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SECTRA AB is an information technology and services company that was founded in 1978 in Linköping, Sweden by Viiveke Fåk, Ingemar Ingemarsson, Rolf Blom and Robert Forchheimer which now provides educational and training tools for medical simulation. Through developing solutions and services for medical imaging IT and cybersecurity, the company has helped hospitals using healthcare simulation worldwide to enhance their efficiency of care, critical social functions and authorities as well as defense forces.

According to SECTRA AB, the company is driven by knowledge and passion to contribute to a healthier and safer society. To achieve this goal, SECTRA AB has a dedicated staff that sells cutting-edge solutions in the expanding niche markets of medical IT and cybersecurity.

Developing solutions in such niche markets, and with strong growth potential, SECTRA AB helps secure communications and critical infrastructure — creating major growth opportunities. With a 40-year history of growth and profitability, and under the leadership of CEO Torbjorn Kronander, more than 50% of SECTRA AB’s sales are from recurring revenue from long-term customer contracts.

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To provide customers with these services, the company focuses specialization on imaging IT, virtual dissection, cybersecurity, enterprise imaging, radiology, breast imaging, cardiology, digital pathology, orthopaedics, medical education, secure voice and data communication, voice and data encryption, security analyses and monitoring and machine learning. With over 800 employees across the globe, SECTRA AB works with direct sales in 19 countries and operates through a group of partners worldwide.

Identifying that medical images play a key role in diagnostics and the determination of an appropriate treatment, SECTRA AB develops “future-proof and effective IT solutions and services” for storing, viewing and working with these images. By focusing on what some consider to be the costliest and most resource-intensive areas in the healthcare sector, SECTRA AB offers support across the diagnosis, planning and patient monitoring in terms of cancer diseases, osteoarthritis and orthopaedic surgery. The company also focuses on helping various departments and disciplines cooperate for better and more efficient care.

Further, SECTRA AB is working to raise the quality of medical education by providing solutions for sharing and interacting with medical images. The secure transfer of information plays a key role in SECTRA AB’s capacity to maintain the stability of many healthcare system functions. Company products and services that increase cybersecurity protect the most sensitive information and communications.

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These offerings include secure voice and data communications, with solutions certified at national levels and by the EU and NATO. SECTRA AB additionally distributes solutions that enforce security analysis and the monitoring of critical IT systems, such as electricity and water supply.

Along with these solutions, a strong corporate culture focused on customer value and employees who are passionate about making a difference has helped SECTRA AB maintain a high pace of innovation and continuous investment in new and ongoing medical simulation development. The company has a self-financed portfolio of projects with reported and controlled costs.

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Today, subsidiaries of SECTRA AB include RxEye, Sectra Medical Systems AB, Burbank Systems Limited, Sectra Communications Oy, Sectra Communications AB, Sectra Medical Systems S.L., Sectra Wireless Technologies AB, Sectra imaXperts BC, it-mark ApS and Burnbank Health Systems Limited. With these subsidiaries, SECTRA AB attends and exhibits at many industry trade shows, conferences like those hosted by SimGHOSTS, INACSL, ASPiH, SESAM, and the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH).

SECTRA AB Healthcare Simulation Solutions

SECTRA believes that expanding niche segments of medical IT and cybersecurity is a combination that makes the brand unique. Medical imaging is developed to streamline workflow, from order management to report distribution, teaching and quality improvement. The technology integrates seamlessly with surrounding IT solutions—such as the EMR, RIS, and VNA—to give users access to a complete patient record whenever and wherever needed.

Radiology imaging allows a Radiologist to perform all everyday tasks from a single diagnostic application. Another solution, breast imaging lets the user work from a single workstation, whether they’re reading 2D mammograms, digital breast tomosynthesis, ultrasound or MRI exams—or want to bring up digital pathology images at their tumor board meeting. Additionally, digital pathology provides functionality far beyond the microscope, without the need for physical glass slides. Users receive access to current and historical images at any time remotely.

SECTRA AB’s cardiology imaging solutions help users increase reading efficiency through a consolidated enterprise imaging approach to cardiology. A central approach to data also enables enterprise-level management of disaster recovery, business intelligence and machine learning initiatives. With SECTRA AB’s developments, providers and learners can share information with others on a single occasion, or to collaborate with them more tightly around resources and patients.

As for orthopaedics, SECTRA AB’s modern planning systems equipped with 2D and 3D images let Orthopaedic Surgeons diagnose and plan orthopaedic procedures—for instance knee, hip and complex trauma surgery—with greater accuracy and confidence. Such planning increases patient safety and reduces the risk of postoperative complications. For hospitals, the medical simulation planning solutions help create a well-documented workflow to meet regulatory demands and improve teaching facilities.

Another element of SECTRA AB’s portfolio, Sectra Education boosts medical education and clinical simulation training at leading institutions and hospitals all over the world using real-life clinical data. The Sectra Education Portal enables the user to access a growing healthcare simulation library of quality-assured, premium teaching content from top institutions around the world.

This allows teachers, tutors, residents and learners to visualize data from radiology and histology exams during courses and training scenarios. Course material and scenarios are securely stored, continuously backed-up and accessible 24/7 via a Sectra Terminal, such as the Sectra Table or Sectra Board. Alternatively, users can learn course material by using personal computers and mobile devices.

The education portal solution ties in normal anatomy, pathology, trauma, orthopedics, histology, oncology, surgery and other specialties. The result is medical education in clinical simulation situations, revealing the central role radiology and histology plays throughout the patient pathway.

By supporting players across healthcare facilities with secure communication and information sharing, as well as advisory and monitoring services for critical systems, SECTRA AB can contribute to the continuity and development of secure functions. The company’s solutions for such communications measures are assessed and approved by independent evaluation authorities. During this process, the full chain is scrutinized from both a holistic and a targeted perspective—from threat and risk analysis to implementation of security measures.

SECTRA AB’s security solutions for critical infrastructure includes advisory and monitoring services. The company’s recommendations incorporate physical and IT/OT-related security measures, as well as organizational measures, such as improvements to processes and policies. The services aim to help users reach a new maturity level and to adopt a proactive approach to security, ultimately supporting their business continuity, resilience, operational efficiency and development.

If abnormal activity is detected in a monitored system, SECTRA AB’s incident response personnel, as well as the incident response personnel at the monitored operation, are notified. Together, they form an incident response team that takes the necessary emergency measures, such as disconnecting part of a system or switching to a backup system.

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