SimVS has emerged as a trailblazer in developing affordable simulated medical device technology. With a groundbreaking line of virtual patient monitors, assessment devices, IV Pumps, defibrillators, and more, SimVS has revolutionized how medical professionals and clinical students train and practice skills. Today, SimVS is one of the world’s most successful providers of simulated medical device monitors, boasting thousands of unit installations on devices across the globe.

The founders of SimVS recognized that existing healthcare simulation equipment was both expensive and cumbersome, so an effort was made to create more accessible alternatives that would enhance the clinical training experience. SimVS accomplished this by creating a product line of simulated patient virtual monitors, defibrillators, vital sign devices, call buttons, and ventilators.

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One of the first high-fidelity simulators developed by SimVS was a line of virtual monitors and defibrillators. These devices offer several advantages over traditional medical simulation equipment, which are more cost-effective than the clinical equivalent, perfect for institutions with limited budgets. These virtual monitors enable students and professionals to practice using realistic interfaces without the risk of causing harm to patients. Installed onto tablets, clinical institutions can quickly deploy simulated medical devices into any clinical simulation experience, for any relevant healthcare discipline in a clinical hospital setting or in an emergency services field.


Constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, SimVS developed the world’s first virtual IV Pump in 2023. This cutting-edge technology provides users with a realistic and safe environment to practice administering IV medications and fluids. The virtual IV pump offers a cost-effective and risk-free alternative to traditional training equipment, just like the virtual monitors and defibrillators range offered by SimVS.

The SimVS IV-Pump comes with four commonly seen pump interfaces to meet the requirements of any medical simulation center, regardless of which IV interface the student may encounter in real life. The SimVS IV-Pump can incorporate volume, dose, and weight-based calculations, primary and secondary infusions, dosage controls, and drug selections. Students can choose from a list of immersive scenarios, or educators create unique cases to use with students. Instructors can also send medication orders to students and review student actions in real time or later during scenario debriefing.

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SimVS Ventilator

SimVS’s commitment to excellence is evident in the simulated ventilator, which has been adopted for use in the respiratory technician licensing exam. This state-of-the-art tool provides unparalleled realism for those caring for a ventilated patient. Proper utilization of the SimVS ventilator allows aspiring respiratory technicians the necessary means to prepare for real clinical experiences.

SimVS’s ventilator simulation system is designed to enhance the training of medical professionals and students in various aspects of ventilator management. The package includes ten ventilator scenarios, instructor and patient monitor tablets, a ventilator monitor, a router, and a defibrillator bag. The tablet-based interface offers automatic connectivity and allows for easy adjustment of physiology with sliders and drop-down menus. The system is designed for seamless classroom integration, with instructor write-ups included for pre-programmed scenarios, the ability to project the tablet for online learning and a free student app for cell phones.

The ventilator simulation is ideal for training both awareness and advanced-level objectives. At the awareness level, trainees can practice ventilation modes, understand ventilator waveforms, manage ventilator alarms, and administer oxygen for procedures using the vent. The advanced level offers an autonomous lung model, dynamic lung compliance and resistance to airflow modeling, patient respiratory effort adjustment, and a comprehensive case-based curriculum covering major disease categories, including COVID-19. The ventilator simulation system can also replicate various physiologic complications, such as tension pneumothorax, bronchospasms, tube disconnect, pulmonary embolism, and cardiac arrest.

Other features include the ability to send lab values, control up to six different patients simultaneously, and trend values at a specified rate, which makes SimVS’s ventilator simulation a powerful and versatile tool for medical training.

SimVS Nucleus

A strength of SimVS is their ability to work in various clinical simulation environments alongside any other simulation equipment to create the most realistic learning environment possible. Through their new Nucleus program, SimVS has developed a turn-key solution for educators to create a simulated clinical environment made entirely of virtual products.

The physiological monitor can replicate the vitals of any manikin or standardized patient. Integrating these vital simulators with virtual IV pumps, simulated ventilators, and a full-service simulated clinical environment is now created. Even if the medical simulation center is equipped with actual clinical equipment, the ability to change the make, model, or interface of the devices in use increases the flexibility and capability of the healthcare simulation lab. SimVS can replicate the user interfaces of the leading manufacturers of the simulated clinical equipment to ensure that students can practice on the type of monitor or machine that will be utilized in clinical practice.


A tablet-based clinical education solution incorporating various monitor types to create highly realistic and immersive scenarios.

  • Comes with 50 lesson plans.
  • Covers all IOOH Paramedic portfolio topics as well as Appendix G topics.
  • Includes the SimVS Scenario Builder that allows for the quick & easy creation of new scenarios/editing of existing scenarios.
  • Provides monitoring solutions across all specialties and can be used with Simulated Patients, manikins, or full-body simulators.

SimVS Fetal Heart Monitor

Allows learners to monitor and assess fetal heart rate during simulated scenarios, replicating the challenges and critical situations that may be encountered in real-life obstetric settings. The Fetal Heart Monitor includes a range of pre-programmed scenarios, allowing learners to practice and develop skills in fetal heart rate monitoring and interpretation. The SimVS FHR comes with the following:

  • Ten pre-programmed scenarios
  • 3 Included tablets (instructor, patient monitor, FHR monitor)
  • Alarm system for bed, call bell, and IV pump (additional 3 Android™ 7 inch tablets)​
  • AV projection cables for classroom use
  • TOCO belt & accessories (by Pocket Nurse)

SimVS Call

A two-way communication system that allows Push-to-Talk communication between learners and instructors, enabling students to accept/decline alarms and call for assistance. With configurable options for up to twenty beds and the new SimVS Telecom feature for real-time telecom capability can be added to any simulation center to increase the realism of the medical scenario.

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