The SonoSim Ultrasound Simulator a specialized medical simulator which helps simplify ultrasound learning initiatives. As a non-invasive and non-radioactive imaging alternative, ultrasound has become an indispensable skill for healthcare imaging and diagnostic professionals, as well as Physicians. This means that learning how to operate ultrasound equipment and produce clear images has become ever-important within the field of healthcare, and clinical simulation is the best way to achieve learning and training goals.

Founded in 2011, SonoSim is an integrated ultrasound training solution that offers engaging didactic courses, hands-on training and knowledge assessments. While headquartered in Santa Monica, there is no physical location that SonoSim regularly holds classes at. Instead, SonoSim is accessed through personal computers virtually anywhere over the cloud.

Any healthcare professional interested in learning about ultrasonography is able to use the SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution to enhance their skills, however the learning module is especially ideal for Physicians, residents, Nurses, medical students, DMS students, out-of-hospital care providers and combat casualty care providers.

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Using real patients and findings while preserving the critical ultrasound imaging artifacts required for learning, the training modules offered by the SonoSimulator provides users with the information and experience to begin to recognize key anatomical landmarks, image artifacts and pathologies.

Benefits of SonoSim Solutions

Aiming to meet the demand for ultrasound learning materials, the SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution is a product that aims to cater to a learner’s educational needs through engaging material and real cases. Another benefit of SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution includes the delivery of comprehensive ultrasound education and training at any time and wirelessly from any location. This adds to the product’s convenience, in addition to simple and comprehensive access.

Referring to the design for training solutions as “refreshingly simple” and “incredibly effective,” SonoSim states that the training programs offered integrate didactic courses, hands-on training and knowledge assessment in an effective, easy-to-use and engaging way. Along with being simply to navigate through, SonoSim’s solutions are accessible to thousands of patients across the world every day.

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“The SonoSim Ultrasound Training solution is one of the more comprehensive and easy-to-use ultrasound training solutions available. In my over 25 years of experience with ultrasound and my exposure to multiple, different training courses, programs and teachers, [the solution] is one of the best ones I have personally been exposed to,” Cathy Ruff, RVT, the Digital Sales Adaptation Leader at GE Healthcare, said.

In addition to widespread access, but SonoSim’s medical simulation training is also presented using a variety of tools and resources. Learners are exposed to a library of real-patient cases, ranging from “normal” conditions to pathologic conditions, provides numerous educational examples and exercises for learners to practice treating patients based on. SonoSim’s case library is said to contain over 1,000 patient cases, and has new cases are regularly added.

The cases obtained from real patients allow for an on-demand, hands-on authentic scanning experience. They also help teach learners how to use the exact probe movements expert Sonographers used to scan the original patients. By replicating the exact tactile experience of an actual ultrasound probe to scan a real patient, the SonoSim delivers courses in an interactive multimedia format using still and dynamic ultrasound imagery, audio narration, computer graphic imagery and animation.

In combination with real-world scenarios and a hands-on approach, SonoSim notes that all courses provided are developed by leading experts in ultrasonography and medical education and delivered online. This adds to the quality of the modules, and the effectiveness of the educational tool overall.

After a training module has been completed, SonoSim’s solutions then offer immediate probe-positioning ultrasound guidance and expert feedback while scanning the real-patient cases. System administrators are able to track and monitor user performance and progress as well.

Learners may also insert a SonoSim Probe into their USB port and instantly transform their personal computer into a bedside ultrasound-training environment. This “anywhere and everywhere” access is another reason why SonoSim stresses the ease in use of the company’s offered integrated training solutions.

Through this knowledge assessment, users are granted the opportunity to answer in-module and end-of-module knowledge assessment questions to help evaluate their skills and the information they have learned. To round-out this understanding, in-module questions are accompanied by direct question-answer feedback, and end-of-module questions are automatically scored with real-time results provided to users.

At the completion of a training solution, all hands-on training cases can be saved, annotated and archived for a later performance review.

Training Personalization Options

The USB-powered Probe is an integral part of the Sono Simulator, allowing users to scan using a variety of approaches, such as by using their hand, live volunteer or on a mannequin. Learners who engage in the training solutions are guaranteed to receive immediate expert instruction and probe-positioning guidance using a laptop computer, according to SonoSim.

To help learners get the most out of their ultrasound training solutions, SonoSim provides a series of content choices. Also made possible through the company’s large collection of hands-on training cases. Therefore the integrated training solutions, which are organized into individual SonoSim modules, can deliver expertly created training cases, didactic instruction from educator, and detailed knowledge assessment on particular topics.

Note, each module is designed to deliver a single SonoSim Course, knowledge SonoSim Assessment and SonoSim hands-on training cases. Through SonoSim, four categories of modules are available.

The anatomy and physiology modules include focuses on the foot, ankle, elbow, heart, etc. Alternatively, advanced clinical modules offer more specific practice topics including GYN ultrasound normal adnexa, first-trimester pregnancy and second- and third-trimester pregnancy (both broken down into part I and part II). Then core clinical modules target areas of learning such as the lower extremities, ocular assessment and cardiology. Procedure modules are even more specific, providing insight into ultrasound-guided subclavian vein cannulation, ultrasound-guided femoral line placement and peripheral venous access.

By providing these modules with integrated didactics, knowledge assessment and hands-on training, SonoSim technology converts a laptop computer into a personal ultrasound training platform. The company delivers comprehensive ultrasound training anytime, anywhere, and enables learners to obtain continuing medical education (CME) by completing designated CME-accredited courses at their own pace.

Through performance measurement research conducted by SonoSim, the company concluded that the various training solutions offered will boost a learner’s basic scanning procedures by 121 percent, their window interpretation by 133 percent, their window identification by 474 percent and their diagnostic interpretation by 535 percent.

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