August 5, 2014By Lance Baily

Mobile "Pop Up" Simulation Lab From MDT

prosimex mobile simulation lab

Ever wish you could “pop up” a simulation room to provide training environments as you needed, where you needed? Check out this new innovative product called ProSIMex from MDT and Inaditus and Immersive Technologies. The MDT group is comprised of immersive technicians, IT programmers, web design specialists, educationalists, along with healthcare and business professionals. MDT Global Solutions provides “innovative products and training to the Medical, Disaster and Technical Rescue industry”.

About the Immersive Classroom:

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Conceptually the team has designed a portable immersive classroom with live video on 3 walls which is interactive through touch wall technology. The team can create any environment in a 4×4 meter space including Street, riot, fire, road, house, ambulance, emergency department, theatre unit, intensive care, ward, or just about any other environment. All of which can be changed with the click of a mouse!

MDT Managing Director David Halliwell MSc Paramedic FIfL says “We are also linking proSIMex with other tools that we believe make for real learning including iSimulate’s ALSi.”

Learn more about this and other innovative ideas from MDT (include SimGranny) at the MDT Website!

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