Level 3 Healthcare

Level 3 Healthcare is a division of Level 3 Audio Visual, LLC, an audiovisual technology company located in Mesa, Arizona with over 22 years of experience installing a/v equipment. Level 3 Healthcare currently offers specialized medical simulation audiovisual equipment solutions as they relate to the fields of nursing, emergency medical services, interdisciplinary studies, allied health, dentistry and veterinary care.

The company states online that Level 3 Healthcare founders realized that audiovisual consulting within medical simulation was an important, yet missing piece of the overall “puzzle” of simulation. Thus, the company sought out to become a solution provider, along with our powerful partnership with SIMStation, a recording and debriefing solution.

Level 3 Healthcare provides a/v solutions to healthcare institutions similar to those from EMS SimulationIQ, CAE Healthcare, or B-Line Medical, among others. Complete our Find Vendor Form to connect with top vendors!

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Benefits of Level 3 Healthcare

From the planning to the installation of audiovisual equipment, Level 3 Healthcare trusts a series of in-house Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialists (CHSOS) and Certified Healthcare Simulation Educators (CHSE) to help trainers and learners to understand the implications of every healthcare-related decision.

This educational assistance stems from a simulation system that allows learners to carry out real-life scenarios in a controlled, simulated environment. Healthcare simulation training is becoming increasingly prevalent at the academic-level and within medical training scenarios because the practice allows learners in nursing and medical schools to address life-and-death circumstances first-hand. By practicing high-pressure procedures and tasks such as resuscitation, wound care, triage, surgery, vitals monitoring, emergency care and more, learners are able to feel more confident in their skills prior to performing on a real-life patient.

Although simulation solutions can vary in complexity, largely depending on a user’s specific training needs, there are ways which Level 3 Healthcare works to support the range of system configurations. For instance, the company’s proprietary SimStation application includes multi-camera support viewable on a single screen with real-time audio as a basic configuration solution.

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Alternatively, a more intermediate solution can intercept patient data from healthcare monitors, whether virtual or real, to be captured in the form of a video stream that can be recorded, broadcast or both. Then, for experienced learners and healthcare professionals, more advanced systems are compatible with training manikins that play the role of a patient during a simulated healthcare scenario.

In advanced cases, an AV system would interface with a manikin by automatically receiving a data stream during a scenario session or immediately upon its completion. Simulated events such as this scenario can be used to show an increase in the respiratory rate of the “patient.” Then, treatments and outcomes are time-stamped and indexed for later review and debriefing. However, this Level 3 Healthcare functionality comes at increased cost.

Ultimately, the value of using solution-based simulation as a means of doing research, data gathering and in preparing future educators to learn to employ simulation education methodologies, simulation has played and continues to play a huge role in healthcare training.
Audiovisual solutions are becoming just as important, especially as video becomes a means of documenting events and drawing out metrics by which data is later analyzed.

Level 3 Healthcare Solutions Offered

Progressing toward an academic-based Level 3 Healthcare solutions, the full-service AV integration and education organization has successfully implemented a SIMStation into a four-year University Simulation Center in Provo, Utah. This center was a retrofit from an existing AV system, and Level 3 Healthcare was brought in to add a new dimension of user feedback, as well as to provide the newest technology the industry has to offer. This Simulation Center includes a total of seventeen rooms and is a step toward the comprehensive pairing of audiovisual consulting within medical simulation.

Another Level 3 Healthcare solution in place which follows a strict quality control standard is the AV 9000. This is the brain-child, quality control program developed by Mario Maltese, the President of AVR, over 18 years ago. Put simply, AV-9000 can be considered an “auditable” quality management “check-list” administered through the four stages of any technology employment:

  • Site Survey
  • Design-Engineering
  • In-House Staging
  • In-Field installation

Each of these categories has a specific check-list engaged and completed before the project can progress to its next step. Additionally, all Level 3 Healthcare systems are pre-built and “staged” in the company’s facility prior to being packaged up and shipped to the field for installation.

The AV 9000 program is designed to create zero-defect systems, efficiency and on-time installations. Level 3 Healthcare has embraced this program to such an extent that Maltese certified the company to be Audio Visual Resources, Inc.’s (AVR) West Coast certification entity. Furthermore, Level 3 Healthcare now offers 3-day certification courses known as CQT and CQD.

Note, in March 2019, Level 3 Audio Visual and AVR merged in an acquisition combines one of the nation’s top integration firms with the industry leader in system testing and verification, and the only firm ever to have achieved both ISO 9000 and AV-9000 Certifications.

“It is an honor to be part of the Level 3 Audio Visual family. It’s as if our companies were cut from different ends of the same cloth. I’ve never seen two teams comes together so naturally, with tremendous respect for what each is bringing to the table,” Maltese said in a statement. “Combining Level 3 Audio Visual’s client experience and integration prowess with AVR’s ability to complete projects with zero defects, we are going to redefine how AV systems are delivered.”

With the combined efforts, most experienced and qualified system integrators will offer various warranties and maintenance service programs to fit an organization’s specific needs and budget. Even if a company for facility’s integrator is not headquartered nearby, a good partner will train and deploy a local AV service technician to troubleshoot issues and perform routine repairs.

Companies and facilities seeking to implement such medical simulation AV solutions should be sure to ask an integrator about what project warranties and extended warranties are available. They should also inquire about what the warranties will cover, and what other options they provide for maintenance contracts and on-site and other kinds of support. This helps ensure a solutions longevity and ongoing usefulness.

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