Virti is an immersive, enterprise learning solution for healthcare simulation and training. The platform allows for the creation and cross-platform distribution of interactive, immersive (virtual reality in simulation, augmented reality in simulation and mixed reality) educational content.

The Virti learning solution also provides analytics that intelligently predict how a learner will perform under pressure before they enter a real environment, increasing patient safety and situational awareness. This prediction is the result of research into cognitive decision-making under pressure and an immersive video platform. These factors are combined with augmented reality in medicine to help learners prepare for real-life and high-pressure scenarios including surgery, sports, emergency response and military training.

Virti’s mission is to deliver on-demand, just-in-time training for each workforce by using cognitive learning insights to reduce skill-fade and deliver a return on investment on training spend. Through use of the company’s platform, health professionals can work toward feeling more prepared while avoiding burnout and the making of critical errors. Virti’s remote assessment tools and gamification help to engage health professionals and ensure they are up-to-date on new guidelines.

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With Virti, bespoke training content that meets each organization’s goals can be deployed at scale with a focus on infrequent, high-risk clinical events together with soft-skills training for health professionals at all stages.

About the Virti Healthcare Simulation Company

Virti was founded in 2017 by Alex Young, a trauma and orthopedic surgeon with a passion for training and making things better for the workforce. He is also a gamer and previously founded an education company.

On his path to founding Virti, Young shared that the best training he received was on-the-job, face-to-face training from expert surgeons. However, he admits that this type of training was not always convenient or repeatable and that there was clear variation between training techniques and instructors.

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According to Virti, Young’s dream was to build a scalable healthcare simulation training platform that could be accessed on demand. He also aimed to establish a solution that was fun to use and that could turn subjective information (including communication skills) into objective data for comparison. If possible, he believed this technology could improve human performance and reduce error.

Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Virti has become an end-to-end training solution that is truly scalable and provides equity of access for users. The cloud-based learning management system currently houses a creation suite and analytics engine and allows for distribution across desktop, mobile and virtual and augmented reality headsets.

Virti’s team of L&D experts and customer success managers help users with experience design and creation, curriculum integration and rollout and adoption within your organization. The team works with users to identify key objectives and work backward to help plan a successful simulation education implementation.

With integration in mind, Virti also helps users integrate into existing curricula and practices to ensure smooth adoption and high engagement. The company’s customer success teams assist users through the onboarding process and rollout stages and provide ongoing support and certification.

Content curation is made possible by Virti’s in-house content development team. The team is focused on helping users design, create and deploy custom solutions to meet specific organizational needs.

Helping to spread the Virti mission and the use of company solutions across educational environments, the company’s platform has been presented at a variety of medical simulation conferences, exhibitions and shows, such as those hosted by SimGHOSTS, the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning, the Association of Simulated Practice in Healthcare, SESAM, and the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

Virti Healthcare Simulation Solutions

One of the Virti medical simulation solutions is the creative suite, which uses L&D principles and behavioral science insights to enable fast and efficient creation of content. The creative suite offers a realistic virtual reality in medicine learning experience that provides presence and immersion. Additionally, 2D video creation tools enable existing libraries of video content to be made interactive and analyzed using artificial intelligence.

Within the creative suites, there is the option to create interactive branching decision trees guided by L&D best practices with rich data-collection capabilities to engage, assess and analyze users and their behavior.

With remote training capabilities, instructors can connect with, engage, and train their learners remotely. Remote training can occur with confidence anywhere, any time on any device. This is critical when in-person meetings and face-to-face training events are not possible. Along with remote options, multiplayer options engage users and develop and analyze teamwork skills by hosting a peer- or facilitator-led multiplayer session via mobile, desktop or headsets.

Virti’s analytics engine takes subjective data from important skills such as communication, teamwork and decision-making and makes them objective, quantifiable and validated. This is done to provide organizations with better insights into how prepared their workforce really is. This is intended to be accomplished while making on-the-job training more equitable to access and more scalable.

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The company’s ROI-based analytics are easy to understand and provide organizations with unprecedented insight into knowledge gaps, learner engagement, knowledge retention (and loss), content accuracy, group proficiency and more — all in real time.

Adaptive in nature, the analytics engine identifies user weak areas and offers personalized reinforcement training. Remote, automated assessment of competencies helps to scale face-to-face training and reduce variability. Real-time analytics and ad hoc reports enable learning managers to identify outliers, tailor content and take action early as well.

Virti Predictive Analytics Across Healthcare Simulation

The Virti platform’s analytics engine uses artificial intelligence to turn subjective feedback into objective data. This is done with unique data science insights and predictive analytics on training performance.

Using data science insights, performance analytics deliver unique insights into how a workforce behaves. Machine-learning algorithms build predictive models of how training data translates into real-world practices to help personalize training and ensure knowledge retention and application.

By analyzing task completion and responses under pressure, knowledge and application can be further evaluated. Engagement is then assessed by course and clinical simulation usage, activity, completion and peer comparison. Qualitative feedback and quantitative analysis of soft skills such as communication and teamwork evaluate sentiment, while attention analysis (including eye-tracking, spatial movement, speed of actions and more) shed light on interaction. Learn more on the Virti website or read these articles below.

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