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14 Important Medical Simulation Companies to Know!

Learning the lingo of Healthcare Simulation is an important step in developing a Simulation Champion’s career. With such knowledge at hand, clinical simulation users can best understand the opportunities, tools, resources, and methods which can help them achieve their unique goals. In the past we have provided summaries of crucial key terms helpful in developing your medical simulation vocabulary (linked below), and today we continue that trend by taking a look at more 13 companies, and 1 non-profit organization, which can help take you to improved simulation program outcomes!

Oxford Medical Simulation: Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS) is a virtual reality platform that delivers quality, evidence-based and highly realistic simulation. The platform, headquartered in Boston, Mass., assists in efficiently and effectively training healthcare professionals in world-class patient management practices to improve patient care, and without the possibility of risking real human lives. In establishing this platform, Oxford Medical Simulation removed the barriers of cost, low throughput and limited accessibility by offering all training scenarios virtually.

This has created a completely immersive, engaging, evidence-based learning environment for all healthcare professionals. The fast-paced, repeatable, real-life scenarios can therefore deliver consistently excellent, standardized clinical training to physicians, nurses and all other healthcare professionals, according to Oxford Medical Simulation. Those interested in VR Nursing, VR IPE, and Distance Simulation training opportunities should learn more!

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Health Scholars: Health Scholars is a cloud-based, virtual reality-ready clinical training platform with VR simulations, simulation center management and clinical readiness reporting solutions for the management, delivery and analysis of clinical training. The platform was founded by healthcare professionals who recognized the need to advance immersive education and clinical training effectiveness to support medical simulation educators around the world.

Along with being scalable and cost-effective, clinical training platforms help to improve patient safety by allowing trainees to experience realistic scenarios. According to Health Scholars, 84% of learners are better prepared for the field after engaging in these clinically accurate, interactive experiences. The platform also helps improve clinical decision-making, performance and communication skills, while simultaneously reducing errors.

International Pediatric Simulation Society (IPSS): The International Pediatric Simulation Society (IPSS) is a global community of pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, pediatric nurses, educators and other allied health professionals who are dedicated to improving the care of infants and children worldwide. They work to achieve this outcome through multi-disciplinary, simulation-based education, training and research in pediatric simulation. Since the first IPSS meeting in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008, the year the society was founded by 11 multi-national pediatric medical practitioners, membership to the International Pediatric Simulation Society has grown immensely. Involving healthcare specialists from over 30 countries, the goal of the IPSS remains to promote multidisciplinary simulation in all healthcare subspecialties that treat infants and children. Further, the vision of IPSS is that children and families come to have the best healthcare opportunities possible.

KbPort: KbPort LLC is a technology solutions provider serving multiple markets with core objectives in the medical simulation space. Founded in 2005, KbPort consistently employs cutting edge technology to present learners with understandable, easy-to-navigate, realistic interfaces. The company and partners have been committed to enabling institutions to achieve exceptional educational outcomes by using the most advanced technology to offer the highest fidelity systems possible. With headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, KbPort’s mission is to empower future healthcare professionals to improve and save patient lives. By offering educational, lab design, IT and a/v design and installation project management services, KbPort truly empowers technology to work for the benefit of the learner.

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MedVision: MedVision is an innovative and fast-growing Japanese company specialized in designing and manufacturing high-fidelity medical simulators. Established as partnership of LLC Eidos-Medicine and K.K. DNAFORM, the company has more than nine years of history in the development of medical simulation equipment. Across specialties, MedVision focuses on advancing multiple technologies. The first of these technologies are human patient simulators, which include software designed to be high-fidelity, powerful, intuitive and highly realistic. Minimally invasive surgery technologies are alternatively designed to include magnetic haptic feedback, hybrid simulation, team training software and a rehearsal system. MedVision offers turnkey projects for medical simulation training organizations with support available at any stage of setting up or running a simulation center/department. One of their key products is Leonardo, an adult male high-fidelity simulation manikin designed for high-fidelity training.

Limbs & Things: Limbs & Things is a leading healthcare simulation manufacturer committed to improving patient outcomes by facilitating realistic learning experiences. Headquartered in Bristol, United Kingdom, Limbs and Things creates products that enable healthcare simulation educators to deliver curriculum requirements, bringing greater confidence and competence to healthcare professionals across the world. Products are researched, designed and created in collaboration with clinicians, and sold through an expanded network of over 70 distributors. With subsidiary offices in Australia and the United States, Limbs & Things has invested in research and development to find the latest materials and processes worldwide. The company stresses that this approach allows for products to be built in a way that is clinically accurate to enhance a learner’s education and simulation training.

MedAffinity: MedAffinity is an electronic health records software company headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida. Founded in 2005, the company software is designed with a specific interface that looks, acts and feels like a real document to make the record keeping process seem as natural as possible. The goal of the implementation of this interface is to set a new standard for flexibility, functionality and user-friendly design across medical simulation EHRs. A flexible interface allows MedAffinity to easily adapt new documentation requirements without delays, costly upgrades or additional custom configuration associated with common EHR alternatives. Using data-driven computing, the software is able to deliver powerful data capture and speed up the overall documentation process. Simultaneously, intuitive word processing enables data to be captured with every click.

