The Debriefing Academy

The Debriefing Academy is a healthcare education company that provides the advanced content, strategies and tools necessary to transform debriefing conversations into vehicles of change within healthcare and medical simulation environments. The company offers an immersive 3.5-day course that focuses on improving debriefing skills by weaving together several important elements of debriefing and feedback in practice.

This course offers learning experiences designed to enhance the impact of debriefing conversations within businesses, organizations and simulation centers. By taking The Debriefing Academy courses, leaders can help fuel their understanding, transform their workplace and forge the future generation of administrators within their respective teams.

The Debriefing Academy courses are recommended education management solutions and tools for healthcare practitioners, including physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, paramedics, social workers and other allied healthcare professionals. They are also designed to assist healthcare simulation educators, researchers and administrators. When registering for these courses, prior debriefing experience can serve as an asset, but is not a requirement for registration.

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Anyone involved in meaningful conversations, simulation debriefing and feedback in their professional environment will benefit from The Debriefing Academy courses. Individual courses are tailored to specific environments to help generalize the learning to those environments.

About The Debriefing Academy Courses

The Debriefing Academy has fostered a passion for debriefing through many years of teaching, collaboration, research and scholarly publications. In an effort to translate, transform and transcend the way debriefing occurs across companies, The Debriefing Academy has embarked on a collective journey to uncover the power of debriefing. This includes relaying how effective debriefing conversations can translate knowledge into practice, transform workplace culture and transcend traditional methods of education by forging the future generation of leaders within an organization.

The Debriefing Academy courses are developed for all learners who believe in the power of learning conversations and that debriefings can influence change in healthcare. Courses offered are especially useful for those who have a passion for debriefing, and those who genuinely want to enhance their debriefing skills.

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Throughout The Debriefing Academy courses, the company shares essential knowledge that will help leaders and employees bring their own debriefings to the next level, while instilling key concepts that will help facilitate ongoing development of skills. Specifically, the Master Debriefer Course provides the practical tools required to effectively conduct debriefings that include all essential fibres within the fabric of debriefing.

According to the company, staff members come from a variety of different backgrounds, but all share the same enthusiasm for debriefing. The Debriefing Academy’s interprofessional team is composed of faculty members who are dedicated to providing transformative, engaging, and thought-provoking learning experiences that will enhance learners’ debriefing skills.

Included in the company’s staff are learners who build the programs, innovators who inspire change and researchers who help inform the future. The Debriefing Academy hires mentors who coach for excellence and clinicians who serve on the front lines of healthcare.

Together, the team works to support educators by accelerating their journey in becoming adaptive experts in debriefing. Company strategies include sharing strategies to manage cognitive load during debriefing and supporting debriefing skill acquisition with the use of tools and cognitive aids. The Debriefing Academy further focuses on highlighting key faculty development strategies such as peer coaching.

The Debriefing Academy highlights course opportunities across educational environments, simulation conferences, exhibitions and shows, such as those hosted by SimGHOSTS, INACSL, ASPiH, SESAM, and the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH).

The Debriefing Academy Master Class Curriculum

The Debriefing Academy’s master debriefer course provides the advanced content, strategies and tools necessary to transform debriefing conversations into vehicles of change within healthcare environments. During this immersive 3.5-day course, learners are given the opportunity to focus on improving debriefing skills. This learning opportunity is created by weaving through several important elements of debriefing and feedback practice.

The Master Debriefer Course has been designed to be an immersive, thought-provoking experience by incorporating multiple elements of learning. For example, course participants will be instructed to attend lectures, participate in small group discussions and watch videos highlighting new concepts. They will be introduced to expert modeling from world-renowned faculty that illustrates concepts in action.

Interactive role play exercises coupled with feedback from expert faculty further provide an opportunity for learners to master key debriefing skills. Throughout the course, technology will be leveraged to illuminate the behavioural aspects of facilitation.

Larners are tasked with creating and maintaining a safe environment for learning conversations, and practice tailoring advanced debriefing techniques to learning context. They are also given examples of how to nurture an environment for learner-centeredness during debriefing. Other learning objectives include working effectively and efficiently with a co-facilitator, managing difficult and/or emotional learning conversations and generally coming to understand the role of culture in debriefing and feedback.

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Within the learning context, course participants are directed on how to adapt a debriefing strategy to context. This includes co-facilitation, having difficult conversations, engaging in clinical debriefing and coming to understand national culture. In terms of facilitator skills, learners gain insight into which core debriefing skills enhance learning outcomes during this course. This involves establishing psychological safety, managing cognitive loads, prioritizing learner-centeredness and trailering debriefing methods to need.

In terms of course accommodations, once a learner is registered for The Debriefing Academy Master Class, they will receive a welcome letter confirming their attendance and providing some useful local information in regards to the planned location of the course. This includes information regarding all possible transportation and accommodation options.

At the end of the class, a certificate of course completion will be made available to all course participants through their Debriefing Academy profile. Additionally, after the class is completed, learners will have on-going access to course materials to extend learning opportunities. Course materials will be made available over a 12-month period following the most recent course completed. The materials will be available through a learner’s Debriefing Academy profile.

The Master Debriefer Course is hosted in an open, versatile and interactive space designed to promote innovation, collaboration and networking. Typically, this master class is hosted multiple times a year, but has recently had to cancel courses at specific venues due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Clinical Debrief Course

The Clinical Debriefer Course (Virtual Edition) provides the advanced content, strategies, and tools necessary for educators to effectively implement a clinical debriefing program in their local setting. Hosted on The Debriefing Academy Zoom platform, this immersive, 5-week online course focuses on the foundational elements of how to design, implement, and evaluate an effective clinical event debriefing. The course highlights critical elements that drive change within organizations using Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model.

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