KbPort LLC is a technology solutions provider serving multiple markets with core objectives in the medical simulation space. Founded in 2005, KbPort consistently employs cutting edge technology to present learners with understandable, easy-to-navigate, realistic interfaces. The company and partners have been committed to enabling institutions to achieve exceptional educational outcomes by using the most advanced technology to offer the highest fidelity systems possible.

Healthcare simulations offer powerful assessment capabilities that can complement current teaching methods and fill knowledge gaps to improve learner understanding and success. This is how KbPort helps learners achieve higher educational engagement and knowledge acquisition through real-world practice.

With headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, KbPort’s mission is to empower future healthcare professionals to improve and save patient lives. By offering educational, lab design, IT and a/v design and installation project management services, KbPort truly empowers technology to work for the benefit of the learner.

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KbPort Simplicity Solution

The KbPort Simplicity solution combines decentralized medication dispensation and bedside medication administration with the power of SimEMR (n interactive, web-based, simulated electronic medical record solution) to provide a more complete and realistic simulation experience. By providing technology and support tools, KbPort brings quality to simulation-based education through the clean and intuitive design of Simplicity. The solution enables learners to achieve a more positive educational outcome, while maintaining focus on curriculum development and deployment (and not on the devices that support them.)

Simplicity extends beyond fidelity, providing educators with the ability to improve not only learners’ depth of skills and knowledge without patient risk, but also allows educators to improve processes themselves. KbPort Simplicity Solutions offer the highest fidelity systems possible, to create the most realistic virtual environments, allowing repetition with no patient risk.

This solution also enables greater patient safety and consistency of care when learners move into real world settings. Recording, debriefing, center management and patient-care simulators form the key components of KbPort Simplicity solutions. Simplicity solutions are scalable from any level, and offer custom programming and engineering services to extend and tailor the solution to specific facility needs.

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Building, maintaining and managing a medical simulation facility is a large investment. Simplicity allows learners to better manage that investment with the Technology Management Plan (“TMP”). KbPort TMPs are crafted specifically to mitigate technology obsolescence and minimize productivity loss from staff turnover. TMP goes beyond today’s needs of a simulation facility to protect and develop investment in the future.

Other features of the Simplicity Solution include reduced cost of acquisition and ownership, eliminated costs lost to obsolescence, maximized efficiency of facilitators and instructors and avoidance of downtime. Further, an ease-of-use and shortened learning curve are made possible by streamlined, all-in-one interface. Robust student profiles and portfolios can be created through the depth, management and assessment features of WorkFlow. Multiple methods of assessment scoring can be employed through Simplicity, and learners can quickly manage resources, track costs and perform cost analyses.

Audio Visual & Other Simulation Solutions

With greater depth for more realistic simulation in mind, KbPort developed recording and debriefing solutions. These solutions can enhance the reality and depth of a simulation in healthcare -based education to affect a more positive educational outcomes.

The most powerful recorder is the KbPort Event Triggered Camera (ETC) system combined with the integration capabilities of Simplicity. The ETC is available in a variety of form factors. First, the ETC FusionHD creates a more valuable simulation experience by fusing audio and video with data generated from other simulation devices, creating a context of patient care. Next, the S-ETC is a web based recorder that is installed with a pan-tilt-zoom camera and microphone. The recordings can easily be viewed over a network for teaching and debriefing purposes.

EMW In-Situ, a compact mobile workstation, featuring the ETC FusionHD, adds value to a clinical simulation environment by offering the flexibility of decentralized recording and debriefing. With scheduling, inventory, assessment, and archiving capabilities, the EMW In-Situ is an all-in-one mobile package.

Next, ETC FusionHD for SimPad PLUS is available to create a more valuable simulation experience by fusing audio and video with data generated from other simulation devices, thus creating a context of patient care. There is also a portable version of the ETC FusionHD which is a compact, lightweight, wireless recording system that breaks down the walls of the simulation lab, allowing for field-based simulation.

Lastly, SimLink is a KbPort software tool that specifically captures data from various devices and sensors into a collective repository/centralized file system for ease in debriefing and reporting. This tool was created to streamline system design and eliminate operation complexity, while at the same time offering high quality data in its original form.

KbPort Simulators

KbPort has simulators to fulfill a variety of simulation-based educational goals. Available KbPort hardware simulators range from BPSim (a simulated analog sphygmomanometer) to the SimCartRx and SimCabRx lines (hi-fidelity mobile carts and decentralized cabinets to simulate medication dispensation and administration). KbPort software simulators, such as SimEMR (our simulated EMR) and MedsManager (for medication stocking and dispensing) are also available.

Particularly when paired together, these medical simulators create high fidelity simulation experience available. With these flexible tools for powerful learning, KbPort enriches the reality and depth of simulation-based education in order to improve the competence of future healthcare professionals.

History of KbPort

Visionary Chuck Miller got his start servicing and selling clinical and metallurgical microscopes, then went on to design and sell sophisticated video systems. The systems included education, medical, industrial, surveillance and professional applications. When he couldn’t find the products to satisfy customer needs, he started KbPort and set out on a mission to develop his own tools to get the job done.

Miller has focused on implementing new ideas in the medical simulation community since 1994. As the president and CEO of KbPort, he now employs a team of “outstanding, ingenious and bold people.” He says the team loves the products they research and build, and that they are “electrified to continue to utilize technology to revolutionize nursing simulation.”

“The best job is when you can mix your creativity, passions and hobbies into your daily work schedule. All day long I get to design products and solve problems that impact the lives of many,” Miller said.

Healthcare Simulation Conferences like SimGHOSTS, SSIH, and INACSL are great places to see KbPort products in person!

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