Intelligent Ultrasound

Intelligent Ultrasound is a software and simulation company that offers market-leading, healthcare simulation and AI software. To provide these training solutions, the company has developed advanced high-fidelity ultrasound simulators, Artificial Intelligence (AI) image analysis software and augmented reality needle guidance systems for medical practitioners worldwide. Intelligent Ultrasound was previously known as Medaphor.

Founded in 2004 with headquarters in Cardiff, United Kingdom and Georgia, USA, Intelligent Ultrasound customers are comprised of some of the world’s leading medical institutions. The company’s guiding principle is to develop world-class ultrasound software and simulation technologies that will improve the quality and speed of ultrasound scanning in the clinical environment.

Intelligent Ultrasound holds high standards of business to include an innovative approach to technology and the ability to offer the very latest in ultrasound software and hardware solutions for educational and clinical needs. To meet these standards, a team of software developers work closely with a clinical advisory group and customers to ensure that the company is at the forefront of technological advances while delivering on customer requirements. Clinical specialists and scientific advisors work to further ensure that products offer customers high quality outcomes in the training and practice of echocardiography and ultrasound.

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The ultrasound simulation and training division of Intelligent Ultrasound is the one based in Cardiff, UK, and focuses specifically on hi-fidelity ultrasound education and training through medical simulation. State-of-the-art simulation in healthcare products include:

  • ScanTrainer, the obstetrics, gynecological and general medical ultrasound simulation system
  • HeartWorks, the echocardiography education system and
  • BodyWorks, a patient simulator for Point of Care ultrasound education in emergency medicine and critical care.

Over 500 systems have been installed in over 300 medical institutions in over 30 countries around the world.

Then, the ultrasound clinical support division, which is based at the Oxford, United Kingdom location, focuses on developing AI algorithms to make ultrasound machines smarter and more accessible. ScanNav uses deep-learning based algorithms to automatically identify and grade ultrasound images to provide guidance, assessment and audit of obstetric scanning. NeedleGuide aims to simplify ultrasound-guided needling with AR needle guidance and automated needle tip tracking.

By working with leading clinicians and educators around the world, Intelligent Ultrasound has developed a global network of partnerships and our close collaboration. These relationships help the company to achieve shared goals in terms of ultrasound software and simulation technologies. This has been key to Intelligent Ultrasound’s success in developing product solutions that meet the educational and clinical challenges in echocardiography and ultrasound practice.

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Intelligent Ultrasound simulators have been included in a number of clinical studies to assess the value of simulation in ultrasound education.

Intelligent Ultrasound Simulation Products

The new Intelligent Ultrasound product, BodyWorks Eve, is an ultra-realistic female patient simulator designed for interactive training.Complete with 100 real patient scans and over 10,000 pathology variations across cardiac, lung, transabdominal and pelvic ultrasound, BodyWorks Eve is designed to meet the training needs of healthcare professionals who wish to practize PoCUS in emergency medicine and critical care.

Producing flexible teaching and supported learning, BodyWorks Eve provides access to real patient-based training where doctors can work through cases independently and at their own pace. Complete with an instructor tablet, tutors can run scenarios ‘on the fly’ and easily change the patient’s condition and level of severity to test assessment and decision-making skills.

The product can also be expanded to include a comprehensive education in cardiac anatomy and echocardiography through the addition of HeartWorks (clinical simulation solution) TEE & TTE functionality. When practicing TTE and TEE probe handling skills, trainees can observe probe positioning in relation to the virtual, beating 3D heart with effects on imaging in real time. Doppler modalities (CFM, PWD, CWD) and M-mode are available along with the tools with which to make accurate quantitative assessment.

Next, the ORSIM Bronchoscopy Simulator is an innovative product designed to improve bronchoscope dexterity through hands-on training. The product provides comprehensive training for a common diagnostic procedure, which until now has required lengthy specialist training.

High definition virtual modeling of a range of anatomy and pathology scenarios facilitates bronchoscope dexterity as well as building experience and knowledge. The range of high definition virtual anatomy and pathology allows users to operate a clinical flexible bronchoscope to the highest standard.

The user can also progress through a range of upper and lower airway scenarios receiving instant feedback as well as scoring metrics, recording and play-back. Virtual format enables part task training and promotes skill development and dexterity with a fully functional bronchoscope as well as providing an economical and safe solution to training.

A robust training tool, the ORSIM Bronchoscopy Simulator enables self-directed, patient-free and tutor-free learning. The result is significant cost savings in terms of training time and training resources. Based on its size, simplicity and economy, the ORSIM is suitable for large training organizations as well as individual practices.

AI Software for Ultrasound Training

Based on research at the University of Oxford, Intelligent Ultrasound technology uses state-of-the-art AI techniques to train algorithms to ‘learn’ to automatically recognize anatomical features in an ultrasound image during a live scan on a patient. This is accomplished with ScanNav, a software system that automatically captures and analyzes all the ultrasound image planes in real-time. This is done as the sonographer moves the ultrasound probe over the patient’s abdomen during the 20-week fetal anomaly scan.

This product, the first ScanNav, focuses on obstetric scanning and has the potential to enable ultrasound to be used by all medical professionals. With regional assessment scans, ScanNav helps to make sure that pathologies are not missing with regions highlighted for further examination. ScanNav acts as a colleague in the room by checking in real-time that images conform to protocol and that no images are missed during a scan.

Ultimately, the vision of Intelligent Ultrasound is that, through ScanNav, the company will be able to harness the power of the new generation of AI algorithms to make ultrasound simpler to use. The company hopes that they can make learning easier by providing guidance and support to medical professionals whilst they are scanning as well.

Medical Simulation Conferences like SESAM, IMSH, and ASPIH are usually great places to check out Intelligent Ultrasound products!

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