Skillqube Training

Skillqube Training is a healthcare simulation training solutions company headquartered in Wiesloch, Germany. Founded in 2013, the company develops holistic simulation and training solutions for use across clinical and preclinical care.

Skillqube Training supports education and training through the use of the company’s own ECG patient simulation and audio-video debriefing systems. All Skillqube Training software is made in Germany and Switzerland, and is based on years of medical training experience.

In addition to the standardized course systems of the AHA, Skillqube Training offers independent crew resource management (CRM) and CRM instructor courses. Pursuing what the company refers to as “Mission 360,” Skillqube Training courses focus on five pillars: transferring knowledge, learning skills, decision-making, simulation and team training and preclinical experience. At the center of the company’s values, “Mission 360” is meant to convey that Skillqube Training supports all areas of sustainable education.

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With more than 40 training sites, Skillqube Training is the largest International Training Center (ITC) of the American Heart Association (AHA) in the DACH region. These sites and clinical simulations help rescue teams better prepare for emergency situations in order to be able to guarantee sufficient care in an emergency.

Since 2016, Skillqube has successively introduced the organizational form of “meaningful self-organization.” This provides employees with a platform to follow their motivation. The company says that classically hierarchical structures are no longer to be found, as Skillqube Training is genuine and simply authentic.

Beginning in 2018, Skillqube Training developed the technology necessary to create simulation systems to accompany courses. According to the company, numerous national and international customers already rely on these simulation solutions.

Through the company’s “Make it real” campaign, Skillqube Training is attempting to force more reality in medical simulation in healthcare. This is to provide participants with a deeper learning experience and enhance overall patient safety. Further, the campaign promotes the use of Simbodies and Simsleeves to reduce the dangers of psychological after-effects in traumatic events.

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Continuing to help to spread the Skillqube mission and the use of company simulators across educational environments, the company’s simulators and manikins have been presented at a variety of medical simulation conferences, exhibitions and shows, such as those hosted by SimGHOSTS, INACSL, ASPiH, SESAM, and the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH).

Skillqube Training Simulation Systems

Skillqube Training simulations help to train learners and teams on skills and treatment methods they can anchor through constant repetition. Showcasing innovation by passion, Skillqube Training simulation systems include the qube3, qube7 and qube15, eLearning content and realistic simulation phantoms like the new SimBodies.

The qube3 is based on corpuls3 and was developed in cooperation with GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH. The technology includes an ECG monitor with a fully integrated AED, dynamic 12-lead ECG, wireless control unit for instructors and an external skill trainer for auscultation, blood glucose and temperature measurement.

The qube3 also features a fully functional corpuls3 defibrillator/monitoring system interface including sub-menus and original sounds, a pacemaker, resuscitation mode (metronome, fraction etc.) and qubeCloud Browser-based scenario editor with image and video library. From user administration to scenario editor, with qubeCLOUD learners have everything they need in one place, like at a simulation center. The system allows the learner to control all vital signs via instructor software and provides the availability of checklists and SOP for in-field use.

Skillqube Training’s qube7 simulation system is based on the DEFIGARD Touch7 defibrillator/monitoring system from Schiller Medical. Qube7 includes an ECG monitor with a fully integrated AED/defibrillator, dynamic12-lead ECG, wireless control unit for instructors and an assessment solution for auscultation, blood glucose and temperature measurement. The whole system is controlled via the qubeController with an intuitive-to-use user interface.

The instructor controller allows users to play realistic scenarios including extrasystoles, arrhythmias and sources of interference on the monitor screen. Additionally, an assessment trainer enables auscultation of chest and back, displays different blood sugar levels, measures the temperature of the patient, and includes well known checklists like ABCDE and SAMPLER.

Another system, the qube15, also includes a fully functional ECG monitor with a fully integrated AED/defibrillator, dynamic 12-lead ECG, wireless control unit for instructors and an assessment solution for auscultation, blood glucose and temperature measurement. The software is controlled by a wireless controller with an intuitive-to-use user interface.

The Skillqube simulation system qube15 is based on LIFEPAK15 and was designed in partnership with Stryker. Together with Stryker Corporation, the company designed the easy-to-use and cost-effective simulation solution to help prepare health care professionals for emergencies. With the qube15, the realistic simulation of a defibrillation is possible.

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In cooperation with WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology, Skillqube Training developed a ventilation simulator based on MEDUMAT Standard2. The MEDUMAT Standard2 is used in emergency services and air rescue and in the military’s medical service. The ventilation simulator qubeMS2 complements the company’s current portfolio from qubeSERIEs, which includes ECG simulators based on, for example, the corpuls3, LIFEPAK15 and DEFIGARD Touch7.

Crew communication and medical processes need to be learned, and learners must be trained to make the right decisions in emergencies. For this reason, the new Skillqube Trainingvideo system qubeAV revolutionizes analysis and simulation debriefing within course scenarios. The special software enables individual debriefing and allows team performance to be identified and analyzed directly.

Skillqube Training’s iPad-based system, qubeAVgo, enables the recording of the scenario via a 360-degree movable IP-camera in combination with the simulation recording system of the qube patient simulation monitors. Due to the ultra mobile design, learners can record simulation scenarios and debrief them in almost any location. They do not need any cables or connections, can start right away and thus get the most out of their training time.

Other notable functions and features of the qubeAVgo include that during a scenario the learner can make marks with the Apple Pen. In the debriefing mode they can load their notes and debrief the situations successfully.

During the training the camera view and monitor will be recorded. With the 360° camera, learners can change the angle at any time. Then, during the debriefing, they can switch between markers, play their scenario, save the scenario to their library and return to “Live Mode” to start a new session. Learn more on the Skillqube Training website or read these articles below.

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