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May 6, 2021

No Evidence Found! Traditional Clinical Learning Outcomes Under Serious Scrutiny After New Lit Review

For years, academic and clinical educators and leaders have questioned the effectiveness of traditional clinical apprenticeship models used in undergraduate nursing education. To better determine a quantifiable level of effect, three healthcare simulation experts, an educational researcher and a librarian conducted a systematic review aimed to examine the best evidence available upon which to base [...]

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May 5, 2021’s Top 5 Most Popular Clinical Simulation Webinars’s streamlined clinical simulation webinar platform relaunched in February, and has since featured even more informative and insightful healthcare simulation presentations! These webinars offer live and on-demand content from some of the world’s leading healthcare simulation experts, covering everything necessary to successfully start, develop, or expand a clinical simulation program. Topics range from safe medication [...]

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May 3, 2021

VxMED Transforms Outdated Learning Methods Through VR Simulation

On a mission to reinvent higher education for the rising generation and to reignite the joy of learning, VR technology company VxMED was developed by two entrepreneurs passionate about medicine and clinical simulation. They believed that being forced to rely on outdated learning methods to absorb mountains of information leaves many learners feeling overwhelmed and [...]

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April 27, 2021

Elearning Design Center Transforms Education Through Immersive Learning

Elearning Design Center (ELDC) is an e-learning technology-focused company with a vision to transform online learning by bringing immersive ways of teaching to learners and educators. Founded in 2016, the company’s goal is to make immersive learning scalable and affordable by optimizing technology to create enhanced learning experiences. These learning experiences include games, clinical simulations, [...]

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