iSimulate is a clinical education technology company with offices in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. With the goal of providing cost effective, reliable and realistic medical simulation tools, the company has developed a number of products that allow learners to train anywhere at any time.

In 2011, two of the company’s founders were working to create technologically advanced learning solutions. While one wanted to find a way to take simulation training outside a simulation centre and increase the fidelity of simple manikins, the other sought to reduce the expensive equipment cost of Advanced Life Support training courses. Working together, they realized their goals overlapped and began developing the iSimulate products. Six months into their collaboration, iSimulate launched the first version of ALSi at the International Meeting of Simulation in Healthcare in San Diego.

Realizing this learning tool could solve their initial training problems and revolutionize the world of healthcare simulation, they began developing additional products. Later, during IMSH 2014, McKie introduced the latest updates for their patient monitoring system, which can dramatically increase the realism of your low-fidelity manikins or standardized patients. Plus, with the option to purchase an ongoing licensing agreement, users can now take full advantage of all recent updates and those still yet to come. iSimulate provides smart simulation solutions that are used by organizations across the world.

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Their mantra is simple – they use the best of current mobile technology to create products that are more realistic, cost effective and simpler to use than traditional solutions. Train anywhere at any time with their flexible simulation systems. Today, iSimulate manufactures the REALITi 360, ALSi, CTGi and AURiS. Watch the video below to see why iSimulate’s products has continued to innovate healthcare simulation.

iSimulate Product Information

The ALSi product then uses two iPads to produce both lightness and simplicity. This is ideal for in-situ training. Additionally, ALSi provides facilitators making the product a great tool for training and an incredibly realistic platform to learn from. The technology allows for any manikin, or low fidelity patient simulator, to be used in new ways by adding the element of a mobile patient monitor to the clinical simulation scenario.

A custom designed bag secures the iPad inside the ALSi’s own compartment, giving the product the look and feel of a real monitor/defibrillator which can be used anywhere. These compartments are designed for lead and accessory storage.

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ALSi also provides highly advanced simulation while reducing the cost and complexity compared to traditional simulators. With regular software updates, ALSi uses the best of iPad technology and offers their solution to a variety of different organizations in many different settings across the globe.

Adding to the product’s effectiveness, ALSi essentially offers simple interface, with complex simulations can be created with ease. Plus, iSimulate developed ActiveWave technology as the next step in advanced waveform technology. ActiveWave delivers clearer, crisper and more flexible waveforms than ever beforeALSi uses complex algorithms to create hyper-realistic displays

Proving the effectiveness of the product, ALSi is used by both Paramedics and Health Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) to train in the field. From Advanced Life Support training to in situ simulation in Intensive Care Units, ALSi offers learners the versatility they need to be successful across their respective healthcare professions.

Next, iSimulate’s REALITi 360 product is a modular simulation ecosystem incorporating a patient simulator, CPR feedback and video into a single system. Starting with two iPads, REALITi became a highly advanced patient monitor simulator that mimics proprietary monitors and defibrillators. By adding more modules and a complete in-situ simulator with live video streaming, CPR feedback and simulated patient records could thus be created.

Working with many defibrillator and monitor manufacturers, iSimulate has created the REALTi to be a hyper-realistic interfaces which looks and works like the real thing. Other functions of this product include that the defibrillator screens from Zoll, Corpuls, Philips and many more are included, meticulous attention to detail and looks are offered and that the technology sounds and functions like the real thing.

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Furthermore, the REALTi product is comes with versatile and responsive CPR feedback, offers real-time CPR feedback for rate, depth and recoil and produces a CPR report for review. The integrated wireless video is enabled by a REALITi camera and can live stream video wirelessly, record and review video footage and show clear head-up display of vital signs.To use, the product can be worn on the wrist for placed into a puck or inside a manikin.

In collaboration with REALITi has a complete library of resources to create simulated electronic patient records with REALITi Chart. As REALITi360 grows and adapts to simulation needs, iSimulate notes that the system will continually update, more defibrillator and monitor screens will be added and customer feedback will be used to work toward overall improvements.

iSimulate’s AURiS product is a simulation stethoscope with advanced sensor technology. With heart, lung, bowel and bruit sounds all included, the learner only hears sounds when the stethoscope is placed on the body. Upon purchase, the product comes with 22 heart sounds and 13 lung sounds, and is completely wireless.

With an easy to use instructor interface, AURiS can be used on manikins and standardized patients alike. There also exists the opportunity to create patient scenarios with ease, add sounds immediately, adjust volume remotely and increase simulation fidelity.

The CTGi is an economical, highly advanced and realistic fetal heart rate monitor simulation package. Using two iPads, again the lightness and simplicity of CTGi makes the product ideal for in-situ training. is dedicated to providing the latest iSimulate news and resources from around the world. To follow along, sign up for our free medical simulation email newsletter, follow @HealthySim on Twitter and @HealthySim on Facebook, or join our HealthySim LinkedIn Group!

CTGi allows learners to create realistic traces with exceptional detail. The product also lets users add decelerations, accelerations and contractions with ease while managing maternal vitals. There also exists the option to pause, rewind and fast forward traces with a swipe.

From the table top to alternative immersive simulations, CTGi can be used in many different teaching modalities. As the product is an incredibly realistic platform to learn from, users gain valuable experience from interactive controls and the ability to review, annotate and teach.

The CTGi product can be used to create hours of traces and toame, save and replay scenarios and traces for teaching as well. Being able to adjust fidelity situation from low into high fidelity simulation is another element adding to the CTGi’s benefit on learner scenarios.

Developed in 2020, iSimulate’s POC-kit application offers simple to use simulation at the point-of-care at any time and at any location. Within this single app (which is free for download in the app store for an iphone), there are multiple simulated devices that utilize augmented reality (AR in simulation) for increased realism. The four devices available include a glucometer, CoaguChek, thermometer, and AR thermometer. iSimulate’s POC-ket simulation training application requires iOS 10.3 or later and is compatible  with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Healthcare Simulation Conferences like SimGHOSTS, INACSL, ASPIH, SSH and SESAM are great places to see iSimulate products in person!

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