April 21, 2014By Lance Baily

Sectra 3D Human Body Visualization Table – IMSH Video Demo

sectra visual table

At IMSH 2014 I had a chance to check out the Sectra Visualization Table which allows healthcare professionals and educators to explore 3D human body images. Think of it as a giant iPad that allows for imaging of your current patients or for enhanced teaching opportunities. The table moves 90 degrees so it can lie flat or pop up at an angle or be used like a digital white board.  By watching the IMSH 2014 demo below, you can see how easy it is to manipulate a variety of 3d renderings and images in real-time with intuitive hand-touch controls. The table comes with some cases already available so that teaching can begin right away. This is the first time the table was demonstrated in the United States after its overwhelming success in Europe.

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I learned more at the Sectra Website:

Sectra Visualization Table is a large interactive screen with an image display system that enables interaction with 3D human body images rendered from CT or MR. Detailed studies of virtual bodies provide medical students with a better understanding of anatomy bodily functions and variations between individuals, and greater knowledge of rare diseases already during medical training.

Leading Edge Technology

With the Sectra Visualization Table, anatomy teaching is enhanced using interactive natural-size 3D views of real patients’ anatomy, rendered from CT or MR images. Users can visualize skeletal tissue, muscles, organs and soft tissue by virtually slicing, segmenting or peeling off layers of tissue. It helps students to gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy, functions and processes inside the body and contributes to improved quality of education.

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Virtual dissection with real-life cases

Sectra Visualization Table is the optimal complement when cadaver-based dissection courses is not available, or when the cadavers are too few. This way, teaching institutions can increase the exposure to anatomy and hands-on practice for every student and allow the students to do the virtual dissection over and over again, reducing the learning curve substantially.

Efficient group interaction

The 46” multi-touch screen allows users to interact with the virtual body in 3D simply by touching the screen. This way, tactile learning is supported which facilitates the learning process. Students and instructors can easily gather around the Visualization Table for group discussions and examinations and thanks to the unique format and touch interface, they can easily hand over command between them to even further enhance the group discussion.

The result of research

Sectra Visualization Table is the result of successfully combining applied research within medical technology and advanced computer science with industry knowledge. It has been developed in cooperation with Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), Visualization Center C, The Interactive Institute and Linköping University, Sweden.

Benefit from our experience

Sectra Visualization Table is built on Sectra PACS, an image management system well established in the radiology market. Over 20 years of experience and more than 1,400 successful installations developed the technology at hand.

medical visualization table

Enhanced Preparation For Advanced Surgery

Sectra Visualization Table is a cutting-edge pre-operative planning tool for the complex orthopaedic cases. Real-size, interactive 3D views of the patient, give the orthopaedic surgeon a unique possibility to become familiar with the specific anatomy prior to surgery. Without opening the patient, the surgical team can localize vessels, muscles and skeletal tissue and study their three-dimensional relation and plan the surgery. The touch interface allows the surgeon to interact with the virtual body with the hands, as in the real surgical setting, which supports his or her tactile memory. This increases quality in surgery and reduces operation and rehabilitation time as unplanned issues can be avoided.

Efficient communication tool

The large monitor and intuitive touch interface of the Sectra Visualization Table support group discussion between medical teams, providing opportunity for new methods of collaboration between doctors. It is also an efficient tool for communication with patients and can be used for case acceptance of a particular procedure or simply for education and consultation by showing the patient´s own 3D scan in real-size.

A new dimension in resident training

Sectra Visualization Table can efficiently be used to support orthopaedist residents in their training. Going through a case in real-size together with the supervisor helps ensure the quality of surgery. It is also a valuable practical component of lectures or courses.

If you are looking to teach or discuss patients anatomy in higher-fidelity fashion, then Sectra’s Visualization Table is one to check out. Learn more at: Sectra’s Visualization Table website.

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