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The company 7-SIGMA (7S³) is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-performance polymer and metal components and assemblies for the printing, medical, aerospace, and industrial markets. More recently they have focused on a number of unique healthcare simulation task trainer models! Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company collaborates with educators and healthcare professions, while leveraging more than forty years of experience in material selection and precision manufacturing, to produce high-fidelity products. While continuously evolving and looking for ways to innovate these products, 7-SIGMA has been able to establish a premier training platform for airway management.

About 7-SIGMA

Founded in 1973, 7-SIGMA has grown into a global industry leader as a successful designer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-performance polymer, metal components and assemblies for the medical marketplace. To continue this 46-year-old legacy, the goal of 7-SIGMA is to provide the best products and services in the marketplace by understanding customer needs, maintaining leading-edge manufacturing capabilities and testing to deliver superior quality at competitive prices in the clinical simulation space.

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Further aligning with these goals, 7S³’s mission is to establish and maintain leadership positions throughout the medical simulation marketplace. The company plans to achieve this by developing and maintaining long-term relationships with innovative companies, organizations, universities, fire departments and training facilities. Through such collaborations, 7-SIGMA is thereby able to continually develop and engineer high value polymer solutions that transcend industry standards.

Company History

Jerzy Wyrobek, a highly-respected member of the Minneapolis community and highly successful engineer, businessman and entrepreneur, founded 7-SIGMA in 1973. Wyrobek was a NASA scientist who left the space program in 1969 with a deep understanding of machines and processes and the role of each component in the performance of a total system.

Leading up to the company’s foundation, Wyrobek and his two sons bought the Burgwald Machine Company, believing that “no problem was too big, and no problem could not be solved through solid engineering principles,” according to the 7-SIGMA website. The company was then renamed Molding Technical Systems and continued to grow and add customers. One such customer, Control Data Corporation, challenged the Wyrobek family to manufacture products to a 6-sigma level of quality.

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The Wyrobeks successfully met this challenge and decided to update the corporate name to 7-SIGMA in recognition of their dedication to quality and transcending customer expectations.
Soon, the company outgrew the operating space location and in 1987 7-SIGMA moved to the present location at 26th Avenue South in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

At this location, and under the leadership of Kris Wyrobek, the facility has gone through significant improvements. Changes have included the creation of work cells and clean rooms for the production of some of the world’s most technically demanding products. The company also follows and works under The International Organization for Standardization standards and has added state-of-the-art analytical and physical testing laboratories.

7-SIGMA continues to invest in the company’s future by expanding the medical side of business into a newly branded 7-SIGMA Simulation Systems/7S³. Through capital expenditures, including new machining centers, liquid injection molding machines, staffing and enhanced shipping facilities, 7-SIGMA stays ready for the future of business. The understanding and emphasis on each component in the performance of a total system still drives the 7-SIGMA company today, as leaders approach each product with a passion for improvement and quality and a focus on creating a better product.

Innovative Solutions

Moving forward, 7S³ understands that the best healthcare treatment begins with a comprehensive and realistic intubation training. For this reason, 7-SIGMA developed the Modular Airway Skills Trainer, which is designed with the latest technology and innovative polymers to deliver a proven platform for airway management training. These trainers deliver high-fidelity and realistic movements for successful intubation. They also have the look and feel of a real patient in a cost-effective package to help ensure better training results and equally superior patient care. For example, there are variations for age, gender, BMI, ethnicity and pathologies.

Improving on these products, 7-SIGMA additionally branded and created 7S³ to provide innovative polymer solutions to the growing medical industry. After years of development, the company announced that 7-SIGMA will be further expanding the line of modular airway skills trainers for the healthcare marketplace. These new products will join the award-winning and industry leading Modular Full Torso Airway Trainer.

Along with these innovative products, 7S³ relies on partnerships with industry experts to provide customers with effective and innovative solutions. As each trainer and all components are delivered on-time, every-time, 7-SIGMA seeks to extend “unparalleled customer service.”

The company’s affordable solutions at competitive pricing are helping to provide intubation and training success on a large sale.The Modular Airway Skills Trainer with flagship design enables customers to purchase only what they need to train now, while presenting the possibility to upgrade in the future.

Aspiring to gain worldwide recognition and set new performance standards, 7-SIGMA fully understands the needs and expectations of individual customers and markets. Other ways the company plans to stay at the forefront of this technology are by consistently applying new technologies and methods, developing accurate processes, promoting active involvement throughout the organization, striving to deliver products promptly and by encouraging and promoting continuing education and training in medical simulation.

With a presence in North America, Europe, and Asia, 7S³ is able to provide timely and cost-effective means for design, manufacturing and distribution. This diversification has made responding quickly to customer needs a possibility, and has enabled 7-SIGMA to maintain the highest quality and best price, without compromise.

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Lastly, the company’s quality systems guide engineering and manufacturing to develop reliable processes, quality controls, and records throughout the network. Distribution on three continents provides customers with the best products available, and a strong reputation in the global market enables 7S³ to build lasting relationships worldwide. Solid partnerships, knowledge, experience and strong engineering principles are applied to every product the company manufactures and distributes using this global infrastructure.

Representatives from 7-SIGMA are often in attendance at a variety of healthcare simulation conferences worldwide, including SimGHOSTS, IMSH, SESAM, SOMSA, SIM One and more. The company also has a monthly newsletter which features information on new products that are set to debut. Their competitors include Simulab, Limbs & Things, TruCorp and more!

For more information visit the 7-SIGMA website.

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