or an onsite incident. Too many times stories have been reported of medics and first responders fainting on scene at the sight of blood, and even fake blood.

For this reason, boards and senior executives have directed that their organizations actually test their incident response both to provide confidence and to assist in identifying all reasonable steps in defense should it be needed. TraumaSim can assist educators to conduct their own realistic emergency trauma simulation, through moulage training (workshops), provision of simulated trauma wounds (TraumaWear), or through on-site trauma injury including role-players (healthcare simulation).

Federal Parliament Road Safety Submission

The Australian Trucking Association has publicly supported a TraumaSim parliamentary submission detailing how post-accident care could be improved in regional and remote areas. The draft national road safety strategy identified that in remote areas people are up to 11 times more likely to die as a result of a vehicle accident. TraumaSim was part of a joint submission with the NT and WA Road Transport Associations detailing the results of an industry survey and outcomes of a pilot training program. For a copy of the submission, email TSG at











Creating Realistic Traumatic Events

Pictured above are recent client jobs that engaged TraumaSim to help create realistic traumatic events for emergency response and system compliance training. Our services included a bespoke injured hand prosthetic, medically accurate moulage, and live Role Players.

Left: Underground Mine Rescue Competition hosted by Evolution Mining in Kalgoorlie, WA
Right: Oil & Gas Exercise for Chevon for their Wheatstone Onslow and Gorgon Barrow Island operations.

TraumaSim Defence Products Now Easier to Order: The following TraumaSim products used by Defense Forces around the world are now easier to order with the following having been allocated a NATO stock number.

  • HCT03A Haemostatic Clotting Trainer (GSW)
    NSN 6910661665702
  • HCS01 Haemorrhage Control Simulator Lifecast Arm
    NSN 6910661665844
  • HCS00 Haemorrhage Control Simulator (Junctional)
    NSN 6910661662544
  • HCT02 Haemostatic Clotting Trainer (Thigh)
    NSN 6910661662543
  • MK05 Military Moulage Advanced Moulage Kit
    NSN: 6910661666057
  • ETT001 Emergency Tourniquet Trainer
    NSN 6910661637334

More About TraumaSim

The TraumaSim Group is a healthcare simulation company that specializes in medically accurate trauma training and moulage solutions. Located in both Australia and the United States, the company’s solutions have proven effective in training across emergency services, military, mining, process and manufacturing, clinical simulation, education, and corporate industries. The TraumaSim company also recently acquired

TraumaSim has been providing moulage services designed to simulate traumatic injury, disease, and medical conditions for the training and assessment of medics and healthcare professionals since 2008. Based in Bassendean, Western Australia, the company has become the leading supplier of more than 20,000 casualty simulations in support of defense and emergency services training scenarios.

The company’s mission is to support learners, military members, and healthcare staff for medical emergencies by providing realistic injuries to live role players or healthcare simulation manikins. TraumaSim’s simulation support for emergency and medical training falls under several categories including moulage services, part-task trainer aids, silicone wounds, moulage supplies, body parts and props, and moulage workshops.

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