The New SimRig Ambulance Trainer From DiaMedical USA Provides Dynamic Approach to EMS Training

As we all know, the competency and thoroughness of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training determines the fate of countless individuals every day. Simulation training is at the forefront of every healthcare education program after research has determined that it increases the effectiveness of training programs and prepares EMS students for real-life situations. Training through simulation can assist visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners as it allows students to both participate and observe the active simulations. DiaMedical USA’s SimRig Ambulance Trainer takes a comprehensive approach to simulation training by providing in essence a classroom environment built to look and function like the back end of an ambulance, with a compact design that allows for students to experience the hardships of working within the confined space of a real ambulance before their first day on the job.

The SimRig’s modular design conveniently allows for it to be built into any classroom, enabling students to experience realistic working conditions while still learning to overcome environmental distractions. Of course, the back door and bumper match actual specifications of road-ready ambulances to allow students to efficiently practice loading and unloading stretchers. But, unlike real ambulances, the SimRig’s maintenance costs are minimal!

SimRig Features Allow for Specialized Learning Experiences

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The Standard SimRig’s options set it apart from other simulation ambulances on the market because it arrives simulation-ready with the following features:

  • Exterior Emergency Lights
  • Exterior Code Lights (Red, Yellow, Green)
  • Rear Flip Up Bumper Step
  • Exterior Diamond Plate Package
    • Diamond Plate Bumper
    • ALS Exterior Equipment Access Door
    • Diamond Plate Back Board Storage Access Door
    • Diamond Plate Exterior Accessed Oxygen Storage
  • Six (6) Interior LED Lights per KKK Specifications
  • Action Control Station Area
  • Oxygen Outlet & Oxygen Flowmeter
  • Air Compressor
  • RICO Suction Canister & Regulator
  • Vacuum Pump for RICO suction
  • Attendant Airway Seat with Seatbelt
  • CPR Seat with Seat Belt and Storage
  • Squad Bench with Seatbelt and Storage
  • ALS/BLS Basic Cabinet Shelving
  • Interior Storage Cabinets
  • Protective Soft Edge
  • Electronic Locking Narcotics Cabinet
  • Disposable Sharps Container in Patient Compartment
  • Two (2) Overhead IV Ceiling Hangers
  • Ferno/Stryker Gurney Cot Mounting Apparatus
  • Vinyl Graphics Package
  • Two (2) Facility Logos
  • Two (2) Stars of Life

Being able to practice in life-like simulations with the proper equipment can decrease the amount of errors that take place in these fast-paced, emergency situations that occur in the field. The SimRig allows both students and educators to examine the mistakes made that could potentially be devastating in a real-life scenario. By expanding the Standard SimRig package to include some of the custom features below, your program can further expand the learning possibilities with the Ambulance Trainer. For example, by reviewing video footage of the simulation learning experience with the additional recording cameras, your students can identify their mistakes and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Completely Customizable, the SimRig Can Be Upgraded to Include:

  • A four (4) camera system with an HD color monitor that allows students and instructors to observe from outside the SimRig
  • A Siren package which mimics real ambulance sirens to help prepare students for an elevated level of auditory stimulation
  • Rollok security doors to secure the SimRig when it is not in use.
  • Laerdal manikins and task trainers for EMS education
  • Loaded Jump Packs for Simulation and The Loaded Medication Box from
  • The new SimVS Simulation Defibrillator and Monitors from Simulaids

Designed to Work Inside Your Pre-existing Learning Environments

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DiaMedical USA created the SimRig with the goal of generating the most realistic scenarios possible to ensure preparedness for EMS students. But their engineers also understood the need for a practical design to allow for easy installation and operation at any healthcare education facility. Simply put, how do you get an Ambulance inside a classroom on the 4th floor of your healthcare training building? Designing with this in mind, DiaMedical USA constructed the SimRig with various features to make it a high-tech but low-maintenance model easy to deploy:

  • Designed to be constructed in a timely and efficient manner by 2 people in less than a day
  • Modular design is made to fit through any standard size door and be constructed in any classroom
  • Features an engineered base with modular panels and the most realistic cabinetry on the market
  • High quality durable materials used for construction
  • Modern design for interior cabinets and storage
  • Uses a standard 110V
  • Customizable with school logos and colors

As a longtime supporter of EMS Training, DiaMedical USA is at the forefront of developing new and innovative simulation training tools. From loaded emergency packs to simulated intravenous fluids, DiaMedical USA is paving the way to providing accurate and explicit scenarios for training, that will adequately prepare students for the real, fast paced scenarios they’ll encounter in the EMS field.

Learn more about The New SimRig Ambulance Trainer from DiaMedical USA!

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