November 17, 2021By Lance Baily

RespiSim Helps Shape Future of Respiratory, Ventilation Simulation Training

Respiratory and ventilation training are integral components of medical education. To provide a next-generation solution for respiratory and ventilation training, clinical simulation company IngMar Medical recently launched the RespiPro. Using this healthcare simulation resource, educators are able to train all levels of learners across multiple disciplines on the full scope of respiratory techniques using their own real ventilators and respiratory devices. This article will discuss the benefits of the RespiSim and how the solution will help shape the future of respiratory and ventilation training.

The RespiSim solution includes the most realistic breathing simulator. The System is designed to provide comprehensive clinical simulation training built around the world’s most realistic breathing simulator, the ASL 5000. Educators can use the RespiSim System to conduct high-fidelity respiratory and ventilation training using their own real ventilators and respiratory devices. Further, RespiSim is an easy-to-use software, a true-to-life patient monitor, and comes with a respiratory-focused manikin on a compact ICU bed.

“RespiSim and the ASL 5000 have made a significant difference to our mechanical ventilation course. The student’s understanding of compliance, resistance, and asynchrony has increased tremendously since using RespiSim,” said Jean Newberry, Program Director of the respiratory care program at Florida SouthWestern State College.

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To provide effective simulation-based experiences, the RespiSim provides high physical, conceptual and psychological fidelity. The solution paves the way for realistic interactions between the simulated patient’s respiratory mechanics and the full scope of real ventilation devices. RespiSim can also enhance the perception of realism with chest movement and expansion consistent with the simulated patient’s breaths. Plus, educators can practice information gathering using the simulated stethoscope for auscultation and the true-to-life patient monitor for the patient’s physiological information.

The RespiSim solution is designed to increase psychomotor abilities including CPR, intubation, needle decompression, chest tube insertion, and more. Educators can utilize the realism and flexibility of the mini ICU bed with collapsible bed rails and adjustable bed height and angle. Then, they can reap the benefits of healthcare simulation-based training without the hassle of complicated software or restricted scenario-building capabilities.

Another benefit of RespiSim use is the ability to create and customize scenarios without restriction using the widest range of respiratory parameters, over 90 lung models neonatal through adult, and a library of waveforms, images, and sounds. The system can accommodate an unlimited number of patient outcomes with ease by activating lung model parameters and patient physiology simultaneously during the clinical simulation.

Automated scenario progression with triggers, including the amount of time elapsed and the completion of learner actions, helps educators spend less time controlling the software. To enrich learning with debriefing and feedback sessions, educators can use the playback of time-stamped learner actions and instructor notes as well as waveform, breath parameter, and ventilator data.

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By using the RespiSim solution, educators can effectively train all levels of learners across multiple disciplines on the full scope of respiratory techniques with one solution. They can also enhance curriculum, provide opportunities for standardized clinical experiences, address competencies, improve quality of care and patient safety, and promote readiness for clinical practice with the all-in-one respiratory healthcare simulation solution. Those looking to move through the full scope of patient care from initial CPR maneuvers to bag-valve-mask ventilation and intubation can do so with the RespiSim — all the way to complex ventilator management skills and weaning.

“We have spent years talking to customers about how we can help them achieve better training outcomes, ultimately leading to better patient care. We understand that our customers want to immerse their learners in an environment that is indistinguishable from real life while controlling the simulation with easy-to-use software. These are the key elements of our new RespiPro, and that is why we are thrilled to share it with respiratory educators all over the world,” said IngMar Medical President, Brian Linn.

According to IngMar Medical, the concept of RespiPro is the same as the company’s legacy RespiSim System solutions; this launch is particularly monumental due to the overhaul of both the software and hardware components. IngMar Medical worked closely with educators throughout the entire development process to ensure RespiPro meets your respiratory and ventilation training needs.

“The launch of RespiPro marks a major step on our journey, and we couldn’t be more excited to continue working with the respiratory simulation community to build off of this new foundation,” added Linn.

All RespiSim packages include setup support and in-depth training. IngMar Medical offers refresher or special topic training for current users. Product specialists can help you develop custom patient scenarios, or help you plan and deliver ventilator boot camps or in-service training.

More About IngMar Medical

IngMar Medical’s respiratory simulators and test lungs are used worldwide to provide hands-on clinician training, test ventilator performance, and accelerate research and development. For over a quarter of a century, the company’s mission has been to help decrease suffering and improve outcomes for patients who rely on respiratory devices. IngMar Medical does this by providing breathing healthcare simulators, test lungs, and training used worldwide to develop new respiratory therapy products and treatments.

Another way this mission is achieved is by testing to ensure the quality and safety of respiratory therapy products, and training clinicians to achieve the highest level of patient care. For example, IngMar Medical’s ASL 5000 is the world’s most sophisticated breathing simulator – ”the gold standard” – and the only high fidelity neonatal breathing simulator available.

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