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With IngMar Medical test lungs and breathing simulators, healthcare simulation educators can provide hands-on training using a real ventilator! IngMar Medical is the world leader in breathing simulation – a distinction built on a solid history of quality, innovation, and customer service. For over a quarter of a century, the company’s mission has been to help decrease suffering and improve outcomes for patients who rely on respiratory devices. Ingmar Medical does this by providing respiratory simulators and test lungs are used worldwide to provide hands-on clinician training, test ventilator performance, and accelerate research and development. This is also done to test to ensure the quality and safety of respiratory therapy products, and train clinicians to achieve the highest level of patient care.

IngMar Medical has been globally oriented since its inception in 1993, with over a thousand customers worldwide. Clinical simulation educators rely on the company’s solutions to assess their students’ competence with a range of clinical scenarios which might otherwise take weeks or months to encounter in a clinical setting. Ingmar Medical offers a complete line of lung simulation products developed for specialized applications in research, development, training, testing, and sales. The company’s ASL 5000 is the world’s most sophisticated breathing simulator – ”the gold standard” – and the only high fidelity neonatal breathing simulator.

The company’s robust respiratory simulation solutions are designed for training first-year students all the way through becoming credentialed practitioners and beyond. Train on basic topics such as introduction to mechanical ventilation and patient assessment all the way to advanced, fully immersive, hands-on training scenarios.

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The company is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; home to internationally renowned medical centers. Through the company’s internship program, IngMar Medical has employed more than 35 engineering interns. Many have come through the company’s special relationship with the RWTH-Aachen University in Germany.

Ingmar Medical Products

ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator: The ASL 5000 is the world’s most sophisticated breathing simulator, and is capable of simulating the full range of patients – neonatal to adult. The ASL 5000 is able to breathe spontaneously even while being ventilated and can be used with any ventilator (and any ventilator mode). The ASL 5000 can help you save time, accelerate development and gain better control of testing protocols.

This highly accurate, versatile instrument represents the premier choice for product development and testing for ventilators, CPAP, aerosol drug delivery, and other respiratory therapy devices. Review this list of research studies using the ASL 5000 to learn about how others are using the ASL 5000.

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ASL 5000 Lung Solution: The ASL 5000 Lung Solution, developed in collaboration with Laerdal, allows educators to integrate the world’s most realistic breathing simulator, the ASL 5000, with the SimMan 3G, SimMan ALS, SimMan Essential, SimMan 3G Trauma, Nursing Anne Simulator, and SimBaby. Now they can use their SimMan, SimMan ALS, Nursing Anne Simulator, or SimBaby to conduct high-fidelity ventilation management training in anesthesia, critical care, emergency medicine, pulmonology, respiratory care, and pediatric care.

RespiSim System: The RespiSim System is designed to provide comprehensive simulation training built around the world’s most realistic breathing simulator, the ASL 5000. Educators can use the RespiSim System to conduct high-fidelity respiratory and ventilation training using their own real ventilators and respiratory devices.

QuickLung Products: QuickLung is an adjustable, precision test lung for ventilator testing and training. It is compact, easy-to-use, and capable of simulating a wide range of patient conditions, including patient inspiratory efforts. QuickLung is available in an adult or pediatric model, both in calibrated or standard versions. Learn more in the “Options” section below. You can use QuickLung alone, or customize the product according to specific needs by adding functions such as spontaneous breathing. Compatible with all ventilators, from ICU to transport.

QuickLung Breather: The QuickLung Breather is an effective tool to simulate a spontaneously breathing patient, at an affordable price! Based on the IngMar Medical QuickLung or QuickLung Jr., the QuickLung Breather opens up new opportunities to demonstrate and test ventilator triggering and important modes of ventilation such as SIMV, Pressure Support, and PAV.

NeoLung – Infant Test Lung: NeoLung is a versatile, hands-on test lung to simulate neonatal and infant patients in a very intuitive, visual fashion. Educators can quickly change the compliance, resistance, leaks, and overdistension threshold to simulate a range of clinical scenarios. They can also quickly demonstrate conditions such as stacked breaths, overdistention, “stiff” lungs, and leaks.

Linear Test Lung: Linear Test Lung (LTL) is a passive test lung that produces a linear compliance curve and realistic inflection points throughout a range of settings. This product performs more like a real patient than other bag-style lungs, maintaining a smooth response to progressive inflation, without any “hiccups” due to bulging out of the bag.

Parabolic Resistor Ring: The Parabolic Resistor Ring is a set of seven switch-selectable calibrated respiratory resistance orifices (Rp5-Rp500) integrated into a 4″ diameter ring. A calibration certificate is available for standards testing. Ventilator testing to ISO 10651 and ASTM F1100 simulation, respiratory education.

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Spare Parts

QuickTrigger Module: The QuickTrigger is designed as a retrofit add-on module for the IngMar Medical QuickLung. It is designed to simulate a patient trigger as well as to provide lower and upper inflection points in the context of ventilator performance testing and ventilator management training.

QuickLung Swivel Elbow: Replacement swivel elbow with adjustable leak port used to change resistance setting (Rp5, Rp20, Rp50) on QuickLung. Allows connection from QuickLung to the ventilator circuit.

QuickLung Protective Case: Replacement QuickLung case. Includes storage pockets and adjustable carrying strap.

QuickLung Spring Replacement Kit: Set of three QuickLung replacement springs. Springs are used to adjusting compliance settings (C50, C20, C10).

QuickLung Elbow Adapter: Replacement 90-degree elbow. Outside/Inside diameter 22mm. Used to change resistance setting (Rp5, Rp20, Rp50) on QuickLung. Allows connection from QuickLung to the ventilator circuit.

Note: Sales in the USA are direct from the company and not through distributors.
For all other countries, Ingmar Medical can work together directly. The customer care and technical support staff are well equipped to directly provide the highest level of customer service to international customers. Learn more on the Ingmar Medical website or read these articles below.

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