Medical-X is an innovative scientific company that designs, develops, manufactures, markets and distributes medical simulation products for teaching and training. A Dutch company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, MEDICAL-X specializes in the production of high-fidelity simulation products, medical training manikins and full-flight simulators.

Medical-X History

Since foundation, MEDICAL-X has developed new state-of-the-art simulators with realism in both looks and functionality. To provide such quality simulated training solutions in various medical fields, MEDICAL-X incorporates cutting edge technology with the professional input of expert physicians.

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Always seeking to improve production efficiency, MEDICAL-X opened a new factory in Arnhem, The Netherlands, in 2017. This decision was made in hopes that production times could be shortened, and so that manufacturing (from silicone casting to soldering and assembling) could start to be completed largely in-house. This paved the way for strict quality control allowing the company to meet set standards.

Today, these simulators can be used in medical schools, universities, hospitals and skills centers outside the operating room. From the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine to the Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine and the International Congress of Medical Education (ICME) in Lima, Peru, MEDICAL-X is bringing healthcare simulation technologies to learners across the world.

Medical-X Product Features

MEDICAL-X simulation products are employed to help fulfill the demand put forth by healthcare professionals to be able to train learners in clinical skills. In addition to their use across healthcare and educational settings, the company’s simulators offer a cost-effective solution which prioritizes patient safety during these training exercises. By making products more accessible and affordable to all medical professionals and trainees, MEDICAL-X aims at helping to minimize the number of mistakes made during healthcare procedures in the field, while increasing the global rates of patient survival.

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Helping to ensure that users get the most out of their training exercises, the company also integrates an innovative design with a strong commitment to customer service. MEDICAL-X strives to offer healthcare simulation training to assist organizations in setting of their ideal training environment. Support can be provided at an stage of setting up or running a surgical simulation or clinical simulation center or department. The company relies on key partners, an in-depth product portfolio and years of experience to provide advice on best practices regarding all turnkey projects.

In an effort to meet global clinical simulation needs, and to spread product awareness, MEDICAL-X works with distributors on every inhabited continent. Medical-X also showcases the company’s latest patient simulator innovations for medical simulators at conferences such as the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH), the Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH) or the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM).

Company partners currently include Valiant Medical, 3B Scientific, Reliance Medical, IMAN Healthcare, Geotar, Pranatec and more. Most recently, MEDICAL-X has signed an exclusive distribution contract with distributor, 3B Scientific, in Brazil. This will allow MEDICAL-X to be part of an all-new training center in Hamburg for medical simulation and Skill Training.

Medical-X Simulator Products

Of the turnkey projects that MEDICAL-X has developed, the ADAM-X represents the skeletal and anatomical structure of an adult male. This manikin is designed to help learners practice skills and teach them how to provide medical assistance in cases of emergency while providing realistic feedback.

ADAM-X has distinctive and unique human characteristics and features, making training capabilities that much more realistic. The characteristics include a human size, realistic skin, automatic blinking upon physiological status, a physiological reaction of the pupils to light and touch, replaceable teeth and a tongue capable of swelling. The manikin is very portable as well, making the ADAM-X ideal for on-site training. ADAM-X is currently available in various degrees of fidelity including ALS, HPS and HPS Pro.

Both durable and suitable for training in any trauma emergency situation in any environment, ADAM-X is a tool often utilized for military and civilian trauma emergency training. The human patient simulator includes a fully functional wireless computer allowing the instructor to monitor and make adjustments in the course of the training. For example, during CPR training, the accuracy of the hand placement is tracked, as well as the depth and rate of compression.

Another product which focuses on pediatric simulation, the NENASim infant, is an infant simulator designed to complement realistic multidisciplinary team and/or individual baby patient simulation training. The infant manikin offers an ideal training solution for healthcare professionals working in patient care, emergency medical intervention and resuscitation training environments. The NENASim infant is also available in various degrees of fidelity including Care, ALS, ALS SW, ALS+, HPS and HPS Xtreme.

Next, the NENASim Newborn simulates a baby from 0 to 4 weeks old. The newborn manikin allows for a variety of medical procedures, preparing medical staff and trainees on the great responsibility necessary when caring for a newborn baby. The main assets of this pediatric simulator are a realistic airway, life-like feel and the manikin’s overall look and task-training functionalities.

Making the NENASim look realistic, the manikin comes equipped with lifelike eyes, head and limbs. The newborn simulation has IV access points and intubation through an anatomically realistic airway as well. The various degrees of fidelity that the NENASim Newborn is available in are Care and ALS models.

To best prepare learners for infant care, MEDICAL-X additionally offers the NENASim Preemie, an interactive simulator used for neonatal intensive care training. Training benefits of the premie simulator are similar to those of the NENASim Newborn, and the NENASim Preemie is also available in Care and ALS degrees of fidelity.

Included with the paediatric simulation preemie manikin, there are multiple IV access points, and on the scalp two wet IVs can be placed on the superficial temporal veins. Fluids are then able to be drained. The NENA Preemie can also be endotracheal and nasally intubated, and can help learners practice CPR using the two-thumb technique.

Aside from patient simulators, MEDICAL-X has developed a laparoscopic surgical simulator, the LAP-X. Designed for surgical residents, physicians, and operating room assistants, the LAP-X provides easy, accessible and minimally invasive surgery simulation training at a low cost.

LAP-X simulator for laparoscopy has four different system platforms in order to fulfill different requirements of healthcare professionals: LAP-X Hybrid, LAP-X VR, LAP-X Box pro and LAP-X Box. By exercising laparoscopy skills simulations, medical schools/universities, hospitals and skills centers can work to ensure that their staff members are fully trained.

Today, these simulators can be used in medical schools, universities, hospitals, and skills centers. From Jackson college in Mississippi to Erasmus MC skill center in the Netherlands to the Veterinary clinic De Ark in Belgium and Colegio Medico del Peru in Lima, Peru, Medical-X is bringing health care simulation technologies to learners across the world.

Those interested in learning more about MEDICAL-X simulation training solutions and products can arrange a demonstration by reaching out to the company online. Learn more on the Medical-X website or read these articles below.

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