Intelligent Video Solutions: With headquarters in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Intelligent Videos Solutions is an innovative software solution that empowers users to create and manage their own video databases. Founded in 2009, this powerful tool helps organizations increase the use of video to improve the effectiveness of a wide variety of programs with increased focus on medical simulation in the past several years. This unique audio visual recording and debriefing software leads users to increase the effectiveness of their programs by leveraging the power of video. With over 15 years of experience, the team at Intelligent Video Solutions is dedicated to delivering excellence and can meet any challenge. Comprised of a group of video technology professionals who are passionate about helping clients use video to advance their organizations’ purpose, Intelligent Video Solutions is unified by the goal of providing outrageous customer service.

DiaMedical USA: DiaMedical USA is a manufacturer and global distributor of healthcare products, supplies, mattresses and replacement parts headquartered in West Bloomfield, Mich. Along with the company’s subsidiaries, MedMattress.com and SimLabSolutions, the mission remains to offer full service healthcare education solutions at the lowest prices and without any sacrifice in quality. DiaMedical has a number of sub-departments, including: hospitals, mattresses, healthcare education, SimLab solutions, emergency and rescue, long term care, physical therapy and veterinary. Hospitals includes products such as AEDs, defibrillators and CPR management tools. Under the category of hospitals, learners and instructors can choose from anatomical models, diagnostic equipment, medical supplies, simulated medications, screens/curtains and more.

Ford AV: Ford Ford Audio-Video (AV) is a nation-wide, commercial integrator service. The company designs, installs and rents and service professional sound, video and lighting systems for businesses, educational institutions, government facilities, churches, performing arts centers and sporting venues. Ford A/V was the leading audio visual recording and debriefing designer / integrator at UT Southwestern’s simulation center, and have since expanded its services to include more focus on medical simulation centers! Having been awarded 2nd Best Hospital in Texas by U.S. News & World Report the last two years, UT Southwestern Medical Center is no stranger to going above and beyond. Continuing in that tradition, Ford AV aided in the design and implementation of a new 9-story, 400,000 SF medical facility that combines UT Southwestern’s academic and clinical offices with one of the largest Simulation and Clinical Skills Training Centers in the nation.

Medical-X: Medical-X is an innovative scientific company that designs, develops, manufactures, markets and distributes medical simulation products for teaching and training. A Dutch company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, MEDICAL-X specializes in the production of high-fidelity simulation products, medical training manikins and full-flight simulators. Since foundation, MEDICAL-X has developed new state-of-the-art simulators with realism in both looks and functionality.

To provide such quality simulated training solutions in various medical fields, MEDICAL-X incorporates cutting edge technology with the professional input of expert physicians. Today, their simulators can be used in medical schools, universities, hospitals and skills centers outside the operating room. From the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine to the Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine and the International Congress of Medical Education (ICME) in Lima, Peru, MEDICAL-X is bringing healthcare simulation technologies to learners across the world.

Intelligent Ultrasound: Intelligent Ultrasound is a software and simulation company that offers market-leading, healthcare simulation and AI software. To provide these training solutions, the company has developed advanced high-fidelity ultrasound simulators, Artificial Intelligence (AI) image analysis software and augmented reality needle guidance systems for medical practitioners worldwide. Intelligent Ultrasound was previously known as Medaphor. Intelligent Ultrasound holds high standards of business to include an innovative approach to technology and the ability to offer the very latest in ultrasound software and hardware solutions for educational and clinical needs. To meet these standards, a team of software developers work closely with a clinical advisory group and customers to ensure that the company is at the forefront of technological advances while delivering on customer requirements. Clinical specialists and scientific advisors work to further ensure that products offer customers high quality outcomes in the training and practice of echocardiography and ultrasound.

Mentice: Mentice is a medical device company that produces software and hardware surgical simulation solutions for endovascular therapies. Founded in 1999, the company’s products are designed to help healthcare professionals acquire, retain and enhance their procedural skills. Their neurovascular, cardiovascular and peripheral interventions solutions help healthcare professionals acquire, retain, and enhance their procedural skills driving improved productivity and outcomes, all of which are scientifically validated and have been specifically developed for healthcare providers and the medical device industry.

Mentice’s mission is then to continuously innovate and develop products that make the clinical simulation experience go beyond realism, and to offer the most effective and stimulating solutions. The team at Mentice closely engages with medical societies, communities and industries to help ensure that the best possible training environments are created.

Nasco Healthcare: Nasco Healthcare (also known as eNasco) is a subsidiary of the healthcare technology company, Nasco, that develops digital solutions focused on community-driven innovation in the classroom and for clinical simulation programs. The company wants to help bring learning to life in educational settings such as healthcare simulation labs and beyond through the use of these solutions and the experiences they create.

Since Nasco’s founding in 1941, the company has supplied hundreds of agricultural-related education products and learning aids, all with agricultural sciences and vocational agriculture educators in mind. The creation of such products stemmed from a need for more advanced instructional materials. As a result, vocational agricultural teacher, Noram Eckley, set out to develop several teaching aids of his own.

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