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Laerdal Medical acquired B-Line Medical in July of 2019, including their core product SimCapture. B-Line Medical was a leading provider of innovative healthcare simulation solutions, all of which is now owned and operated under the Laerdal brand name. With a strong focus on enhancing medical training and education, Laerdal’s SimCapture offers a comprehensive platform that enables simulation centers to manage, capture, and analyze simulation activities efficiently.

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Through their acquisition of B-Line Medical, Laerdal reinforced their shared commitment to advancing medical training through state-of-the-art medical simulation audiovisual, management, and learner assessment technology. The acquisition expanded Laerdal’s product portfolio and strengthened SimCapture’s market presence further globally.

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Initially formed in 2005, B-Line Medical released their first product Clinical Skills, a standardized patient encounter audiovisual and management system. B-Line Medical was the first to bring web-based video capture and debriefing to the healthcare simulation industry and has been dedicated to improving health outcomes for almost 15 years. Since then, B-Line Medical had expanded their product base to include other solutions which support learning in healthcare simulation learning environments. Under Laerdal Medical’s leadership, the B-Line Medical systems are used worldwide in Nursing, Medical, Allied Health, Hospitals, and Military institutions.

B-Line Medical’s robust platform offers many features designed to streamline the simulation workflow. Simulation centers can utilize SimCapture to schedule and organize nursing simulation sessions to ensure optimal utilization of resources. The platform facilitates the seamless integration of various simulators, including high-fidelity manikins from any manufacturer and virtual reality systems, which allows instructors to create immersive and realistic training scenarios. SimCapture also enables instructors to remotely control simulated healthcare sessions to provide the flexibility to observe and guide learners from a distance.

The recording of audiovisual content and the ability to play them back in real time is a crucial component of medical simulation. Instead of solely focusing on a single learner’s interaction with a manikin during a high-fidelity patient simulation, the entire group can observe and assess the learner’s performance without becoming narrowly focused and highlights a key strength of SimCapture. The tool provides an ability to capture and record medical simulation activities with precision and almost no latency.

The SimCapture platform simultaneously records audio, video, and data feeds from multiple sources, like a patient vitals monitor, to ensure that no critical moment or detail is missed. This comprehensive recording capability enables instructors and learners to review and analyze simulation sessions in-depth, identify areas for improvement, and facilitate effective debriefing. SimCapture’s seamless playback functionality allows users to navigate recorded sessions easily and provides a valuable tool for self-reflection and continuous learning.

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Not just an AV Capture software, SimCapture also offers robust reporting capabilities that empower simulation centers to gain valuable insights from their simulation activities. The platform provides customizable reporting features that allow users to generate comprehensive reports on various aspects of simulation sessions. These reports can include data on participant performance, inventory tracking, critical events, and adherence to best practices. Simulation educators and administrators can leverage these reports to track learner progress, identify areas of improvement, recognize a need for resupply, and assess the effectiveness of their training programs. SimCapture’s reporting capabilities enable data-driven decision-making to help institutions refine their curricula, optimize resource allocation, and enhance the quality of healthcare education being offered.

Before the acquisition by Laerdal, B-Line Medical had forged partnerships with numerous prestigious institutions worldwide, solidifying their position as a trusted provider of simulation solutions. In collaboration with renowned medical schools, nursing programs, and simulation centers, B-Line Medical had continued to work towards a mission of improving patient care and provider safety. In an industry poll from 2018, SimCapture was in use at 70% of the 2017-2018 U.S. News & World Report best hospitals, including Harvard Medical School’s Center for Medical Simulation, Johns Hopkins University, Mayo Clinic, Barnes Jewish Hospital, and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. These partnerships and over 500+ installations in 35 countries testify to B-Line Medical’s commitment to excellence and the ability to meet the diverse needs of healthcare education, which ultimately lead to their acquisition by Laerdal Medical in 2019.

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“Laerdal Medical realized through our recent partnership with B-Line Medical that a key to our future vision was to manage all education and training data from the initial simulated event to the concluding assessment” says CEO of Laerdal Medical, Alf-Christian Dybdahl. “By acquiring B-Line Medical’s expertise in cloud-based debriefing, data management, and analysis along with their broadly adopted simulation management solution, SimCapture, we can accelerate the delivery of a universal healthcare simulation management platform.”

“Laerdal has been the leader in healthcare simulation since B-Line Medical entered the market in 2005. It was an honor to partner with them in 2018 and the rapid success of that partnership quickly lead to a discussion about an acquisition,” sayid Co-Founder and CEO of B-Line Medical, Chafic Kazoun. “The opportunity to immediately and significantly expand the reach and capability of the SimCapture portfolio being part of Laerdal, is very exciting. We look forward to accelerating the delivery of an enhanced version of our cloud-based simulation education and training management platform thanks to this acquisition.”

Other manufacturers that provide AV Recording and Debriefing Systems in Healthcare Simulation include EMS SimulationIQ, SIMStation (Distributed by Level 3 Healthcare in the US), KBPort, IVS, and more. These vendors all provide the most trusted and easy-to-use web-based platforms to help healthcare learners, educators, and providers enhance patient safety and improve the quality of care.

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